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  1. Beautiful dress...do you have any other pictures? As well do you think that the dress could be made strapless? Thank You Laura
  2. Barefoot Jewellery ..... or also knows as bondgirl0072010 on the forum
  3. Barefoot Jewellery .... I have an AMAZING Referral for you... Red-i by Chelsea ... she can be found on this forum, her website or facebook Red-I by Chelsea
  4. Thank You! I just love them too! Le Chateau - approximately $129
  5. Love my Destination Wedding Footwear | Moon Palace 29 | January | 2009
  6. Hola ~ I noticed that I have been receiving some lovely Welcomes to the Forum Thanks so much ~ Joe & I truly appreciate it. We were married January 29, 2009 ~ The most magical day of our lives! Moon Palace is a dream come true ~ our guests still speak of our Wedding Day & time away with them. We have since been back with our MOH & BM to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary ... and have since become Members & are visiting again next year to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary! MP has become family & our 2nd home Wishing each of you All The Best! Laura & Joseph
  7. Hola Moon Palace Brides! Terrific review! My Husband & I were married at Moon Palace January 29, 2009 with 30+ guests joining us. This was the most magical experience ~ the resort made us shine We are heading back with a crew to celebrate our 1st Year Married!! Depart in 2 weeks ~ you will love it so much; you'll end up returning every year! I would recommend MP to the most discerning Bride. Wishing each of you All the Best! Laura Hale-Grifa
  8. Hello MP Brides & Grooms Please find below the link for Our Wedding Day January 29, 2009 ~ Moon Palace ~ Mexico MP was truly amazing . . . Our Weddding Day & Vacation was a dream come true! Professional Photo Link Laura & Joe Hiring a professional photographer is worth it! We had 2 photographers for 2 nights & 3 days . . . we have lots of picture perfect photos to remember every moment & can now reflect on the trip! As well, seeing as we had photography 'built' into our package pricing - I had the MP Photographer join us at our Welcome Dinner - great idea & fantastic photos! Please also see the photobucket link below - it details attire and such. Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket MP is stunning . . . our guests & us enjoyed every minute . . there are already 10 of us returning to celebrate 1 Year!! Wishing you All The Best xo Laura a.k.a Mrs. Grifa
  9. Hello Ladies Our first dance song was . . . Sea of Love by Robert Plant & Jimmy Page (The Honey Drippers) YouTube - Robert Plant & Jimmy Page-Sea Of Love Bride Entrance to Chapel Gazebo * Israel Kamakawiwo Ole' - Somewhere Over The Rainbow Lyrics It was so fitting & beautiful - the most magical day of our lives. Best of Luck Laura
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by liz1717 Is anyone here doing "assigned" seats for a private dinner? We are going to have one long table for guests and I'm wondering if I should bother making some sort of seating chart, or just let people figure it out based on the place markers/favors at each seat. For 22 guests, is it really worth worrying about? Doe anyone have a template, or a suggestion of where I could find one? Thanks! Hi Liz, We had 28 guests - we did do placecards. I purchased Starfish Photo Frames from Wedding Star and had each guest named printed with a palm leaf in the background (in my wedding colours). This was a great seating guide and favour - all of our guest loved the idea & they looked fabulous. Funny enough, when I visit my guests in their homes - they all have their frames displayed with their names! MP was amazing . . . Our Wedding was Truly Magical So happy to be Mrs. Grifa aka Laura Hale
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by drtracy FYI ~ My aunt collected a bunch of sand from MP to take home for a planter. She had no problems taking it through customs. So sorry that you are freaking out. There are several awesome locations and hotels for weddings. MP is definitely one of them and you will have wonderful day. Another BDW bride taught me about inspiration boards, if you need to print and cut out pictures of MP from here or other sites. Put them on a nice board so that you can be continually reminded of what a beautiful place it is and how wonderful your wedding will be. The rates are a bit higher then some other places, but those places aren't necessarily for 5-star hotels with the same amenities. It is totally worth it! I don't think there is such a thing as a generic bride! Please do not worry - the MP is stunning - a dream come true. Our Wedding was truly magical . . . our group is already booked for next year to celebrate our anniversary. Happy MP Bride Laura
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Eureaka Thank you for posting this!!! I kept asking my WC in Miami for a map with the Grand included. I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't send one! This is such a help since I officially decided to switch our block of rooms to the Grand side. I couldn't make up my mind, and while I was trying on my dress I talked to another MOTB and she has a timeshare there and recommended it. I took that as a sign and e-mailed Marlyn. Hopefully I made a good choice! They said that if you need to travel, you can always request a golf cart... Here's hoping! Hola, FYI Brides They really do not make a habit of promoting the Grand Side - as it is usually time share based and is not yet completed. Please note that just because you reserve a block on a particular side of the resort, does not mean that is is guaranteed. MP is amazing and the weddings department is the best - no matter what happens you are sure to be pleased! Best of Luck
  13. I think the last one is it! It looks very flattering on you - with a soft veil and compliments flowers & accessories - this is the look. Best of luck deciding.
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