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    Marie's Moon Palace Review 04.02.2009

    Marie Thanks for a great review and also for putting my mind at rest about the resort photographer - those pics are spectacular
  2. mrssharkey2be

    What's your first dance song?

    Amazed by Lonestar. THough I am being more drawn to You're my best friend by Queen decisions decisions!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks Honey What did you upgrade your package to if you dont mind me asking? Rach
  4. Hi TIna Nibsmom said that you used the hotel photographer for your ceremony, can I ask did you upgrade your package or not. Im presuming from your colours that you had the amber collection (this is the one that I am looking at for my wedding). Was the photographer good and what did you get for your package? Sorry about all the questions but I dont want to compromise on my photos as our parents wont be coming with us and I want to make sure that they can see great pics when we return. Rachx
  5. Hi Nibsmom Who did your photos? Did you use the hotel? Are they ok?
  6. Hope you all liked the pics on the emails I sent. Im toying with the Amber/Emerald and Diamond collections at the mo. They are all too nice
  7. HI I have been sent the pics from the Hotel of the packages as I wanted to see which to choose too. If you PM me your email address I will happily send it on to you Rach x
  8. This is an awesmone list - thank you. OOT Bags is quite a new idea for me and one I will definately be using, We are getting married in mexico and have friends/family coming with us from the Uk and some from USA too so I wanted to do something special to say thanks to them for travelling so far for our wedding. An OOT bag is just the thing.
  9. Tina Which package did you go for? Im toying with a couple of them at the mo. What were the fireworks like? cheers Rach
  10. Thanks Nibsmom - I realised that you had already posted it after I had asked the question!!!!! should really spend more time looking thru this forum first!!!! thanks anyway - the song I (we) have chosen for signing is about 4 minutes long so that should be fine. TinaM2be - thanks for the re-assurance - its nice to know that you are not the only one in that boat!!!!!! Im sure that I will be asking more and more questions as the time goes on. Here's a quick one for anyone!!!! Is it worth upgrading to the different packages for the wedding or just stick with the complimentary one - and then upgrade a few needed items!!!! I am looking at using the tucan gazebo if possible as I think that looks lovely - is this the best choice or is another one better!!!! I just dont want it to look too bare Sorry for the neurotic questions - Im sure i will calm down soon!! Cheers Rach xxx
  11. Thanks Nibsmom, it sure is reassuring to know that we have made the right choice, dont want to get all the way out there and regret it!!!!!!! We changed our venue from Mauritius as our best friends have moved to Houston and it would have cost an arm and a leg for them (2 adults and 2 kids = our godchildren) to come to the wedding. Dave really wanted Ady to be his best man and I want Harry (who will be 5) and Martha (who will be 2) to be flower girl and a page 'dude'! so it was worth us moving our venue just so they could be part of our special day. I am getting more and more excited about it all and Im already choosing our music!!! Can you give me an idea as to how many pieces of music I will need please, ie walking up the aisle, signing the register, walking back down the aisle! I already have some ideas as to what we would like but im not sure how many we can have!!!!!! Thanks Rach x
  12. Thanks Nibsmom It certainly is going to be extremely helpful as I am in the UK trying to organise a wedding at a venue I have never been to!!!!!! think from what people have said on here that we have made the right choice though. Rach x
  13. mrssharkey2be


    Hi Katie Yes it is nice to see another uk bride and I hope your plans are going well too. O(nly just found this forum but I can already see that it is going to be a regular if not daily visit. It does feel very strange organising a wedding for somewhere you have never been to doesnt it but I feel very confident with our choice based on all the great advice on this forum. Why did you choose your venue? Rach x
  14. Hi Everyone Hope you dont mind a 2011 bride popping up on here!!!! Just want to say a big thank you to you all for all the great tips and advice posted on here. Im sure I will be reading and re-reading this forum as the months countdown to our big day Rach x
  15. mrssharkey2be


    Congrats on the forthcoming wedding