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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Erica_Bellerive My location is called the "Akumal beach location." Someone please tell me that the hammocks and the akumal beach location are one and the same!!! Yup! They're the same location. They just take the hammocks down for the wedding like others have said. I'd really recommend this location over the pier location.
  2. Thank you Liz. Yes we are big foodies too, so I'll make sure to write those restaurants down and check em out when we go down. I've read you can rent a Jeep, but when I go on the major car rental websites, they only have options for SUVs generally? Do you call the rental company directly to book a Jeep?
  3. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good car rental place? I see Avis and Payless on this thread.... are there many others? Is it possible to request a Jeep? Approx $$? How about parking around the tourist areas of downtown Cabo San Lucas?
  4. Hi ladies, Didn't want to clog up the Cabo wedding forum with my post, since this is just a general travel question... DH and I are considering a trip to Cabo and staying at the Misiones resort. Has anyone heard of this resort or had any experience with it? It's outside of downtown Cabo about 4 miles towards Todos Santos. I searched the board and found one post about there being a nice quiet swimmable beach at the resort, and also a nice restaurant. Here are my other Cabo questions: 1) is the water warm or cold? 2) what's a good company to rent a car from, and is there parking at the major tourist attractions (e.g. if we want to go to Mango Deck, will we be able to get parking somewhere near it?) 3) what are some "must see" or "must dos" in Cabo that you would recommend? 4) are there places to rent surf boards or is it better to bring out own? Thanks so much ladies Happy new year!! Good luck to all the 2010 brides!
  5. As others have said, it'd be safer to bring things with you rather than ship. We ended up upgrading our tickets to first class to get extra baggage allowance. Then we loaded up all our OOT stuff and favors into a giant Home Depot box with bubble wrap, and taped it all up. At the airport, we checked it no problem, then picked it up when we landed in Mexico. It was pretty smooth and I'd recommend doing this if you can. Also, if you dont want to squish your dress you can bring that in a garment bag separately and there is place in the plane closet for that.
  6. Hi Michealene, I ordered a custom dress from the ebay seller Gianinarbridal and was so glad I did! I placed my order a bit late - takes about 2months to make the dress unless you place a rush order on it, which costs extra and I did not. The dress ended up arriving the week before the wedding and I was so nervous. But as soon as I pulled it out of the package, it was BEAUTIFUL and I was so happy about it all. I'd research the seller first though and ask on the boards to see if anyone has experience with this company. Good luck!
  7. Beautiful pictures... what a beautiful bride you made. I love the photo with you and DH on the beach with the moon up in the sky.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Mike&Wendy Hi everyone! Just thought I'd let you know we are leaving for our wedding at Bahia Principe Akumal tomorrow for our wedding next week! Wish us luck and I'll be back with reviews!! Michael and Wendy Have a wonderful time Mike and Wendy!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by CowtownBride2B Hi everyone, We are pretty sure we want to get married here in November 2010. We've already stayed at the resort and loved it! I'm just wondering what's the best way to find out wedding date availability/book the date? We were hoping for the Akumal section. I've searched all through their web materials and I couldn't find it. I've thought about just calling, but not sure how effective that would be? Please point me in the right direction :-) I look forward to joining in and planning! - Terra Hi Terra, Here is Paloma's email to get you date booked - groupsmx@bahia-principe.com Paloma is the one in charge of the wedding coordinators at the 3 resort locations. Like Trish mentioned, the best way to reach the resort however is to call. I emailed to book my date and when I got no reply in 48 hours, I called and booked over the phone, then got an email confirmation from Paloma right after. Just call the main hotel number, and ask for Paloma tell them you'd like to book a wedding. The front desk people speak decent English. I also got married in the Akumal section and loved it!!! I would recommend the beach location. Yuritzia used to be the wedding coordinator there, but I think there is someone new now. Good luck with your planning!!
  10. Thanks for the tip... I'm gonna check this place out next time Im in PDC. There are so many things that I wish I had bought when I was there in August and now I'm kicking myself for not having done more xmas shopping there!
  11. I love the idea to do the rehearsal dinner on the catamaran. I think your guests will love that! Ziplining is lots of fun, but some people are scared of heights... and keep in mind the weight limits for ziplining. Several in our group throught of going after our wedding, but were over the weight limits and were disappointed. The catamaran would be really enjoyable for everyone I think, and it's a creative idea for a rehearsal dinner. As for other ideas... we took our guests on a trip to Tulum ruins. They all had a really great time and got lots of postcard-worthy pictures. We were trying to do our engagement photos there, but you're not allowed to take professional cameras there and got booted, but our guests had fun lol Later in the week, we went to the town of Akumal. You could do a group snorkeling tour there. Or there is a little restuarant called Buena Vida with swings at the bar and treehouses in the palm trees that's really lots of fun. Have a great time!
  12. Hi Sarah, My wedding was in August and I read some horror stories on here about shipping things from US to Mexico. We decided to bring our OOT bag stuff and wedding favors in our own luggage. We had a LOT of OOT stuff. Actually, what happened was, we loaded it all into a big Home Depot box, then upgraded to first class which gave us lots 3 bags each at 70 lbs each! Then we did Park n Fly at the airport, and basically never had to lift a finger with regard to that box again. The Park and Fly driver took it for us, then we checked it at the airport, then it was waiting for us in Cancun, then our shuttle driver took it for us, then it was passed to the resort valet people. Nice n easy, and a good excuse to upgrade to first class. Good luck with your wedding. Congrats!
  13. Congratulations Nicole!! What a beautiful wedding! You and DH look so happy!! You're right, Jose's photos are awesome! Something about the way he caught the light or did the tint on them makes them look really romantic.
  14. Hey Miss Keira! Great review and a very belated congratulations!! Sorry to hear about the travel arrangement troubles, and the rain but everything still turned out beautifully. I love the photos of yall on the beach with the balloons. All the shades of blue are so pretty together. You make the cutest couple!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by ~*petals*~ Okay, we all love oohing and ahhing over each other's beautiful wedding photos but what about those pics that won't make it to the wedding album?? Ladies, post your favorite/funniest outtake photo! Here are mine: I have no idea what was going on here with my mom and my niece And DH was caught on camera scratching my mosquito bite for me (he's such a good man... lol) hehe so cute!! lol i never would have known that he was scratching your mosquito bite... thought he was just tapping your shoulder to ask for a dance. LOL i love that pic of your mom and neice... looks like they're gonna bust out in a robot dance!
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