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  1. Perpetual Help is a small, quaint Catholic church above Mafolie Hill. Check out the link below for pictures from a wedding there. This photographer has complete weddings posted from just about every location on St. Thomas and St. John. http://ejsphotos.zenfolio.com/p701876983
  2. Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a small, quaint Catholic Church above Mafolie Hill. Click on the link for more photos of the church. http://ejsphotos.zenfolio.com/p701876983 I found this photographers website to be helpful as he has complete weddings posted from just about every location on St. Thomas.
  3. For make up I would recommend Make Up by Kristina, Kristina Pearsall. She's the best. Hair totally depends on your hair type and texture. As a suggestion, it will be warm and most likely humid. Also plan on some breezes. Just fyi for whatever hairstyle you choose. Eric Johnson of Paradise Pictues (St. Thomas, St. John, Virgin Islands, Caribbean Wedding Photography by photographer Eric Johnson) is the BEST photographer. VI Desserts makes the best cakes. I would use Blooming Things for flowers. Lorna, the owner is great and will give you something simply amazing within your budget. There are some great bands like P'Your Passion, Cool Sessions and Spectrum. We had P'Your Passion at our wedding and they were a huge hit.
  4. Ladies, I live and was married on St. Thomas last May. The resorts are nice but they honestly don't have the best beaches and can be overpriced. I love St. Peter Mountain GreatHouse for a reception. As far as resorts go, I like Caneel Bay or the Westin on St. John. The Wyndham Sugar Bay is nice too. The photographer you pick should be able to show you a complete wedding from each and every venue you are considering to help you in your selection. Hope this helps.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by FatCracker We booked the wedding!! I read reviews, and contacted both photographers. Kelly O recommended our wc and the photo package they offered, so we just upgraded. Our wc said Kelly is one of the photographers they use regularly, so they have the package at a lower rate. But I do have to pay extra for the CD. Thanks for the input ladies...8 ) Good luck and happy planning! I'm curious to know who your WC is. Please share.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by vi_bound2010 Mrs. Willis, I know that you have probably been asked this question a million times. I am sorry :0(. I If hope you don't mind me asking. I was just wondering where did you have your reception and how was the food? I am going to the island in May and I wanted to taste the food at a few places first. Thanks !!! The GreatHouse has excellent food. I had reception there last May. Also, if you're shopping for a cake, I would call VI Desserts and ask about their tastings. My fiance had cake for days just from the tasting. Their cakes are delicious.
  7. The Wyndham Sugar Bay also has all-inclusive. But if your three choices are Mafolie, Secret Harbour or Bolongo Bay, I would go with Bolongo Bay.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KateinParadise Thanks so much, Virgin Island Girl. I think that based on your comments, and those of others on various message boards, that Limetree, while a beautiful location, may not be the best place for a wedding and Lindquist would be the best choice. I will send your information to my daughter, since it is her decision and her wedding. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Glad I could help!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by vi_bound2010 So I've been on the search for an officiant, and for some reason I'm not having much luck. For those brides who didn't end up using a coordinator, who did you use as your officiant? I feel like I don't want to hire a coordinator JUST to have an officiant, because it will cost more money. __________________________________________________ ________________________ Hey brookedanielle !! I found an officiant for you. His name Bill Arnet @ AFFORDABLE WEDDING on St. Thomas Virgin Islands, Romantic, Inexpensive, St. Thomas Wedding. I dunno anyone personally that has used him. He does alot of weddings on the island. His prices are inexpensive and reasonable. You might want to check him out. Just a suggestion for yah! Bill Arnet is good. I would recommend Jeff Neevel, Pastor of the St. Thomas Reformed Church (www.streformedchurch.org). Even though he is the Pastor, he will still do beach weddings, etc. Also, Stuart Scott.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by dsantos_07 Thanks for the info ladies! Is tere any all inclusive resorts in st Thomas? And I'm confused on why everyone is having thei wedding at one place and reception at another... How about the resorts? DSantos, The resorts do not have the best beaches or often times, the best views. Most importantly, the resorts are over-priced and try to control every aspect of your wedding while charging you for every detail as well. So that may explain why people don't get married there as often or choose to have separate venues for the wedding and reception. If you want to have your wedding and reception at the same place I would suggest looking at The St. Peter Mountain GreatHouse or Villa Botanica. Both beautiful establishments with great food. The Great House has a amazing view of Magen's and a botanical gardens on property that your guests get to see free of charge. I have also heard great things about Villa Botanica. Beautiful property and excellent food. The Wyndham, the Marriott, the Ritz and Bolongo Bay offer all inclusive options, i.e. room and meals. These hotels would also be happy to host your wedding and reception there. However, be prepared to have to constantly remind the hotels whose wedding it is, demand what you want, and be prepared to pay the over-priced rate for mediocre quality. There are pros and cons, and i'm not trying to bad mouth the hotels. After doing my research on every possible venue, I did not feel that the hotels were the best option or value. Hope this helps.
  11. I have not heard great things about Limetree for a wedding either. I have heard stories of the iguanas faling into wedding cakes. Also there is a kind of crappy beach bar there which could be open or closed during the wedding. When I say open, I mean for the time share resort guests, i.e. not just the wedding party and wedding guests. There is also a pool there which has parties and can have pretty loud music at times. Personally, I think Lindquist is the best and most beautiful beach on the island. It is truly gorgeous. Magen's is nice too but it's very touristy and can be loud with parties on the weekends. If you're using a good photographer, he or she should be able to show you a complete wedding they shot at each beach. Hope this helps. I fyou have any other questions, please let me know. Since I live on st. Thomas I may be able to shed more insight on some of your concerns.
  12. Mandie, If you have any questions, let me know. I live in St. Thomas and had over 60 guests fly down from the states for my wedding this past summer. Duffy's would be a fun option. The Greenhouse may be another option for a pre-wedding dinner for everyone. Have you thought about having a dinner catered at your hotel. That's what we did for a rehearsal dinner. It ended up being cheaper than paying for taxis for everyone plus their dinner. Linquist Beach is on the East End and the best beach on the island.
  13. I would suggest Eric Johnson (St. Thomas, St. John, Virgin Islands, Caribbean Wedding Photography by photographer Eric Johnson). He's the best. If you use Blue Glass be sure to get confirmation of who your photographer will be and ask see that photographers work, not just the company's general portofolio. You may think you're booking the owner but actually get some kid off the street who may never have shot a wedding before.
  14. Try Sappire Beach Hotel, close and better beach than the Wyndham. I had guests stay there and at the Wyndham.
  15. Eric Johnson is definitely the best. Check out his website at St. Thomas, St. John, Virgin Islands, Caribbean Wedding Photography by photographer Eric Johnson
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