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  1. If you like the style of the photographers mentioned above, I highly recommend looking into Maria Lang. She is established, but still up and coming if that makes sense. In the passed two years I have used her for marternity, newborn and boudoir shoots. I plan on doing another photo shoot with my baby soon since I am addicted to her pictures! She is the nicest girl and so talented! And her prices are still very reasonable. I love the photographers mentioned by others, but they are out of my reach....
  2. for Canadian brides: I was on the Red Tag Vacations site the other day and Air Canada is posting good prices to the Mayan for early February 2010, on some very nice resorts! Not last minute low pricing at all mind you, but pretty great for being this far out! I am set on February so I did not check other months, but I was surprised at these prices compared to what I have seen lately. I am still technically waiting for my engagement ring so I won't be able to book myself, but I have been searching for price information I was getting pricing starting at around $2200 +tax for these resorts a few days ago.... I used Calgary since that's where I am, here are some examples (all 1 week, double occupancy): Barcelo Maya Palace, $1569 +292 Tax Barcelo Maya Tropical $$1380 +282 Secrets Silversands $1315 +280 (this is by far the cheapest I have ever seen a Secrets resort from Calgary) Dreams Tulum $1584 +$282 Paradisus $1664 +282 Gran Porto Real $1601 +282 Iberostar Lindo $1915 +282
  3. Hello, Malisa, congrats on your upcoming wedding! Thanks for the recommendation and it sounds wonderful - but there is no way I would be able to change his mind from an AI resort setting. I want something smaller though because my dad has health problems and having been to one of the mega huge resorts myself (bahia principe coba) I don't want somewhere that is that sprawled out to get from restaurant/pool/beach. Easy accessibility I guess is what I am looking for, or at least a bit more acessible than the huge resort complexes like bahia and barcelo. I so know that dissapointed feeling! I am happy he came through for you though :-) I just know that in his mind he is thinking it is all no big deal, but I am a planner and to me, it is a big deal. If we can get married before our daughter turns 2 that will likely save us travel expenses for her, since most allow under 2 for free. To me, there are just so many good reasons for February, but the longer it takes him to propose I am just freaking that our friends will have already planned their winter vacations or, worse, another close couple may get engaged and plan a DW before us for 2010 since it seems a ton of people in our social circle have gotten engaged recently. I don't want to have to compete for guests! lol Just posting on here has helped me deal with the anxiety and emotion, so thanks very much everyone! And sorry if it sounds like I am whining, I am just so done with waiting!
  4. Thanks very much everyone :-) I will take your advice and look into the suggestions. I really appreciate the reassurance. Early 2010 is important to me because I want to have a 2nd child and I don't want my kids to be more than 3 years apart, so I want to start trying after the wedding....I told him I won't have another until we're hitched! Ayita, I am too paranoid to start things like dress shopping or emailing the resorts - I just don't want to jinx it! He did hint a few days before he asked me to show him rings I liked that he knew how he was going to propose and that he's sure no man on earth has ever done it this way. I must say the curiosity is killing me, but good things come to those who wait right? ha ha DaniSpence13 - I have a feeling the Paradisus is going to be too much for guests as well, although I like the location better too. We will have some single guests invited and I want to make sure they don't feel trapped at a resort with no nightlife. I am happy with a more low key atmosphere, so in the end of my single friends need to take a longer cab ride to party, fine by me! We've always agreed we want to do a DW in the Mayan so narrowing the location is easy. For now I will occupy myself with resort research, maybe start designing some STD's so they are ready to go. Hopefully I can share our engagement story soon :-)
  5. Hello, first real post! We are not officially engaged yet, but went ring shopping a few weeks ago, so now I am just waiting and getting very impatient. Hoping that some of you can help bring my anxiety down! How did you all deal with your "hurry the heck up and propose already" anxiety? How far in advance do most people book their resort? Is February a busy wedding month in the Mayan Riviera? I really, really want to get married in Feb 2010 for a few important reasons. I am freaking out with everyday that he doesn't ask me (inside, obviously I am not going to nag him LOL). I just don't want to have get married somewhere I don't want to just because they have the date available. Am I being silly? Is there still plenty of time to plan a Feb 2010 DW? Thinking only 30 guests MAX, probably more 15-20ish. I have been researching and right now Dreams Tulum or Paradisius Cancun are my top picks because having somewhere very child friendly, high end and more intimate (smaller) than say the Iberostars, is the most important to me. Our daughter will be 2 yrs old and I want to go somewhere she will have fun at, plus a lot of our friends and family have kids...... Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the kind welcome everyone! It's unbelievable to me how active these forums are - there's a lot of destination weddings happening! Moments That Matter - good for you for getting of Calgary - there was snow here today! And thank you for the Flames condolences...it was a tragic end! lol Josie - the resort you are booked at is one I know we will consider for sure, we almost vacationed there but went with the Bahia instead due to a last minute deal. And thanks for making me feel better about jumping the gun! I am the type that will research to death before I make a big decision so this way I can secretly indulge my research need without him meddling LOL Well I guess off to research now :-)
  7. Hello everyone, So long story short, not engaged yet, but I am confident we will be soon! We have been together 3 years (known each other for 9) and have a 15 month old daughter. I am not a crazy person for being on here before technically being engaged am I? lol We both know we want a destination wedding in the Mayan Riviera and I want to have time to research things first. We have discussed having the wedding in Feb 2010, so really I feel I don't have much time to plan as it may be a few more months before I get my ring! I am hoping not, since the hints are definately being dropped now, but I know it is important to him that the proposal be the biggest surprise ever so I know I have to just let it go and wait! But in the meantime......it doesn`t hurt to do some research right? This forum is fantastic and I am so lucky it exists. I look forward to being a member :-)
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