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  1. We paid $4650 US for our beach party, dance floor and the renewal of vows ceremony which we were told is very similar to the other packages but alot cheaper. Yes we are counting done the days Nov 9 cant come soon enough!!
  2. yea we ended up having to pay for the extra empty seats we are having about 30-35 guests kinda sucks but well worth it. we didnt want to have the reception in a resturaunt with everyone else their and also we liked the idea of having a dancefloor and dj service for our first dance.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by sunseeker Hi, I am wondering if anyone who is doing a legal wedding has been ask for scanned copies of their (and 4 witnesses) passports? This seems really shady to me. A faxed copy maybe, but an actual scanned digital copy could possibly be reproduced. I am not sure what to do about this, any suggestions? Yea that does sound shady and very risky why dont u just get legally married at home skip all the crap mexico wants you to do dont tell anyone and have a symbolic ceremony or renewal of vows. Thats what we r doing i heard the ceremony is almost the same anyways. Just an idea seems better then giving out personal info like that to strangers who knows whos hands will get on that stuff.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by sasse75 Weneedhelpforwedding-how did you get your dj included? We are getting married on Nov 9, 2009 and the info we got back when we booked was 80 per person which included Private Beach Party: From 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Price includes: Private dinner (grill buffet), Domestic Open Bar, DJ service and Caribbean standard decoration. We require a minimum of 40 people. You are allowed to bring your own music CD’s. We are having it from 6 -10. Maybe they changed things im not sure but thats what we booked.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by alhanay24 Hi, I finally have my date, April 7th at 3:00 p.m. It seems so close...yet too far hehe. I have all the packages and private reception information which I have attached below. I have also attached the salon price list. I am booking hair appointment for my bridesmaids and the moms. It is quite expensive for Mexico but I guess it is the goign price for Canada so I will not complain too much about that. I have chosen the gala reception, which includes private room DJ and a set menu ( I am trying ot negotiate so that we can accomodate the vegetarians and those who do not like fish. They are very strict with the menus). The gala option does not include a bar for alcohol that technically should already be included. They want an additional 15$ an hour per person to set up a domestic bar. I have told that it was not an option, I was just going to make my own bar, bring my own bottles. They still want to charge $15 a bottle for me to bring it into the room, which is fine, but they are really trying to get any penny out of you as they can. My wedding coordinator Sandra has been good, she is responding quickly and trying to accomodate my requests as best she can. I don't have many of them but I am celiac so I have asked them for a gluten free cake and she is talking with the chef to see what they can do, which I really appreciate. The beach option was really tempting but at US$85/person it seemed a bit much, especially if you then needed to pay more for a dance floor and DJ. (i think it would have amounted to an extra $2000. I have chosen the Royalty package, mainly because it accomodates up to 40 people without additional charges. The others only accomodate up to 20 and hten charge an additional $12/person which can add up quicky. Plus I like to think of myself as Royal Let me know if you have other questions, I have asked a lot of them and got some answers. Hope this helps. We are going with the Beach party and it includes Dj service and open bar we paid the extra $600 for a dance floor so that we would have something to Dance on for our first dance.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by sasse75 I am somewhat considering that option, but am worried it would take away from the whole....walking down the aisle, starring into each others eyes....I know cheesy!!!! And if my guests found out they would kill me. With the renewal package, do you still have witnesses sign the marriage license? Hi yes you still walk down the aisle with the renewal of vows ceremony and yes you get a marriage certificate
  7. I am getting married there Nov 9 2009 and we are doing the legal paperwork here then doing the renewal of vows for $800 there which i have been told is the exact same ceremony as the other packages. Then for our reception we are having a beach reception and yes it does cost alot but compared to any other wedding it is still cheaper we like the fact of the privacy. Hope this helps if you have any other questions u can ask me.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by amandseth I had the same problem with the swim ups.. I haven't called the resort yet to ask about the rates, but if you do, could you post them? Also, has anyone received the flower/cake options yet?? NOTE: I am looking to share an external photographer!! I am getting married on November 11th, 2009. Is anyone willing to share the cost of binging someone in? I am open to suggestions, and also have options for those who haven't chosen a photog yet! Just trying to be budget friendly! Hey Ann we are getting married on Nov 9th and have all of our family coming in from Edmonton also. We will also be the rowdy bunch doing tequila bang bangs at 8am lol. As for a photogragher that is still one thing we have not arranged yet. But we would definetely be willing to try and arrange to hire someone jointly if we could find a reasonable price and someone who has good work. Let me know if you find anyone or know of anyone and we can work from there also my email address is rocknessmon69@hotmail.com if you want to email me directly. thanks Natasha
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by eeyore333@gmail.com The wire option cost about $35 but since this a lot have provided their credit card with no problem, I guess I'll go this route. Did you have to provide ID (back and front) as well? Also, did you receive written confirmation of the wedding day, or a receipt? Thanks. Hi yes i did have to send my drivers license front and back and once they took the 200 US deposit i was sent email confirmation of my date. Then they ask you to choose a package and ceremony for your wedding then send you the written contract/agreement with price date etc. As for a recepit i have it on my visa and also an email from the resort confirming the deposit. Hope this helps what date are u planning on getting married?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by eeyore333@gmail.com Hi there, I am suppose to get married Dec 10, 2009 but due to the swine flu, I'm in the 'wait and see' mode since I did not make a deposit with the wedding coordinator, Diana, yet. However, I've been dealing with Diana at Grand Princess and I agree that it is frustrating dealing with her through email and when you call her, she's not available. We've been corresponding through emails for 2 weeks regarding placing a deposit down but now I'm glad this was delayed so I can back out until further notice. Anyways, the whole point about my post is that it may be frustrating with the emails now but I keep hearing that the actual wedding day is mind-blowing, breath-taking so in the end, that's all that matters! However, I'm really not comfortable providing the photocopy of my ID and credit card to them but what choice do we have! I've created an authorization letter (before she provided me a template) and Diana rejected it using the excuse that the bank won't accept this. Does this make sense? I just want some security! You can try to use it if you can too! To whom it may concern: I, , hereby authorize EXPLOTACIONES DEL CARIBE S.A. DE C.V. to charge $200.00US from my credit card as a deposit to reserve for our “Grand Princess†Civil wedding ceremony. By accepting the deposit, I, , and Grand Princess Riviera are in agreement of the charges for the following services: “Grand Princess†Civil wedding package $ 2,000.00 Blood test per couple $ 160.00 Legal procedure $ 100.00 Private courier $ 50.00 Should any of the above change or if there are additional charges, I will be notified prior to accepting this deposit. Name as it appears on card: _________________________________________________ Billing address of card: __________________________________________________ ___ Master card number: __________________________________________________ _____ Expiration date: __________________________________________________ _________ Signature:________________________________________ Date:____________________ Cheers and all the best on your wedding planning! Hi i was nervous about giving out my information too but relaized it was that or do a wire transfer. I ended up filling out the information and gave my credit card they charged it and have had no problems at all. Our wedding date is on Nov 9, 2009 if this whole swine flu thing dies down!! But if you are still skeptical about sending your information you can just wire it hope that helps
  11. Thank you so much for those pictures they were amazing and it totally helped me visualize what a beach reception will be like! Greatly appreciated.
  12. I think it is worth it especially if you dont want to have your reception with other people in one of the restaraunts there plus a time limit of a hour and a half. Also with the private beach pary we are getting a dance floor to have our dances rather then in the lobby or disco.
  13. I just got a email from the Grand Riviera Confirming my wedding date on Nov 9 2009 and also my beach reception with dance floor. I think they are under staffed there and have a hard time replying to all the emails the best way is to phone them if you really need to get a hold of them. Diana Told me they recieve over 150 emails a day imagine going through all these and managing 1 or 2 weddings a day
  14. Hey Jennifer how much is the beach reception this year do you have the price? I also have the same email address i guess they just take long to respond i really wish she was faster
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