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  1. Hey, I just wanted to give an update on my Cocktail Hour fiasco. I just got it confirmed with Elsa that thanks to my original email from Angie that I will be upgrading to hot hors d'oeurves with the open bar for 10US per person (real guests). Still no luck on chiavari chairs. Apparently they do not carry them anymore Shirley
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Natalie79 Oh no!! I was told I can have chivari & hot hors d'oeuvres too! She quoted me a $15 charge for hot hd's. That is not good, I'm going to email by WC (Angie) and see what the deal is. Let me know what she says! I am very curious! I wrote back that I didnt think it was fair that what I was told would not be honoured.
  3. Hello, Elsa is my wedding coordinator and I just had a question about the cocktail hour. I was originally quoted 10 dollars per person to upgrade to the hot hors d'oeuvres with the open bar. Elsa is now telling me that hot hors d'oeuvres are no longer available, but if I have an email saying that she can specially request them but it will now be 20 dollars per person. I think this is totally unfair! Is anyone else getting married between now and December who is doing this upgrade so I can use this as bargaining leverage? I'm angry and super frustrated! Also, I have been told that I CANNOT have the chaivari chairs anymore either
  4. Hello! I was thinking about ordering table over-lays for the wedding. Does anyone remember the table dimensions? Would the 72x72 work or the 90x90? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I leave for my wedding in less than four months! I am getting very excited! For past brides who bought chair sashes, did you use the same ones from the ceremony for the reception site, or do I need to buy double if i get some? Also, is using Chiavari chairs an option? Can I use them for both ceremony and reception? Thanks!
  6. Hello! My wedding is this October 2010. I am looking for either Jade or Fuschia sashes. I am expecting about 30-40 people. Let me know!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by stevensFiance Hi girls, im closing in on my date and getting ready to fax in all final papers to the michigan office. I booked way back in Aug '09 before the changed the prices and ofcourse I dont have the "luxury package list" from then, does anyone know if it was $3,100 or $3,200? I also noticed, on the new list it says there is a $400 surcharge fee for weekend weddings after 4pm, was that there as well? Because I dont remember ever seeing that prior and im going to try and fight that, lol. Thanks in advance girls. Hey, I booked in August '09 as well. The package was 3100 and there was no 400 fee!
  8. Hello, A little off topic, but I was online shopping today and I was wondering what you girls were donig for the cake serving. Does the RDC provide that knife and server? Or are you ladies buying your own and bringing it with you? Thanks!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by dianep why would you have to register it with customs, even if you're just wearing it? must be SOME ring! Well, it is just one of those things that you are supposed to do with anything that is worth a lot of money. If you are one of those unlucky people who gets randomly selected to be searched at customs and you don't have something proving that it was yours, then you will have to pay taxes, regardless of whether or not you wore it in, they don't know it, and you can't prove it. It's obnoxious. I travel a lot and I hate the hassel, so I don't wear my ring anymore when I travel.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by jesmcan We got engaged in Playa and I wore my ring everywhere the whole week lol I don't think it will get any negative attention. I saw lots of beautiful bling including at the Tiffany's store which is one block from the Royal I also feel safe since everything is insured. For going to the pool in the beach I would leave it in the safe. That is what I did this last time. I am really sad about it, but I am not bringing my ring down with me. When i travel with it I always have to register it with customs before I leave so I have proof of prior possession, and it is a huge pain.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by jesmcan That is honestly so appalling. It is not suppose to be like this! but I am glad in the end this got resolved for you. I mean how much longer can this go on before they start to loose the business? None. Because they know that they are the best place for weddings and their packages beat every other resort hands down. They know it, and they know we will keep coming because they produce. Just like how they keep raising the fees for everything, like uping the price of the luxury wedding package almost a grand in 9 months, or changing the vendor fee to 400 dollars. It is insane, but people still book.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by stacylynn8529 I am curious about this too. Same with the flowers. I am not a rose girl and that's seems to be the only choice for their standard bouquets. I like one of their upgraded bouquets... it has peonies it in (my fave!) but it's $230!!! INSANE! Can you not pay the diff since you get these items in your package anyways or do you still have to pay the full amount for these upgrades? I have talked to Angie about this and she said that if I wanted a Couture cake that I would have to pay the price as is, there is no "upgrading fee". You could still get the cake that is included too, they won't give you a discount. And also, I was told that even if I got one of their three layered cakes reduced to 2 layers, I would still have to pay the full price (180-250 depending on the cake). I think we'll stick with the free cake. Also, Angie told me that you can substitute the roses for any bouquet that is $80 in the standard bouquet brochure, and they can change the colours of the flowers no problem.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Lady_Di i have them! steph, you know i always have everything! lol will email you and shirley. Thank you so much! I hate the cakes, haha. I wanted to pay to upgrade for one of the couture cakes, but only 2 layers, but was told that it would be the same price, whether or not i got the 2 or 3 layers. I am not sure I want to pay 180 dollars for a 2 layer cake, and I also don't want enough cake to feed 150 people when we're only having 40 of us!
  14. Hi! I have been filling out my Luxury Wedding Checklist that was sent to me and I was wondering if anyone had the brochure of the 5 styles of cakes that were included? I have all of the upgraded brochures, but not this one. Can you email it to gwevyanskywalker@hotmail.com? Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone, I have been in contact with Angie a lot lately (I called her today and she was right there available to talk to me!) I got forwarded the wedding checklist that you have to fill out for when you want your hair and make up done, what choices for dinner, etc. I just had a question about the flowers, for anyone who has done it before or who knows how it is done. Is just 12 standard roses available and then you can choose to 'upgrade' to another bouquet in the book of standard flowers and therefore pay the 80 USD, or can you swap your roses for any of the other bouquets in the standard flowers for no charge? Thanks, Shirley
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