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  1. A few new items for sale! Brand new never worn crystal swarovski rhinestone hair comb- 2" x 1.5" comb, 5" x 1.5" floral coverage $10 45 aqua blue clam shell Scrapbooking Diecuts. All are made from Acid Free Cardstock paper and about 1" in size. These are extras I had from place cards where I wrote names on them and attached them to starfish and sanddollars. They can be used for embellishing a plain squared place card as well or table number embellishments. Just glue them to the corner and you have your beachy element! Perfect condition! Asking $6 for all 45 my email to contact me is cherr1k at hotmail dot com
  2. Andrea, she still hasn't gotten back to me.. grr! I hate making you wait like this so it's up to you what you want to do. As I mentioned before, I'd rather sell them altogether so because of this I am willing to cut you a deal on them and drop the price to .88 each for all 75 of them plus the $11 priority shipping (I can fit them into a flat rate box, otherwise parcel will be much more). Let me know your thoughts. You can email me back here or my work email which I will respond quicker- kburnette at morningstarfoods dot com. Thanks for your patience!
  3. Andrea: I expected her to get back to me tonight but she hasn't yet so I will email her again and keep you updated within the next day or so. Thanks for your patience with me!
  4. Large Letter/Number Stencils- These are perfect for making signs for your wedding.. They are pop-out so you can either color the inside stencil or outline the inner piece that pops out. I used them to do a big Thank You sign for photos but you can also use them for Wedding this way signs etc. Most of them are un-used... The only letter that has been used is T.. which I will still include as they can be used over and over. Also includes numbers 0-9 which is great for doing your table #'s, and includes ? , ; & $ " Selling all of these for $7 2 Bottles of Tahiti Blue acrylic paint- I used this for my candy buffet letters as you can see from the photos. Most paint still remaining. I wouldn't even say I used a 1/4 of one bottle, they both feel full! 2 fl oz each. Selling both together for $5 1 Bottle of Brush on glitter paint in crystal color- Never used! 2 fl oz- $2 Email address again with questions is cherr1k at hotmail dot com And my website with a TON more things is Our Sandcastle Wedding - wedding website by mywedding.com
  5. Sheer white organza shimmer dot ribbon- Wired edge, 2.5 in X 30ft. ONly used a small portion, More than half of the roll is remaining. $2 Aqua Shimmer Ribbon- Wired edge, 2.5in X 30ft- None Used! $4 Blue shimmery Ribbon- Wired Edge, 1.5in X 30ft- small portion used, More than half the roll remaining. $2 Small Real-sand Sandcastle Sculpture- I used these to make my homemade centerpieces. I had this small one as an extra. It is so adorable and in great condition. I'm attaching a picture of my centerpieces so you can see how I used them. Selling this one for $5. 8 Rolls of aqua Satin ribbon- 1/4in X9ft. None have been used! I just unrolled the roll so you can see the color which is gorgeous. Asking $10 for all 8 rolls4 Rolls of aqua/turquoise shimmery organza ribbon- Wired Edge, 5/8in X 9ft. None used! Asking $7 for all 4 rolls 2 Bottles of Floral Fancies embellishments- 48 pieces per bottle, Aquamarine color. These are the perfect thing to embellish your place cards or invitations! I opened one bottle to show you how the flowers looked, but none of them were ever used! Selling both bottles for $10.
  6. Lots more things added! Love Birds- Great for embellishing your cardbox with or any other DIY project. $2 Plain large/medium sized chinese take out boxes- Never used! I believe these are the regular or standard size as I also have the small ones I am selling below. In total I have 23 of these I want to sell altogether for $15 Here are the smaller sized or pint sized chinese take out containers. They all have a sticker on them that can easily be replaced with your own so it does not show. I started putting satin aqua ribbon around some of them to dress them up but this can easily be taken off. None of these have been used, they are in brand new condition. I have exactly 50 of these I would like to sell altogether for $35. I have more aqua ribbon below if you would like to finish dressing the rest of the containers up. Satin Bridal Bag- Brand new never used! $3
  7. Andrea, How many exactly did you need, I have an offer from someone who is interested in 50 of them so 25 I will have available if I sell them to her. Obviously I'm not going to do this unless I have both parties seriously interested in buying so please let me know what # you were looking for. Thanks!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by A2Bride Ok, well let me know. Btw, did not receive an email...but you can also PM me if you have no luck. Good luck. :-) Hmm, I believe I did PM you, I went to my mailbox on this site and emailed you from there.. Sorry if you didn't get it. I can drop the price to .88 cents for all 75 of them if you bought them all from me- Otherwise I will let you know if they haven't sold at a later date, When is your wedding date?
  9. Yes,I wrote you back.. I prefer to keep the chair covers together as it will be very hard for me to sell small amounts. But if i don't have any luck in a month or so I will relist as individual. Thanks!
  10. HI! I just posted some items for sale that were tiffany blue/ aqua and starfish related. Here is my website with pictures and pricing. My email is listed on there if you want to contact me. Goodluck! Our Sandcastle Wedding - wedding website by mywedding.com
  11. Since my newest post was deleted since I cannot create a listing with new items, I will add to this one with the new items I have. Please see my website for the other items I have additionally for purchase. 75 Aqua satin chair sashes- I only used about half of these so the other half was never even used! The ones that were used are in excellent condition! No noted stains. Asking .99 each plus $11 for priority mail shipping. Actual photos of chair covers are below. Tiffany Blue ribbon accented with starfish Birdcage cardbox- I bought the cardbox for $40 and affixed the ribbon and starfish to it. They can be taken off if you want for just a plain birdcage. Brand new and Never used!! Asking $30 plus shipping costs (email me with your zipcode for quote) Starfish photo table numbers- I took these photos while on vacation especially for our table numbers. All you need to do is add your own frames or holders for them. They are in perfect and clear condition. Standard photo size. Asking $15 for all 10 numbers. I have many more items listed on my website- Our Sandcastle Wedding - wedding website by mywedding.com I accept paypal- I am listing these things on several other wedding sites so it is first come first served. Please email me if you are interested, Cherr1k at hotmail dot com. Thanks and happy planning!
  12. HI! I am interested in buying your metallic aqua cardstock but only need half... so 50 not 100. Would you consider selling to me for $10 plus shipping? My email is cherr1k at hotmail dot com. Thank you!
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