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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by AlisonJimmy Soon2be...A good site for linens in wedding linens direct home page They have great prices. I am ordering mine from there as well. That's the one, thanks Alison!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Boo Sorry I have asked this before but I think it somehow got missed - for the buffet how many table runners should I get? I saw a picture on here from on of the ladies and really liked it Good question, I'd like to know too.
  3. Whoa! we are less than a month away from our wedding and I'm freaking out. I haven't done much and just to give you an idea we just bought my finance's suit lastnight. I need suggestions on what the groomsmen should wear. 1. white linen shirts w/ tan colored slacks 2. white cotton button up shirts w/ tan colored slacks I'm not a fan of linen on linen, but perhaps you can sway me in one way or the other. My mind is foggy and I feel lost. Not sure what's the best look. I want to book an excursion, which vendor are some of you ladies using? My budget is about $1k and we have 40 guests coming. I know read sometime back of a vendor that sells cheap chair sashes and table top covers. Do any of you have this vendor handy that you can supply me with? OOHH and for those of you who hav wed there already, how many songs would you say I need for the ceremony? I suppose it would be nice to have music playing while the guests wait, right? Help, help, help....thanks girls, xoxo.
  4. Hi ladies, I'm hoping someone out there wants to buy an original, brand new & unaltered Maggie Sottero Phillipa dress. The dress still has it's tags and I have the certificate from Maggie Sottero. It's a size 8 (street 4-6) in Light Gold w/ Ivory overlay. It's a beautiful dress and very form fitting. The only reason I'm selling is because I realized after I bought this one that my heart was actually set on another dress. So yes, I am one of those indecisive brides / 2 dress brides. I'm asking $950 for it and paid well over $1200. Please PM if you're interested or would like more information. I'm having trouble uploading pics, but please go to Designer Wedding Gowns Featuring the Best Fit in the Industry - Maggie Sottero Bridal and search phillipa to see the dress. Thanks for your help. -Nancy
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Laura22610 So, I received my pictures from Claudia Rodriguez a while ago but I just got the link to my online slideshow the other day so I thought that I would share Laura & Don | February 26th 2010 | Dreams, Cancun Mexico Laura, you're wedding was beautiful...thanks for sharing your photos.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by aubry I've been out of the loop a few days and there are so many great posts! Thanks for the review, pics, and oot bag info. This forum has been a lifesaver for me! Anyone been there lately and keep the resorts lists of activities and times? I'd love to see that to get a better idea of what happens when. Tell me if I'm crazy - I like sparkles and heels. Maybe it's to help me feel feminine after all my mom chores, but I love these heels. My mom said the nude wouldn't work for the wedding, but I'm not sure. Are they too much? Aqua Crystal Flower Platform Heels-Sz. 5-11 - Unique Vintage - 2010 Prom Dresses, Cheap Prom Dresses I'm doing the oleg cassini ct326 that's T-length in front and long in back. I wanted a shoe that will work for the "blue" in the "something old, something new..." I'm keeping things a little on the casual side, too. Love the shoe!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by lilly129 Ladies - I'm going to attach a few templates for y'all - I had a pm requesting them and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to attach files to a pm...hahaha so I'm attaching them here. These are just a few of my little diy projects so far Welcome Letter (I haven't figured out how to attach the pages to eachother yet...haha) Tag for OOT / which is also my template for my maracas tag Good Morning Newsletter - which I copied from Martha Stewart I've also created a table card template and a ceremony program template. All my supplies have been ordered from paper presentation and I also bought white shimmery card stock from micheals. Wow...I have waaaaayyyy too much time on my hands...well actually I'm not a huge fan of my job these days so I'm pouring all my free time into wedding planning projects Casey..it's me again, lol...can you please attached the table card template and ceremony program? Thanks!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by lilly129 I'm on week 2 of no response...so perhaps in 2 more weeks she'll answer my ONE question... On a sidenote - question for you wonderful ladies - how many weddings can Dreams have in a day? I thought I had been told two but I think there are three weddings on my day...and I was going to email Ana but I don't really want to wait 4 weeks for a response... Do any of you have a phone number for me to call her? Thanks! Casey Hey Casey! In an earlier post you mentioned you were bringing your own photographer. Is the photographer from the Houston area or friend/relative? Just curious...I'm wondering if it's more cost effective this way??
  9. Laura, congrats...you made a very beautiful bride. Thanks for the review. It's so good to read that it will all be ok in the end. I can't wait to see your pro-pics.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by carinagirl Not quite sure how to write a full review but I will try. We had over 100 guests - so it was the largest wedding DRC had every had. Carina, your wedding was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for the review.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by SDbeachgirl Here are some photos of a wedding that just took place over the weekend. The photos are really nice. It looks like they got married at the "alternate" location. I wonder if it rained. Nelli & Ivica Thanks for sharing. It seems like the in house photographer does a pretty good job.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by kcgcristyn Picture is attached! Hope this works! Those look really good...way to go!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ebernard4985 How many of you have already paid your deposit, and when is your wedding? My wedding is in June, and I email Ana frequently to stay up to date and coordinate things, however, everytime I ask about the deposit she never responds... hmmm Does anyone else think it is odd that my wedding is in 4 months, I booked it last August, and still have not paid a deposit Should I be concerned? I already have the contract though. Hmm, I booked my date last September and paid the deposit in October. Do you have a travel agent that can find out for you? My travel agent helped me with mine.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Outdoor_girl1010 Well I am glad I could help!!! There is a lot of good information on this site. If you have any question please feel free to ask. I'm also in the Houston area and have been looking for a boudoir photographer. I couldn't get through the link at the beginning of your post to see who you went with. Can you please let me know who you used and your experience?
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