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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by michelle6114 I just got married at Beaches/Sandals. DO NOT let anyone pressure you into pre-paying for a photography package. The Photographer still needs to take a required amount of shots regardless. The packages are still available for purchase. They did not "change" any rules, the WC for the company is very pushy and I am positive she gets a bonus if she gets a photo package pre-paid. OMG yes very pushy!!!!! Thank you so very much!
  2. Hey Jamaicabride09! I have a question! My wedding is Dec 12th in Ochos Rios and my wedding coordinator called me this morning to talk about the wedding. She asked what services and upgrades did I want to add. I added what I wanted and then she asked about photography. I told her that I didn't want to buy a package before time until I could see the photographers work, she then told me that there has been new changes and you MUST buy a photography package on order for a photographer to be available. I have never heard of this and I had two friends that got married at Sandals Montego Bay and they didn't buy picture packages until after the wedding. She is trying to get me to put down 1200 dollars today for the simply romantic package and I don't feel I must do that, but I do want a photographer there. How did you purchase your pics?
  3. That's great! I know that you are excited! I have 36 more days to go until we are @ SGOR! I wish we were going at the same time! Have fun and give us great details!
  4. They are cute and look yummy!
  5. If you have already booked your trip/wedding can you still watch the webinar? The reason I ask is because as I was signing up for it, it asked me when I was planning to purchase my trip. Thanks!
  6. That sucks!!! I agree with you shout out to all the honest BDW sellers! I hope justice is served on your part!
  7. If you wanted tea length then this is not the dress it looks more gownish, and the bust is very SEXY (the girls are out)! I don't think its horrible at all but if you don't feel comfortable then don't wear it!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KJT1985 Can you describe what you mean by "Davids Bridal Quality". I was kinda hoping to avoid this. I tried on DB dresses and felt like they were poorly made mass produced dresses. (No offense to anybody who bought one but you can find better dresses for the same price). I thought my tent was made of better material than the DB taffeta dresses I tried on. Not to mention the poor fit and major alterations necessary. I ordered from somebody else so the materials are guaranteed to be different but I'm kinda freaking out now! I want BETTER quality. Haha. I'm not expecting Maggie quality though (replica designer I ordered) LOL! Well, to me david's bridal quality in atlanta isnt that bad! The dress is well put together no frayed edges and the beading is very pretty. I would post pics but I am getting the bust taken in that is the only part of the dress that needed alterations because I have a small chest. I didn't expect designer quality because i wasn't paying designer quality but when I put on the dress you would never be able to tell that it was a "cheap" dress. Don't be afraid be positive! If you are a praying woman pray lots before it gets here that's what I did and i thank God that the dress is pretty being that my wedding is in Decemeber!
  9. That dress is stunning! You are going to look beautiful!
  10. I bought one of my dresses from inweddingdress.com. I was leary at first but when I got it last week, I loved it!!!! First off I didn't know the dresses from China were Knock offs of the designers I just wanted an inexpensive dress. I must say that the quality of the dress is that of a davids bridal dress. I got a satin dress from them and it looks good. Most of the things that we wear and use on a daily basis on made in China anyway so I figured what the heck! I'm not a label whore so it didnt matter to me who made the dress as long as it looked good, its for one day! So to answer the original question, I think it is fine to go with a dress from China! I had a great experience!
  11. Curvy is in and love your body and the changes that you have made! Screw everyone else! It is sad that women still judge each other by a skinny standard but I don't think that will ever end! So celebrate you and the way you look!
  12. Congrats! Loving the pic of you two lying on the beach!