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  1. An AHR might be an option... I never thought of that! Thanks Ladies for emphatizing!
  2. Thanks Ladies! I was crying at my desk at work as my MOH just broke the news that she can't travel due to complications in her pregnancy. I feel much better now after reading this... And you're right. It is about us KLee147 - what an AHR?
  3. So, I'm getting married in Maui in October. There have been a lot guests that are dropping out of coming. Don't get me wrong, the wedding must go on... but can't say I'm not disappointed. Just venting... anyone out there feeling the same way? I guess that's just the reality of having a destination wedding...
  4. Hi There! I'm planning a rehearsal dinner for the bridal party & immediate family members (about 20 people). Does anyone have any recommendations on reasonable/good restaurants? I'd like to keep it under $25 per person. The rehearsal is in Kaanapali but I'm open to driving (to Kihei or Wailea area) for the rehearsal dinner .
  5. Thanks for the advice ladies! You made me remember WHY I wanted to have a destination wedding to begin with. Thank you for the coupon tips as well.. Definitely will check it out!
  6. Hi Maui Brides-to-Be! Is it just me OR are any other brides feeling guilty about having their wedding in Maui given that Maui is very expensive, especially in this tough economy Don't get me wrong, I love Maui and wouldn't want to get married anywhere else but can't help but feel guilty... UGH....
  7. Hi there! There will be about 50 people. I'm just concerned with a plated dinner, that everyone will be hungry by the end of the night!
  8. Hi There! I'm getting married at the Westin Maui in October and torn about whether we should have a formal sit down or a buffet style reception... Any thoughts?
  9. I'm having my wedding & reception there and trying to conceptualize the space. Thanks so much in advance!
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