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  1. Hi Ladies, I am working on my review right now - sorry its taking so long but hopeful I will have it out in the next couple of days For anyone who is a little anxious don't worry - your getting married in paradise and it will all turn perfectly Talk to you soon Amber
  2. Speaking as a soon to be Moon Palace Bride your review is incredibly helpful! Your pictures look wonderful and you made a beautiful bride
  3. FutureMrsMoulton, I was given the name and contact info for my wedding coordinator at the resort but she is on holidays until November 30th so it's not much help...Hopefully she emails me back sometime this week so I can start confirming things like which gazebo and what not... Have you heard anything?
  4. FutureMrsMoulton - your dress looks great! Hope you had fun at your shower!
  5. susieq your dress looks amazing its looks like a very shimmery material so you will look absolutely radiant under the Mexican sun
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by indy_chic The travel agent insists that the promotion is offered by MP and not by the travel agency nor the tour operator. When I spoke to MP , they said that it's arranged once the group contract is devised by the tour operator??!! The only group contract I've seen is the one from my TA. My TA advises that she has asked the tour operator to resolve this of which she feels will work itself out. Why the run around?? If I book the minimum amount of rooms it makes no sense -if I book through the travel agency or MP directly . Money is $ . I kind of got the same run around when we went to book our group. I was told that as long as I have a group contract I get all the amenities (which I do have according to my travel agent). I was just assigned my onsite wedding coordinator this week so I have asked her to check into this and to make sure that I do get the group promotion and that I won't need to pay for my private reception. I will let you know how that goes for me
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by SusieQ Raykel, I worry sometimes if people get sick of the "my wedding stuff". I catch myself sometimes rambling on, I could make and tuna sandwich conversation revert back to my wedding. lol Its not your fault - I think we can all turn a tuna sandwich conversation around so that it relates to our wedding. It usually goes something like this "mmm this sandwich is good, especially the pickle - should I serve pickles at my reception? speaking of my reception did I tell you...."
  8. So today is the first time I have seen what my bridesmaids dresses look like in the right color (they didn't have any dresses in the right color when we tried them on so I was able to see what the style of the dress looked like on the bridesmaids, but not the color) Tell me what you think **Hopefully this works - its the first time I have uploaded photos on here
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by SusieQ Unfortunately sometimes these things have to be dealt with. Good Luck hun... maybe you can ignore her. I'm not too worried about it - She's my Fiance's little sister so I can't really ask her not to come but really at the end of the day she is just making herself look like an ass and my getting all worked about it won't solve anything... Besides - it would be a pretty dull wedding if the bridal party didn't cause a little drama along the way Other than some minor girl drama I think I am pretty much on top of things. My dress is done - just waiting on the alterations, FI's suit is pretty much done (needs to be tailored and he needs a tie but other than that he's good), Bridesmaid dresses are done - I'm going in tomorrow to see what they look like in person, groomsmen are kinda done (they know what to get...now they just need to get it). Rings are done, Wedding Ceremony is booked, Honeymoon is confirmed... so really my stress level is pretty low right now (which is maybe why I am willing to not let my bridesmaids issues bother me) How is everyone else doing?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMsMoulton You found us!! Welcome! So we didn't get to hear your funniest wedding story so far-- I woke up and hit my FI and said you were suppose to pick that up and he said "What are you talking about?!" I realized it was a dream and said sorry and went back to sleep. lol hmm funniest wedding story so far... I don't really have anything too funny...yet... The resort did cancel my wedding a few months ago - apparently I have booked my date over a big conference so they didn't really want to do weddings that day - too bad for them I already had a signed contract so they agreed to do it anyways... Oh and I do have one bridesmaid that apparently did not know that it's customary to throw a bridal shower for the bride so she informed my other bridesmaids that she didn't feel that she should have to participate in it or pay for anything since she wasn't aware of this event (you can imagine how well that went over with my other bridesmaids). Personally I don't really care if I get one or not I just found it funny how she told the rest of the bridal party "she wasn't aware of this event" so I guess I do have a few entertaining stories - nothing as good as waking up and beating up on my fiance though
  11. Hi Ladies, I'm a fellow February Bride too - I just finished reading (technically skimming) all the posts under this thread and wow - you have been very busy girls So I suppose since its less than 3 months until the big day I should catch up fast. Name: Amber Age: 27 Sign: Pisces Children: Soon Favorite colour: depends on my mood - right now I'm liking purple Favorite food: chocolate Favorite drink: lately - vodka-cran Car: LR3 Pets: 1 dog - who is my substitute child Job/Career: Financial Supervisor Status: Happily Engaged Music: Everything - right now I'm in a Jack Johnson kind of mood Fav. Show: hmmm, maybe Dexter or Desperate Housewives... Siblings: 5, 4 brothers 1 Sister - I'm the baby Alright - I think that should do it for now
  12. Yay more Edmonton brides Good Luck with all your planning!
  13. Our Wedding is in February... 12mths before: Engaged - Informed everyone it would be a destination wedding in February 10mths before: Confirmed the date and time with the resort 9mths before: sent out save the dates 8mths before: Ordered my dress 6mths before: Ordered the bridesmaid dresses 3mths before: Emailed resort to start setting up private reception and other wedding details. That's pretty much all I have done so far... We didn't do formal invites - just added a line on our save the dates that said to RSVP on our website.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by jo&delo2010 I emailed the lady for the hair and makeup appointments already which she said she would confirm with me in Jan. I think I have like 5 doing hair and makeup and she didnt say they couldnt handel it. I just made sure that I made the appointments early enough incase they were running late. ( someone on a post here commented that they ran a little late) I also scheduled a hair trial for myself the day I arrive...my make up I can fix...my hair is another story Do you by any chance still have the email address? I was just assigned my on site coordinator this week but she is away until November 30th. (so really I have just been assigned an email address I can send questions too and hope she responds in a couple weeks when shes back) Thanks!!!!
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