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  1. I just wanted to give a quick description of the DVD ~ since that is what I was looking for before I left for my wedding. =) The DVD is about 30 minutes long and it begins when the WC picks you up! The videographer seemed to have a "check list" of things she wanted to tape. One was putting on some lip gloss. I had just given all my makeup to my mom to take to the ceremony so I put on some mascara. They tape you looking out the window, in the mirror, etc. Seems a little corny when you are doing it, but they edit the video and it's really nice. They also tape the walk/ride to the ceremony. There is more than one videographer so they don't miss anything! The ceremony was great, they really captured everything. They edit out the bad stuff too...like I needed a bobby pin to hold my hair back and so my sister gave me one of hers. (it was not on the video) Also, after the ceremony they had taped all of us kinda standing around, chatting and taking our professional pictures. They used our ceremony music and then Jack Johnson's Better Together. (we did not tell them what to use) But it was perfect! WELL worth the money! So anyway, keep your lip gloss with you! LOL! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. We still have our ATR this weekend so after that I will write a full review.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by nicdeb928 futuremrsrell-Ive read many many posts where the bride says to definitely go for the video...it costs about $350, its better to do something then not to when you can never go back and do it again..im definitely purchasing the video because alot of my family members will not be able to come to Mexico so I want to share the video with them when I get home...also I think that day goes by so fast that it is nice to be able to go back later and re-live it just my thoughts... I agree! I think I'll get it either way... I just want to see what it's like. =) I've seen where some people video tape their own, but then all you hear is the wind. Curious what the resort video is really like. =)
  3. FutureMrsRell

    Hair and make-up artist??

    Quote: Originally Posted by julieswedding My daughter was just married at Aventura Spa Palace and had her hair and makeup done in their salon. It only cost $86 and she looked amazing. She took a photo of how she wanted her hair and showed it to them and they did a more than perfect job! Check out her photos: Shutterfly | View share How did her makeup hold up? Do you know what brand they use?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by julieswedding Thanks! She was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen (but then again she is my daughter!). We purchased the Sapphire wedding package and this was the photo package that came with it. No, we did not pay extra for photos taken in our Presidential Suite. We spent an extra $150 to get the CD with all of the photos taken during the ceremony (probably around 200 photos, it included all of the photos shown here in the package and then all of the photos he took, which are untouched, so we can do what we want with all of them). The video of the ceremony was also included in the package and we paid extra to have him video the cocktail/dancing hour. The video turned out amazing and their first dance was beautiful (they learned a rhumba at Arthur Murrys). Grandma was unable to travel and so we wanted her to see everything. All of the guests also said a personal "hi, wish you were here" greeting to grandma on the video. When she saw it she cried with joy. We are also having a reception here at home, for guests who could not come to Mexico. We will have the video playing during the reception for all to see. How long is the video? Any way you can post some of it? I really want to have a video, but I want to see an example first. Thanks if you can!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by julieswedding Just returned from 2 wonderful weeks Aventura Spa. My daughter was married there on MAy 20th! It was an amazingly beautiful wedding! Let me know if you want me to email you a couple of her wedding pictures. We used a photographer from the resort and he was fantastic! Would love to see pics and hear all the details! We leave Friday!!!! Congratulations mother-of-the-bride! =) kboeck7@yahoo.com
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by CristiandJamie We are doing the same thing and I'm wondering if the money could go toward the add ons as well?? Well, we will be there for 10 nights so I'm sure we will use up the money one way or another but it would be nice if it could go toward wedding add ons :-) HaHa! I just commented on the ASP thread. So that pdf doesn't say anything about the wedding add-ons then?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by CristiandJamie Tammy added some information on the forum with some of the details. Check out the Palace Resorts Vacation Dollars thread and here is the link: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...dollars-59346/ The PDF doc that Tammy added shows you the breakdown. I plan on printing off the information as well as the terms and conditions so that I will have it will me when I get down there so they can't dispute it. Shoot, I'm still a noob so I can't open it. I'll see if Melissa or Yazmin can send it to me. Unless someone here wouldn't mind doing it =) kboeck7@yahoo.com
  8. I'm curious about this too... I am doing the complimentary package and I'm wondering if we can use the vacation dollars for add ons
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by CristiandJamie Hello girls, I called Melissa Gomez and everyone automatically qualifies for the $1,500 Vacation Dollars unless you have more than 25 rooms. If you have more than 25 rooms then you would need to contact the group desk at 800-635-1836. For more information you can go to the home page of Home - Palace Resorts then click on Promotions. It should be the first promotion listed. When speaking with Melissa Gomez, she said that you will be credited up to $1500 or $750 depending on how long you stay. For example, if you book a tour, spa services, golf and have $850 charged to your room and you stayed 6 nights then you will be credited that amount when checking out. Just to be on the safe side make sure to confirm that information when you arrive so that you dont have any suprises. I hope this information helps. I talked to Melissa too and she said we would all be able to take part in the promotion. So that was really good news! We won't be getting the free cocktail hour because my TA did not book us as a group, she booked us through FunJet. Now, I just need to figure out the details of this vacation dollar thing! I thought I read somewhere you can put it towards wedding stuff?! Either way, it sounds like a great deal! We get married two weeks from tonight!!!! =)
  10. Does anyone have a copy of the symbolic ceremony? The one Yazmin sent me seems pretty vague and you can definitely tell the language barrier by the words used. (I'm not worried about that) I just want more detail so I can make our programs. Thanks!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by skadow I have been dealing with a MELISSA GOMEZ Wedding Sales Executive megomez@palaceresorts.com Tel: 877.725.4933 x 6531 Fax: 305.421.1608 Maybe she can help you. She has been so easy to work with on everything. I see she is an executive. Maybe that could help? So sorry to hear about this. It really suck =( I hope it gets resolved. Thank you so much for this information! I just sent her an email, so I hope to hear back soon. We leave in 2 weeks.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by angelov321 Ok, so my TA contacted Yesenia in Miami and according to them, this new deal is taking over the original $300 incentive for booking 3 nights. So if your guests have already booked 3 nights, they will no longer get $300 to be used towards spa, gulf and tours; they will instead receive $750. If guests book minimum 5 nights, they will receive $1500. The $1500 can be used towards spa,tours, gulf, a romantic lobster dinner for 2, wine tasting AND even part of your wedding package. I think this is so much better and hopefully will persuade more people to book! Seriously, this makes me want to cry. And not tears of joy. I don't think we will get any of this since we booked through a TA. When I asked Yazmin if we could get the free cocktail hour because of how many rooms we booked, she said no since we booked through a TA. I'm so bummed. If I could do it all over again, I would have skipped the TA, even though she's been great. Ugh, just frustrated. =(
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by nicdeb928 Ugh! Im still stressing about the photographer I love the work of Del Sol, Victor Herrera and Elizabeth Medina...but they are out of my price range...Im thinking of using Octavio Montes but I havent been able to find enough of his work...any suggestions/recommendations? this has been my hardest decision so far! My suggestion is to find someone local, that you trust, and love their work! We were soooo fortunate to find a couple that all they wanted was for us to pay for their trip. So, for $2,800 we got Engagements, All day of ceremony, TTD session on another day while there, and they are doing our reception back home. They are also making us a slide show of pictures for the reception back home so we can play it during cocktail hour. It took me about 5 different photographers before I found someone that saw it the way I did. Other ppl wanted us to pay for their trip AND a package! Photography was my number one thing I did not want to settle on, but no matter what, I didn't have $5000 to spend on pics! Good luck, I know it can be frustrating! But seriously, I would try paying for someone's trip. =)
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by mmmissyyy ME TOO!!! Ugh I'm SO frustrated with her! My wedding is June 5th, and I thought she'd pick up the pace with responding. So far, I've initiated all contact with her and everything I know is from this forum, and because I had to ASK her for the info. I don't feel like I'm being guided through any kind of process at all, and 3 weeks away from the wedding I have NO idea what I'm supposed to be doing to prepare. I almost want to ask for another coordinator. When is your wedding exactly, FutureMrsRell? Sorry you are experiencing this too! No tip for her!!! I sent two emails and she finally responded to ONE of them 8 days later, still waiting to hear back on my second email. However, one thing that is making me a little more relaxed, is she did tell me we are the only wedding that day. So, I'm assuming we will get the gazebo and dinner place we want. I just don't want to spend a lot of time with her when we get there. I can only imagine what kind of mood that will put my FI in! I'm still waiting for her to send the ceremony, the info on the spa and excursions. The ceremony is what I'm most concerned about right now. Good Luck! Oh yeah, we get married June 8th! =)
  15. I'm sort of out of control right now, sorry! Did anyone get the video from the resort? Has anyone seen an example? I really a video of our ceremony, but not if it's cheesy. If anyone has one, or a link to one, would you mind sharing? =) Okay, I'll stop for now. Thanks! =)