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  1. Air Mexico! It was canceled because of the Flu... Its been really hard to find other air!
  2. Well, we could have looked for another airline to Mexico but I don't want to have to go through this all again. What would happen if it was 2 weeks or 2 days before the wedding. It would be IMPOSSIBLE to get us flights and hotels! Luckily I THINK (and pray) we have found air & hotel, pending talking to the hotel to confirm the wedding. I am so sad~!~
  3. FYI-my flight got canceled today to cancun. We were leaving on June 20 and they already have told us!!
  4. My flight to Cancun, Mexico was canceled for june 20-27. We booked this flight via vacation express. They are doing everything they can to find flights and a hotel for FIFTY people in another city, but we are having some difficulty. I need some help/suggestions. I am hoping for Punta Cana but its not looking good....
  5. Dreams Tulum is great. I have contacted the wedding coordinator there before, It took her a while to respond but after that she answered all of my questions. Goodluck!!
  6. Hello! I had my wedding planned for the Catalonia in Mexico on June 23, 2009. I got a call from my travel agent today that our flight has been canceled due to the Swine flu.... We now are looking for somewhere for us and our 50 guests to go!! We are thinking punta cana, either a palladium or Riu resort. Any advice? I need to get a hold of someone at the hotel ASAP to verify that they have a wedding time open before we book our flight. Please help!!! I am so stressed, I had everything planned!
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