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  1. I also used Misha for our wedding and our pictured were just posted online. Let me know if you are wanting to see these pictures if you are considering using her for your wedding and I can send you the link
  2. Note for Pricing on rooms GP for Guests. The travel groups definitely had less expensive rates than going through the fiesta resort site. We used Vacation Store Miami and rates were about 89 per person per night for a double occupancy room and about 20 more a night for a suite...(Grand Palladium Jamaica – Palladium Jamaica Resorts & Spa – Grand Palladium) This helped reduce the costs for rooms (not any less on flights, so everyone booked through the airline directly) and enabled more people to attend.
  3. Misha just did our wedding at Grand Palladium and Honeymoon pix at Rockhouse...I can share photos when they are ready. Husband and I thought she and her side shooter Geoffrey were great and the family commented on the fact that they were impressed with both of them. Misha's expertise came out in the experience and she was great with follow up and communicating with us through the entire experience.
  4. Just got back from Grand Palladium (7 days for pre-wedding, wedding, post wedding) then Honeymooned at Couples in Negril for 4 nights and Rockhouse for 4 nights. Responses to earlier questions: 1)Yes there is the beach bar-b-q on Friday; I did not go but based on my experience, no I do not think you will be able to reserve tables- it may be work asking the WC if tables could be set up above the bar,there are tables and chairs there but not sure about fitting 35 comfortably. 2)There are many options to start/end the race...depending on the time, there is a beach grill for grilled burgers for lunch, a water sports area, one of the smaller pools (there are 2) would be a good place to start or end as people waiting could have drinks but it is seculded enough where it would be easy to find everyone 3) Hard to find items...not sure...the time (no one wears a watch) & everyone in our group-lol. Definitely a lot harder than we thought to reach people (there is not voice mail in the rooms)...but bring a lot of suscreen, it was $18 per bottle. I would fill out the wedding coordinator form and request everyone in the same building, we ended up with all but 4 rooms (35 people attended) in 2 adjacent buildings. 4) Food at sports bar...was more bar food style items, not the best for a full dinner. I had the WC get a reseration for 35 at the buffet at no charge so this may also be an option for you. Hope that helps...
  5. Updates for Grand Palladium: There is a new wedding coordinator, Sherice. My wedding is one week out and she has been much more timely in responding to e-mails and calling to clarify questions I had (I think one day she called me 4 times, good thing I didn't have to work that day). If there are any new requests for information to bring back please let me know & I will see what I can do. We have 35 people attending, booked Misha Earle for photos, gazebo location for the ceremony and we hired a DJ for the reception.
  6. In anyone doing the private reception at GP Jamaica and made a decision on food? Not sure if anyone tried the appetizers, made a decision on the 2 main courses or the cake. WC said "velvety vanilla sponge, creamy chocolate and delicious dark fruit" sponge cake seemed odd, no? The seafood menu has limited options for non-seafood eaters and I think we are leaning towrds the italian menu. Thought I'd see if anyone has tried anything or heard pros/cons to any of the menu options. Thanks in advance for any input.
  7. Here is the e-mail address for Phylicia Haywood: it is hard to reach the WC by phone and there is not an answering machine. weddingasst.jamaica@fiestahotelgroup.com. I was told there is a $350/hr fee for outside vendors. I did not like the resort photographer and the photographer I hred is planning on being a guest of the resport by getting a room for the night to bypass this. Another bride put a deposit down for the time I had reserved...now my ceremony is at 12 and the reception is at 6...saw someone was doing a get together on a boat, any other ideas?...is it best to just tell everyone to meet back up at 5 and wish them well with enjoying the reort for the afternoon...?
  8. Response to why I picked misha- I liked the angles of her shots and quality of the photographs. To me they were more natual and less 'posed' pictures that caught the moments from a different point of view.
  9. She called me back the next day after I e-maield her. Here is what she said for a wedding in Montego Bay. I decided to go with Micha Earle but here is the info for Michele: Your package would include: 2 CD's with over 800 Hi-Res edited images mailed to an address you provide 2 Photo-Montage telling your wedding day story edited with music no time & charge!! shooting in a timely manner Photography coverage Bride getting dressed/Groom/Ceremony /Dinner photo-session Wedding Gallery Upload-within days of your wedding. Feel free to e-mail or phone, asking any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you. May I invite you to browse my website links below and read my testimonials. $1,000USD
  10. I know you said you have had no Luck with Grand Palladium...not sure if it is the communication piece...to help you parallel pricing, we just booked 2 people for 158 a night in June
  11. The 2010 rates for the ceremony state" The price quoted includes service for a maximum 8 persons, including bride and groom. A per person charge of US$20.00 applies thereafter." Does this imply for additional people to be at the ceremony there will be a per person charge? Has anyone discussed this content with the WC?
  12. Phylicia e-mailed me four photos of Poseidon, a bit more detailed that I have been ableto find. I am having trouble attaching the photos but you can e-mail me and I would be happy to send them if you would like. The brochure mentions having a set menu- not sure if they mean the same entree to- you may want to look into that.
  13. Check out drugstore.com. Search for tylenol. There is a box for $1.29 that contains 3 packets of 2 pills...about .43 each.
  14. Thanks for the responses...maybe I am burnt out on the hours of reading links and doing searches but I only found one picture (with the Poseidon blue chairs) but I could not find any more on the blogs or even throug h a google search. I am worried about the set up for a reception at Poseidon, but that was the only other option presented. I have read no music is not allowed, but I need to find out. If this is the case, I am not sure what to do....Any other tips on where to find pictures or if anyone knows other options besides the Blue Lagoon (since it was already booked) please let me know
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