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  1. Hi Mere, On the Bamboo, it's blue table runners that they used to create the decor, I had bring 5 of them from Canada Have a nice wedding !!! Valerie
  2. Hi Matt, They did charge me a Day pass 100 $ for her prior the wedding, I'm so sorry about what happened, I'll let them know. Valerie
  3. Merci for all your nice comments !! Thanks for del sol for posting some pictures I didn't know how :-) If you have any questions about the Royal, feel free to ask... Valérie
  4. Hi everyone !!!! It's now the time to give you a review of my wedding at the Royal Cancun. Sorry about my spelling mistakes, my first language is french but I'll do my best !!! Date of the wedding: April 20, 2010 :-) Weather: 6/10 Rain and storms for the first two days of my week in Cancun. The weather have made me change my wedding date to April 20, 2010. We had rain, sun, wind the weather was so-so that week (April 14 to 21, 2010). But on the wedding day it was perfect !!!! Flights: 8/10 West Jet from Montreal, nice flight, no problem apart from the pilot who was saying that it will be raining for all week long !!! Arrival (Limo) : 8/10 I had booked a limo from Cancun cd, it was perfect for me, Max and our 10 guests, everyone was suprised and enjoyed the ride. Yes the rain was pouring but with drinks and good music we had a nice time. The limo was on time and they managed to fit all our lugagges in a separate van. Hotel : 9/10 Royal Cancun, the food was great, the lobby and restaurants, the beach were excellents. I had booked from my wedding planner in the US, 3 dinner reservations for my group and I had no problem. The first night for the welcoming dinner at Marie Maria they charge me 20 $ extra for the reservation but for the others reservations it was free ? I recommend to place a reservation prior to your trip because the restaurants were all booked almost all week long except like at 10 PM. Room: 9.5/10 I had booked the presidential suite to get the free wedding package and it was perfect. It was big, the view was perfect and the beds were very comfy. Free wedding cake: 7/10 I had the cake deliver on the first night in my suite and I asked to place an inscription (welcome to cancun) we had a small party in my room with my group, I gave them some gifts and everyone was very happy and excited about the week ahead. The cake was a little bland. Yatch Prior the wedding day: 9.5/10 I recommend this to every one, the 55 feets Yatch was amazing, I order some appetizers and it was great. My friends are still talking about the yatch. Wedding day: 8/10 Beach set up: 9.5/10 I had a particular idea in my head for the beach set up. I recommend that you look at my pictures, I recommend the bamboo sticks instead of the regular set up. The regular set up is not white, it's looked more brown or dirty....If you have high expectations the bamboo is better. For the set up they used 5 table runners (they were from Canada) and my chairs bows (from Canada) and I order 2 flowers medaillons and a altar centerpiece. They were worth it and my wedding was really reflecting my style and personnality. Flowers : 0/10 Big big problem with the flowers, I was suppose to receive them at 10:00 AM, I got them 20 minutes before the ceremony and of course they were wrong, my bridemaid had to cut off the brown (they were dead and seems to have stay in the heat too long) just prior the ceremony, the wedding planner Lorena was no help with this issue. The Royal have made an arrangement with me for that problem so I'm ok with that now. Thanks to Sol from Del Sol for all her support with that problem. For exemple, I did not get the hair flower I was suppose to get so she place a rose in my hair. She was very helpful and she told me that it will not show on my pro pictures and she was right. My advice is not to have too high expectations on the flowers, it's Mexico not Canada. Maybe go with the seasonal flowers, I dont know. Maybe I was just not lucky Mayan dancers: 9/10 If you have an intimate wedding, I think its a nice way to entertain your group. I was impress with the show. I ask for something special and I got it. The dance represent a mayan wedding. Symbolic ceremony : 9/10 My friend did the ceremony in French It was perfect very emotional !! Wedding planner: Lorena 5/10 Before the wedding 10/10 on the wedding day no help at all, all my guests did something on the wedding day to make the day perfect. She was no where to be found, apparently with a future bride we were told. Hair: 9.5/10 Spa Leblanc: Amazing !!! The service is exceptional, when they saw that I did not receive my white orchids at 10:30 they went in their lobby and find me some white flowers, it was very nice of them an not expected. They did a great job also with one of my bridesmaid. My other bridesmaid did her own hair. The stylist was excellent and Orphelia (I dont know her position) did everything to help me on the wedding day and the day before with my nails. She print the inspiration picture 8x11 and all my appointements were on time even if I book them 2 days before the wedding. The price were very low. 42 $ for my hairstyle wow !!!! Make up: Mac La Isla 9.5/10 ALEX: He is phenomenal, for months, I did everything I could to have a nice skin for my wedding. The day of the wedding I woke up with 3 pimples....lol ! Really on the pictures you cant tell. The Make up was great and if you can ask for him, I recommand. I booked him on April 16 for April 20, no problem. The Cake: 3/10 Not too good. Similar to the picture but you can see some differences, ex: the tiers were supposed to be off set but they were not. Not a big deal. The taste: bland. Reception: Dinner at Pueto Madero: 9/10 Very nice dinner, its the restaurant where we got engaged. They made a personalize menu for us print with our names. We had a great time. Party: Coco Bongo 7/10 The sound was not as good as The City but we had fun !!! Photograph: del Sol 9/10 Sol f10/10 !!! I love my pictures and really its a great lifetime souvenir, I recommand them 100 %, worth every penny. Voilà , Merci !!!! Valérie Pictures: 04.20.10 Valerie + Maxime | Wedding at the Royal Cancun | Photos by Sol Tamargo
  5. Hi Girls !!! I have my wedding date: April 18, 2010 at 3 PM. Can't wait, my wedding coordinator is Carole !!!! I talked to her on the phone and by email and things are starting to get organize !!! Val
  6. Superval

    Montreal bride to be - Mexico here we come!

    Bonjour Brigitte, Je suis de Montreal aussi, vivement le Royal, pour ma part j'ai choisi Cancun, je te conseille de vérifier souvent les prix car pour ma semaine de Mars ils ont beaucoup varier de 1650 $ a 2200 $ pour les memes dates et le meme type de chambre. Happy planning and if I can help, It will be my pleasure !!! Val
  7. Hi Girls, Destination wedding: Cancun Cancun Beach Photos If you are looking for a ceremony on the beach, it gives a good idea of the playa at the different resorts !!!! Have a look :-) Val
  8. Hi ladies, How much was the luxury package for 2009 and 2010 at the Royal ? I think the price went up !!! Thanks Valerie
  9. Hi Girls !! I would like more info's about the beach at the Royal Playa del Carmen. One of my friend is saying that it's not that great. Is it similar to the other beaches in Mexico ? Thanks :-) Val
  10. Hi Girls !!! I'm looking for a Canadian vendor to do 25 boarding passes (save the date) and 25 regular invitations for my upcoming destination wedding at a reasonnable price and delay, any suggestions ? Thanks Ps: My invitations will be in French :-)
  11. Superval

    Destination wedding dec 2010

    Thanks, I feel welcome !!!! Merci, merci !!! Val
  12. Superval

    Destination wedding dec 2010

    Hello, My name is Valerie I'm from Montreal, Canada. My destination wedding will probably be dec 2010. I'm just starting my planning. I'm really happy to join this forum ! Val