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  1. I know everything is so expensive! I just received the price for the packages 2010 from Gabriela and the Strawberry package is now 3380$ instead of 3000$ !! Plus I want a catholic ceremony, so I dont know if that will add other fees. Plus, I want an outside photographer (about 1500$) plus a night at the hotel 300$...plus our trip for a week. Not talking about the ring I want!! My gosh! It s more expensive then I thought first. I know it s less expensive then if we had to pay for 200 guests at home but it s not cheap too. We are planning to get legally married before going south to save the 180$ for the blood test and the price for the translation of the documents.
  2. Ok but your photographr is one of your friends staying with you at the resort for the wek or it s a local vendor and you are paying for a room for 1 night??
  3. CaraW you are absolutly right. I want my pictures to be fantastic. Their photographer is not good really good (at my taste). Joie1997, yes you can rent a projector from the resort. I think it<s around 100$. We want one too.
  4. The photographer policy is that we have to pay for a night at the hotel right? Yes this is bad. I would not mind using their photographers if they<re good...but it<s not the case. We will be 20 persons at their resort for a week so I dont think it s faire to pay an extra for the photographer! This is the only thing I m not happy about....
  5. CaraW you don't know on which day you are leaving? How did you book your wedding date? I'm asking for a date from my travel agent, and then I will book my wedding day. Since we have to be in Mexico for 4 days prior to wed. I'm getting married in March. But this is a great idea. I did not send my wedding invitations yet....I'm waiting for the date...I should maybe send it anyway and say that it would be in March.
  6. I asked Gabriela to send me some pics, but she never replied. When I was in Mexico, I saw the set up of the beach receptions at the Barcelo Maya Colonial and it is beautiful. I'm wondering at the Palace....
  7. Me too I would like to receive the pictures of the reception and cocktail locations, if it's possible. My email is: melsavard1@hotmail.com Thanks a lot!! I would like a videographer because my grandparents cannot come and a few of my friends would not come either so I would like to be able to let them see the ceremony. Finzup, I will watch the website of your photographer. Thanks a lot. Your WC told you that you can reserve a room at the Barcelo Caribe or Maya for the photographer? Do you know the price for one night?
  8. Yes I'm telling you, don't worry about the food....this resort is the best I've been for the food. I was just wondering about the photographer; Are you hiring an outside photographer? If so, which one? I was thinking about getting a photographer who lives at the Riviera Maya, so don't have to pay the flight. But it's adding on the overall cost. I want a videographer as well... What is your opinion??
  9. First I was thinking abot getting married in Dominican Republic and I asked a lot of information at a lot of resort and the average price for additionnal person was 45$ and not including the open bar that was around 18$. So you are close to your 66$. And ladies don't worry about the food at the Barcelo. I stayed at the Barcelo Maya Colonial 2 years ago and the food was amazing. This is pretty much why we decided on the Barcelo Palace for our wedding. We traveled a lot around the world and we did all the islands in the carribeen and this resort had the bast food.
  10. Laura4ever, I just want to understand: With the Stawberry package of 3000$ for 15 persons we have to add 66$ per person Or you pay an additionnal 66$ for the people over your limit of 15?
  11. Laura4ever, I just want to understand: With the Stawberry package of 3000$ for 15 persons we have to add 66$ per person Or you pay an additionnal 66$ for the people over your limit of 15?
  12. Hi girls, I will get married at the Barcelo Palace in March 2010 and I was wondering if you know ifthere is a basic package where we could add everything we want. I want to get the Strawberry package because I want an outside reception but a lot of things on this package; I don't need! Since I want to upgrape de flower centerpieces it will bring the cost up.
  13. Hi everybody! I'm probably a futur Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe bride! I was looking for Punta Cana but My fiancé and I went to the Barcelo Maya Colonial 2 years ago and it was our best trip, so we thought that Barcelo Palace would be perfect for our wedding. I will book my date in a few days I think. I want to thank Erica for a review. Very nice! I was wondering if the prices for the packages are the same at the Barcelo Maya Colonial then the Barcelo Palace? I have the packages prices for the Colonial. Also is the WC are the same in both resorts? I was emailing with Gabriela so I don't know if she is in charge for the Palace also...
  14. Does anyone as some new information on this hotel? I'm considering the Barcelo Bavaro palace Deluxe. It looks very nice.
  15. I cannot choose either ! I'm a March 2010 bride and I don't know which resort to pick. If anyone as pictures to send me please: melsavard1@hotmail.com I want a beautiful ceremony location and reception location. The gazebo at the Palm Beahc seems in the middle of everything. Am I wrong? Thanks a lot
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