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  1. Hey Huey, Yes, I'm having both my ceremony and reception there. Yes, it gets pricey since I have to bring everything in but it really is a gorgeous location and I wanted that outdoor oceanfront location and privacy. I'm using Events by Evonne for coordination and she has been fantastic. Give me your email address and I'll send pictures your way!
  2. We are having our musicians bring in a small amp system to make sure that the music can be heard over the waves.
  3. I'm getting married at Sugarman Estate in 2 months and I was able to do a scouting trip last fall. The location is beautiful and I am so excited! It's one of my WC's favorite venues and she has done many weddings there. I have not eaten at Spago but I heard the food there is fantastic. You made some excellent choices, good luck planning!
  4. I'm having a buffet dinner. Our ceremony and reception will be outdoors. We aren't sure how many people will come but its going to be somewhere around 120. We figure this gives people the opportunity to mingle at dinner and also we are able to have a much more expansive menu for our guests who love to eat!
  5. For those getting married there, how many guests are you expecting? I have yet to send out invites but am thinking I'll have 90-130 guests and am trying to find a good place for a large group that is still in a location where we can appreciate the beauty of the country.
  6. I'm also trying to plan a wedding in Costa Rica and would love ideas from those who have already picked a location, wedding planner, etc. Its a lot to think about, but is so fun at the same time!
  7. BoBride

    Newly Engaged

    Hi! I am newly engaged and am very excited! I want to have a destination wedding, but am still trying to decide on the location. I am looking at different islands in the Caribbean and am looking at a date in November 2009. I would love to get anyone's input who has gotten married in the Caribbean - specifically Cayman Islands, St Lucia, Turks & Caicos, and Aruba.
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