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  1. Â Â Michelle, Â Yes the owner was in the Cary store when I was there and was totally AWFUL to me when I went. I called ahead to make an appointment and they told me I didn't need to make one so I just showed up. There was only one other bride trying on dresses and then another girl on the opposite of the store trying on prom dresses but they wouldn't put me in the bridal dressing rooms, they shoved me in the back room where all the discount dresses were and I had to pull my own dresses and my FMIL had to help me into them!....they acted like I was bothering them by being there! There were plenty of employees so that shouldn't have been an issue. I brought a few style numbers of Maggie's that I wanted to try on and they did pull one for me, but the other was at their sister store which is why I ended up going there at all (so glad I did). The staff at the Raleigh store was super nice and when I told them how awful the other store treated me they said they get complaints all the time!! I wasn't going to say anything though because I have a friend who got her dress at the Cary store and they were really great to her. Â On a side note I can't believe they would charge $20 just to try on dresses! That must be a new policy because they didn't charge me when I went....but that's AWFUL! Â
  2. Thanks for all of the kind words ladies!! You made my Friday  @ Jewels93 It's a Wtoo dress by Watters & Watters called Maria  @ Michelle-2 What part of Raleigh are you in?? I'm actually in Rocky Mount but I claim Raleigh because no one EVER knows where Rocky Mount is lol!! Not that I can blame them, there's not much of anything here!!  I got my dress at the Bridal Boutique of Raleigh which is on Hilsborough St. It's a really small shop but they have a sister store in Cary called The Bridal Gallery at MacGregor Village that is HUGE! They carry a bunch of designer gowns so if you haven't tried either of the stores maybe you'll have better luck there?
  3. Please excuse the AWUFL hair and akward smile lol! But here it is, just picked it up this weekend! I love it even more than when I tried it on for the first time!!!...and btw all you girls have BEAUTIFUL dresses!....such great taste on this site!
  4. Oh thats so exciting! I love underwater shots!! I so excited for you to capture our day in about eight months!!
  5. Hey Care42Pat we're getting married the same day!! My ceremony is at 4 on the beach...just thought I would say hi!
  6. Oooh have a FANTASTIC time violetvixen!!! I can't wait to hear how wonderful it was!!
  7. Thanks for all the info OceanWonderland!! Your post was very informative and helped me to get a better idea of where the oil is heading! Very scary stuff!!! I hope they get a handle on this situation soon!
  8. Congrats Cheri!! Thanks for posting your review!! It's always nice to hear positive things about Dreams! TT your dress is BEAUTIFUL!! Very glamorous!
  9. Ooh I want to be added to the list Username: Bpink62581 Names: Brooke & Allen Date & Time: April 2, 2011 @ 4pm Wedding package: free package Wedding extras (through the resort): sound equipment, set-up fee, flowers Outside vendors (cost charged by vendor and any fees charged by the resort): Ivan Luckie (photographer) Type of ceremony: Civil Coordinator: our travel agent is taking care of the correspondence Number of guests: approx 30 Ceremony location and time: beach 4 pm Cocktail hour location and time: we're going to ask our guests to meet at the bar of our choice following the ceremony for the cocktail hour (haven't decided which one yet) Reception location and time: haven't decided yet Photographer: Ivan Luckie Videographer: friend Review (link): n/a Photos (link): n/a Video (link): n/a Planning thread (link): n/a Wedding website (link): Brooke & Allen - wedding website by mywedding.com Special arrangements / activities: haven't planned any yet.
  10. WOW what an amazing resort! I'm sure this info will come in handy for anyone undecided on their resort! Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Congrats to AchiCAp0547 and Amymarie!!! So glad to hear that the rain let up for both of your weddings! AchiCAp0547 I would have freaked out too so no harm in a little venting lol!...Actually it was probably helpful to get some of that stress off your chest! Anyway I can't wait to see pics and read reviews!! Congrats again ladies!
  12. Ooh congrats on your wedding Cara!!! I booked Ivan a while back and it's always encouraging to hear great things about his work! I can't wait to see your amazing picutes!!
  13. UGH I hate that I love fast food so much! This thread is great! My fiance and I really struggle with FF and eating out! We have made a promise to each other that when we do eat out we no longer order appatizers and dessert! It has cut out a lot of extra money that we don't need to be spending and helps us to lessen our calorie intake when we do end up eating out. It's definitely been hard but we've really tried to eat more at home during the week and treat ourselves on the weekends
  14. So encouraging and SOOOOOO true!
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