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    Any UK ROR Brides?

    Hi I got Chandlyns email off here, I have it in my inbox so will look it up. Fridays is the beach party and if its cancelled they move it to saturday I beleive. so not sure if you can book these days. I sent Chandlyn emails of what I wanted and she has booked it all in for me. You dont pay till your there. I am soooooo excited Its not that long now. I am finalising all my plans at the minute so on the internet all the time. I'll put a review on with lots of pics when I return..Oh its sooo exciting
  2. gemma555

    Any UK ROR Brides?

    hi it took Thomsons 2 weeks to confirm the date, they then forward to you the booklet which basically just states what the package includes. I found most info out from here ,I have booked Seagrape for reception, with Chandlyn. I also requested a time of 4pm for ceremony which was ok'd by chandlyn as Thomsons only give you a date and state time is agreed at resort, I wanted a time.
  3. gemma555

    Any UK ROR Brides?

    Hi I am also getting married at ROR on 02/02/09 i booked both with Thomsons, However I have been in contact with riu direct bout pretty much everything.
  4. HI ALL Here's my info: Name: Gemma Hutton and Neil Holmes Wedding Location: RIU Ocho Rios (OCHO RIOS, JA) Wedding: Feb 2nd 2009, in JA: 27th jan through to 10th feb
  5. gemma555

    Anyone need anything????

    Quote: Originally Posted by vicky123 Hi gemma, i cannot book yet as I am not getting married until april 2010 hopefully the brochures come out next month. Does the thomson's team arrange the date for you or do you still book with riu direct? Cant wait to get the ball rolling!! Yes they arrange the date for you, you request the date you want, I however spoke to chandlyn and got time i wanted(4pm) and the reception and everything sorted through her. Thomsons have not been in contact since the booking.
  6. gemma555

    Anyone need anything????

    Hi vicky another from uk getting married here! There isn't many of us from UK. I have booked through Thomsons, how bout you?
  7. gemma555

    Riu Ocho Rios Rooms

    we are sharing our room with my 2 daughters, one isgoing to be nearly 2 in a cot, the other is 3 whilst there so do they have a bed for a 3rd person or is it a sofa bed?
  8. gemma555

    Seagrape or Poolside?

    Hi I dont know if many of you are members of facebook, but on there there is a group for those getting married at ror and it has some excellent photos of seagrape.
  9. Hi all. I am getting married at ROR on 2nd feb 2009, we are there from 27th jan till 10th feb. I am just wondering how long do the photos take, I am having a reception when I get home and would like to know if the photos are normally ready before you leave or do they send them on? I would love to show my photos at our home reception. The same also with the dvd. Many Thanks
  10. gemma555

    Seagrape or Poolside?

    Thanks to this forum I have now changed from hiring the disco to hiring seagrape. Thanks ladies xx
  11. gemma555

    How much should I budget?

    Thank you, Yes I am considering that as a lot such as the spa treatments etc I wont require, It seems more of a plan to just pay for all items I want on top of free package.
  12. Hi all I am due to marry in feb2009 I am just trying to work out roughly how much this is going to cost so can add to budget. Basically I have 20 guests, I am on the 4pm slot for wedding. I have booked royal package, In addition I would like: 1 bridesmaids bouqet, I am bringing own flowergirl baskets and petals, I need 2 further buttonholes for ushers, I would like chair covers and a blue sash for my guests. I would also like the aisle runner. I have 45 minutes of photography included but would like that to be a further hour and then I would like an hour of pics at the reception. I would like all pics on a cd and would like roughly 50 for an album. I am having the free meal at mammee bay I would then like the seagrape with dj, decorated tables and chairs (no food thou) I also would like the videographer for 1 hour during the ceremony. A question I also have is, I am there from 27th jan till 10th March, we get married the 2nd, How long do you wait forpics, will I be able to take them with me or do I have to wait for them to be sent? I am having a reception when I get home so would love them for that. I also need the dvd for then as playing it to our guests. Sorry its a long one but if anyone can help pleaseeeee it will be much appreciated. I am getting so nervous I have 5 months yet.
  13. gemma555

    Anyone need anything????

    the same as everyone else, lots of prices and pics of anything. I am interested in seagrape for eve reception and also would love to know prices days and times for excursions especially dunns river andthe swimming with dolphins. I hope you have a lovely trip Sally x
  14. Hi Please could I have it also xx Its gemmahutton5@msn.com Thanks in advance
  15. gemma555


    Quote: Originally Posted by sally Hi Gemma Welcome to the forum. I too hope to have a Jamaica wedding. Have you chose a resort? Where in england are you from? Sally Thank you all for your nice welcoming!! I am from Cambs Sally, what about you? I have chose riu ocho rios, I am just awaiting confirmation of my date. Gemma