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  1. Barbo, You have to do one of the packages that will let you eat outside EVEN if you want to eat at one of the grills. We did the ocean scents and we were happy with this choice. I also did not want to be in an inside room. We did not do anything when we got home so we were ok with spend more money on are guest down in Mexico. I did post some pictures somewhere on this link. Happy planning. Let me know if you have more questions
  2. dearmaya and other brides, WELCOME DRINKS: We had welcome drinks the night before are wedding this is where we handed out welcome/gift bags that we did not have delivered. Our WC had us pay the bellboys $2 (bring EXTRA $1, we never seemed to have enough) to deliver them BUT they do not have a key so if they were not in the room the bag could not be delivered SO that is why we handed most out at the welcome drink. There are TWO bars in the front of the resort that work well for the welcome drink one is an open air place it has a few TVS with lots of chairs and little tables and the other one is closed in with AC (which was a bit cold at times) you do not need reservations at these two places and I am sure you could find out the names I am sure I have them at home since I still have the map. WELCOME DINNERS: We were going to have one BUT then we changed our mind because are guests wanted to take advantage of the tickets to check out the different restaurants. The other thing was that you cannot make a reservation for a large group the restaurants so your only choice is the buffet. The meeting for a drink worked best and it let are guest meet up but still do their own thing. DANCING: We had are dinner in one of the grills on the ocean it was 5 courses and by the time we ate had speeches and stuff there was not time for dancing. YOU can ask for a time extension which I am sure you have to pay for. WE just went to the CLUB and danced there (With lots of fog, they love the fog machine!
  3. TrishB12 We were in the outside grill and we did an ipod and even a CD. The sound system was good quality. I thought that worked best because by the time we had are 5 course meal there really was not much time to dance or enjoy a DJ. I had also heard from a bride before my wedding in Oct that they did do the DJ and it was not really what they wanted.... he did not do much. We did have the mariachi band come through and our guest really like this and we got some great pictures!
  4. TrishB12, YES you need to book the dinner on the beach in order to have your dinner in one of the outside grills. This is what we did and it was SO worth it. It was nice because we will still kind-of outside up not sitting on the sand! I am not sure about the pool thing it was not given to us as an option... I am not sure you would want this it pool stays busy for a while even after the sun goes down and many people in the pool have had a few drinks! We also did not purchased travel insurance. We thought about it BUT we decided we would go even if something came up. We did have a guest that was 7+ month pregnant and I know they got it...
  5. Trish I think you can do the under the stars I know another couple did what you are wanting to do when we were there with no problem! Enjoy!!!
  6. Carie Before getting to the resort for the wedding all that I had planned was our meal and the package and where the dinner would be held. I don't think I had anything else planned! When we got there and meet with WC for about 45 mins in this time we picked out the flowers, music, set-up of wedding chairs/table etc for the beach, bow colors, center pieces, back up location, if we need anything at the dinner like sound system, over projector and screen....finalized meal for adults and children (they were able to add extra courses) WE really left all of it for when we got their and I will have to say this was best for us we were not to concerned about all the extras we just wanted to get married and enjoy are time with our guest!!! I also think our WC appreciated our style because she was not dealing with a "crazy" bride. I even picked out my hair style from one of books in the salon on the day of the wedding. You have to remember that these WC do 100's of weddings and they are very organized when you get there. They had TON of books with pictures of everything. We had 50+ people with us and I can not think of ONE thing that went wrong that they could have changed! I WISH I COULD DO IT AGAIN IT WAS SO FUN!!!!! and all of are guest loved it!!!!!
  7. HI harv0136 We found a women who worked for Travel By Nelson. They have a website. The TA's Name is Sharon. She was the second TA we worked with. We really liked her and we had almost all of are guest book with her so... which was super nice because she kept track of everything and we were able to get a list of all the flight times and dates of our guest. She also made sure that we were all in the same part of the resort. We did almost everything over the phone or email. We only went into her office for our first visit which helped us both put a face to the actual person(s) we were working with. Hope this helps!
  8. We are from Mn and for most of our guests it was about $1100-$1300 per person for one week including: flight, transfer (the resort was about 45 min from the airport) and hotel/All inclusive. IT TOTALLY Depends what time of the year you go..... We went in October which is considered the off season because of the possibility of rain SO I am sure it was cheaper when we went. It was also nice because it was not full so we were able to get into the restaurants we wanted without a problem. Have you asked around about a travel agent? That is how we found ares BUT we did have to switch after the first one we found was not getting what we wanted! Don't be afraid to shop around!
  9. We had that menu also sent to us. You can mix and match we had The Sea scallops salad with lime vinaigrette Cream of asparagus sauce Lemon sherbet with vodka Surf & Turf (Beef tenderloin with lobster tail) Crème brûlée Coffee, petit fours (this was the chocolate covered strawberries) I am in the food business so I knew what most of there were BUT some I had to look up. What items were you wondering about? EVERYTHING we had WAS GREAT and it was way more food then we thought! Let me know how I can help!
  10. We were married on Oct 17 2008 and started getting dark around 615ish... Our wedding was at 5 and it was perfect! Enjoy your wedding we wish everyday that we could be back there!!!!!
  11. We did and it was CLEAN and EASY. My Husband did have some bruising BUT he has had problems in the past with giving blood. Over all WAY easier then I thought!
  12. We did the welcome drink thing. we were going to do a welcome dinner BUT the only place you can make a reservation for a large-ish group (we had 50+) is at the buffets. And you have to do it early. If you have a smaller group like 10-15 I think you could have a welcome dinner at one of the other places (with reservations). We got there on a Saturday and had our wedding on Friday. We did not really have to be there until Monday (for the 4days to count so it could be legal) BUT we thought since we did not have to take more days off work why not go early! In total we were there for 11 days!!! It was GREAT! Wish we could go back!
  13. Carie, we were legally married there and it was easy for the most part. When we arrived we had a letter at the desk about the appointment with WC (Gabriella) and a appointment with the DR for the blood work/paper work. When we went to see the DR. we both had to pay and give blood. The Dr needed our passports (they made a copy of them) then Gabriella need both our passports and tourist card. She also needed this from the 4 people we were having as are whitenesses. The all needed to be done 4 days before the wedding. It was very EASY! We did not need our birth certificates... you only need this if you have been married before. But if you are both getting married for the first time you should only need what we needed the tourist card and your passport. They do NOT have to be translated. Everyone speaks English. My husband does speak Spanish BUT This is not a must and I who speaks a little Spanish was just fine. Keep asking questions!
  14. Lets see if this works........ If it does I will add more later saraamartinez - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting[img ]http://s361.photobucket.com/albums/oo59/saraamartinez/[/img]
  15. Hi, We were all about enjoying are trip, family and friends and getting married... chairs and center pieces we low on our list. I know they had more then three colors for the bows. We had an off white/cream. All the resorts have the same WC they all share a office right next to the gym and spa. I am sure you have all the same options. There is NO EXTRA fee for the chair covers and bows (for both on the beach and the dinner) I tried to upload picture BUT I keep getting this "Upload of file failed." WHAT they heck?? any pointers? I am going to keep working on it!
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