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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Lonna14 I am a bit annoyed..I just received a message from Aurora that she cannot confirm SSG for me until 2 weeks out..However, I did inform her that I have MULTIPLE E-MAILS saved from Landy and everyone esle I have been in contact witht that they originally stated that I would know one month in advance..as per the wedding guide. They really need to called out on their inconsistencies..I'm honestly thinking of printing all of the pages on this thread so I don't have any inconsistencies with prices when I arrive!!!! Lonna I have been tempted to do the same thing. It drives me crazy they do for one but not another. I just feel like they could really screw you over on prices of things!! I just might print some things out to take with me. We leave in a week so I guess I better go to it.
  2. ok for girls that have been married. I sent a pic of my bouquet of cally lilly with ribion wrapped around it. Very simple she emailed back saying they are very expensive. Is this true? and how much extra did she charge you?
  3. Wow we leave in 2 weeks and I don't feel like I have got anything done!! Working 60 hours a week and planning has been rough. One of the girls coming to the wedding is unable to come because the US miltary has denied all travel to mexico!!!! Not sure if its the swine flu or some other reason they have. As the anxiety builds!!! but reading all these great reviews is helping so thank you Tulum brides!!
  4. Your review was great!! I loved the pics!! I'm glad you loved them because we have also booked Diego for our wedding. I wonder if we will have Vincent instead? Everything was beautiful!!! Congrats!!
  5. wow everything looked wonderful! You and your husband looked so relaxed in your pics! I'm glad everything turned out. I was wondering if you have any suggestion on what to do about the front desk issues. Should I talk to my TA and get a game plan. Because I know something will be messed up and it is just nice to be prepared. Thanks and again everything looked wonderful!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Maybride2009 Hi Jenny, We wanted/tried to go. I totally agree that it is being blow way up, but my guests booked with air transat and didn't get cancellation insurance so they HAVE to fly through air transat...and they won't fly there again until June...so we have no choice. The other option is to try to book another destination and wedding in 3 weeks...and I don't know if my brain can do that at this point...either way between my mom and Fi's schedule...it sucks for someone uhh I am just waiting for Obama or the CDC to block our travel. I know I have about a million options running through my head!! I just hope it all works out for all of us!!!
  7. well my wedding is in 3 weeks and well I am going!! both of our familys said were just going to do it. My TA just got back 3 days ago from the resort I am getting married at and she said the media is blowing this all up!! I could get the swine flu here. I am a nurse in the ICU we have several cases that they think might be swine flu. So I could catch it here or there.
  8. I just spoke with my TA tonight. She just got back from Dreams Tulum 2 days ago. She said the concern is in Mexico City and not for us to worry. My family and friends are still planning on giong to DT no matter what. I have been pretty worried about all of this and probably will be till I get down there. We were going to try and switch to Dreams Punta Cana. Our TA assured us everything will be fine. She also had a dinner with the General manager of the resort with Landy present where she of course got all her questions answered. I just really hope it all works out because we leave in 3 weeks. Not much time to change now!!
  9. Beth I am so sorry. I have been up all night thinking about this swine flu!! I have been praying everything works out for you. I had one hell of a day I spent half my day running around to get stamps which most places were out of because they are getting ready to raise the price again. My FI went in and asked the guy if he had any wedding stamps left? Lucky for us he did he had 78 which was ok. Then the lady behind him in line was like"don't tell me he just got the last of your wedding stamps!! Your freaking kidding me I have been driving around all day post office to post office" Needless to say he got out of there!! Then as I was sitting and fretting about that I realized our response cards will need more postage!!! uh
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz just an FYI-we are here right now. As far as I can tell the resort is normal. It is quiet but they also said that they were expecting a ton of people later in the week Ohh I hope you are having a great time!!! Damn pigs anyway!! Have a great and wonderful time!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride Our very own SGBrown started a thread here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t41426 There is lots of discussion in that thread. I suggest you discuss it there rather than here. thanks sunbride! I was also wondering if any of the new brides that just got back from Tulum had heard anything when they were down there?? I plan on going no matter what, maybe the resort will be low and my guest could get a good upgrade??
  12. I was wondering if anyone has heard much more about the swine flu? My guests have been asking like crazy. I went to the CDC's website and did some reading. It sounds like they are not restricting travel but are encouraging people to rebook. All of my guest booked thru apple vacations. I went to their website and right on the top in red they have a warning about mexican travel and are offering no fees for people that want to rebook. To be honest I am pretty nervous for any passangers and especially the young or old. Any body have any other thoughts?
  13. Your wedding was sooo beautiful! I loved the gazebo! I can't believe they wanted to charge all of that for the speakers!! I have 19 guests for my wedding but I want to make sure everyone can hear us during our vows and for the reception I want it to be a fun time where people can hear the music so I'm not sure if I should just get a dj?? for all of that money we would be giving it to Dreams and I feel they are just adding fees on to everything!!! So I was just wondering what you girls think??
  14. I can't believe the upgrades are that much!! I called my TA and she told me not to worry that she personally knows the GM at Dreams and that she makes sure she calls down and talks with him and also has them put my wedding party down as VIP's. So if you have a TA I would call them and see what they can do for you to get you some upgrades for cheaper. She did say however, if she couldn't get everyone upgraded she had me give her a list of who is the most important. So just a thought.
  15. girls I have gone crazy on my OOT bags! I find little deals and just go crazy! One of the items I got was acutally from walgreens. It was a waterbottle filled with all kinds of little goodies. From spray on hand sanitizer to tissues some chapstick and all kinds of little things. I figured the bottle would be great to take for excursions and it came with a few other little surprises!
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