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    Just Married at the Palma Real in June. The reception and ceremony for 62 guests came out to $9,600.00 Total (included a cigar roller)
  2. Hi Danille, I will definetly take some time and post it. You have so many great photos- looks beautyful!! We booked a photgrapher from Canada Josh Brown. It's so funny on how stressful the planning is and then you miss the day so much after it has passed. As funny as it sounds, I told my husband that he will come home one day and find me wearing my Vera Wang Veil. It's a matter of time!! LOL
  3. Hi Tammy, I will definetly try to post them tonight w/ a review. For now here is my link to the garden wedding www.paradisuspalmarealpuntacana.shutterfly.com
  4. Hi Tammy, I found the link on stylemepretty.com & wanted to share it the beach brides:)
  5. June 12th, 2009- Paradisus Palma Real Garden Wedding David & Rebecca Photo's www.paradisuspalmarealpuntacana.shutterfly.com
  6. Hi Beach Brides, Here's a Beautyful beach wedding that happend on JUNE 22nd!! D. Jones Photography - Studio News: Gonzales-Retzlaff wedding I
  7. I dont think you would be charged for changing your package but they will definetly charge if you want to add Lights, Cigar roller, dancers, more candles flowers etc.
  8. Sounds like Vivianna. It's amazing how the price went down by thousands after she left !
  9. I'm sure they won't charge you if you make changes to your packages. We Loved Theresa - I dont know what we would have done with out her!
  10. HI Boudou33! Wsih Package $1690.00 tax incuded + $50.00 X 62 Guests let me know if you didnt receive my email
  11. Yes, the location was in the colonial plaza and the dance floor was the walkway overlooking the pool. I added a photo's of the site at www.paradisuspalmarealpuntacana.shutterfly.com Here is my break down of my total cost $9600.00 62 guests- $50pp and we had to pay $12.00pp for guest that didn’t stay at that resort. Guests that are not staying do get a bracelet for the night of the event. includes Christian pastor 1 violinist no cocktail- everyone went to the lobby bar for an hour after the ceremony and it gave us time to take photo's and not miss the party. Gave us a chance to add an additional hour to the reception making it 4 hours. cigar roller bridge decorations of flowers all flowers food menu option 1-my guests are STILL raving about the food lobster, soup etc amazing! 4 hour bar White wood chairs w/ the cushion. The chairs are brand new and included as the basic. (we had them for the ceremony and the reception) Excluding: DJ- we flew our dj from Miami Photographer- we flew him from Montreal; he was $800 for the Entire day and I a few hours the the day before or after for more photo's. We split the travel fee's with another couple and it came out to total $1300.00 linen's- We brought our rentals from FL $350 Makeup- OUCH - CAUTIOUS!! Thank god I went to Neiman Marcus and had a makeup artist do my make up(a VP makeup artist that goes to all the different stores training all the neiman Marcus for Bobby Brown) I spent about $450 with brushes, foundation and great make up that I love to this day. They give you a chart that explains the steps of how to put your wedding day make up on. I hired the salon at the resort to put my make up on but ended up stopping her before she really made a mess. (once she tried to put my eye shadow on with her finger) I went back to the bridal suite and did my own- It came out absolutely perfect thanks to Bobby brown. our room rate: resort: OMG- saveonresorts.com 90 min layed back tour. double occ. $950 total for 6 nights Rehersal dinner: Thejellyfish on the beach, walking distance from the resort but so much fun to have them bus everyone over. here's the website Jellyfish Restaurant | Bavaro, Punta Cana | Restaurant, Bar, Lounge, Weddings, Events $1300 total cocktails and appitizers (brought our dj) Hope this helps, I will let you know if I think of anything else. Rebecca
  12. Saveonresorts.com 90 minute tour but the price is so great!! We did it and the tour is so layed back. less than $1000 for a whole week.
  13. Hi, I was just married in Palma Real. It was perfect. here's a site w/ photo's. good luck with the wedding plans http://paradisuspalmarealpuntacana.shutterfly.com
  14. Thank you Good luck with the wedding plans and let me know if you have any questions.
  15. Check out our Wedding photo's at : http://paradisuspalmarealpuntacana.shutterfly.com