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  1. Scro

    Greetings from RMB

    Congratulations!!! Thats great to hear...Enjoy the rest of your stay!
  2. Thanks for the post!!!! I'm so excited
  3. Scro

    RMB is Open!!

    I heard that they were open also.... I am super excited!!!
  4. Thanks so much for the info. Thats a great idea! Do you know of anyone who has had the hors d' ouvres?... I'm wondering if it's worth it
  5. Does any Riu bride know what your guest do while you are taking photgraphs after the wedding ceremony? Is there a cocktail hour offered for the guests in any package during this time, or do they wait until the dinner portion of the reception? I hope someone can help me. Thanks ladies!
  6. Thank you for posting these pics! I was extremely worried also... I'm getting married there Feb. 27, 2009 so will be there around the same time