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  1. Hello ladies... Yes the dress is still available. I had 2 brides come try it on but it was too small on them.
  2. OMG I just found this post... lol I still have my breakdown so I will type it all out for you girls and post it so that you can all stop asking. HAHAHAH.... (no offense) I will also post what to negotiate with the coordinators. I also have Tiffany starfish necklaces and bracelets for sale if anyone is interested please PM me. Ill post photos on here as well. Happy Planning to all of you beautiful brides.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Crista-Lee~ How many of both the necklaces and cuff links do you have left Hi Crista.. How many did u need? PM me pls.
  4. Ok ladies I finally took a photo of everything you'll get as far as packaging with necklaces and cufflinks. Happy Planning-
  5. This is so weird.. its telling me I have three pages to view but I can only view two. Can someone tell me if I have pending pages like a #3
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by bridej9 I just got my necklaces and LOVE them! They will make a great gift! I'm keeping one for myself too! And my groom really liked the cuff links - THANKS! Your very welcome love...
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by ashleed CANCUNBRIDE...I tried to send you a PM but your box is full. I would like cufflinks and one necklace if they are still avaliable. ASHLEED.... I just PMd you back. I do have some left still. Do you want me to paypal you?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by ckarraker Does anyone have any manzanita trees for sale or have made some for your reception? I had them for my reception and customs is very strict on passing those. I would look into that. I had to buy them in Mexico
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by roo66 ive loved your dress since you first posted pictures.i knew it wouldnt fit me but i hope you have luck selling it.now if id stuck to my diet it may well of fitted, my loss someone elses gown. hang in there...
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by roo66 Hi what size is your dress? My measurements are... 34-35 26-27 32-34
  11. After holding on to my hairpiece for almost 8 months I have decided to part with it and offer it to a lucky bride. It was the perfect hairpiece for my dress and I will miss it dearly. lol Purchased for $300.00, I am willing to sell it for $100.00. It is in perfect condition and would go great with any modern bride... Here are two pictures of it.. BTW, I am also selling my dress again.. asking price is $1350.00. It is an original Pronovias in Off White. Please only serious buyers! I have had 4 bride cancel on me last minute of purchase.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by amygirl1169 Sent you a pm on the cufflinks. HI Amy... I didnt get your PM love. Everyone else who paid me for the links and necklaces, I shipped out today in the AM. Hope you all enjoy them. I still have more available and I do ship to Canada!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by brownsugarflyygirl I am interested in the cuff links and the necklaces. Can you send me a picture as well?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by SuzyQ76 How many of the starfish necklaces do you have? I love them, but would need at least 4, but 5 would be optimal ) I have ur request.. please PM me with destination for shipping costs.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by crsperanza Is it possible to get pictures of the cufflinks and necklaces? Check my review please... There the ones on my bridesmaids
  16. I still have a few Tiffany Sterling Silver Starfish necklaces and cufflinks from my wedding which were left over. Fully boxed with cleaning instructions and pouches... If you are interested please let me know. I have sold a few to several brides who have been 100% satisfied. Please PM me. They are selling for $15.00 each.
  17. Just wanting to bump this up... Still have a few necklaces available.
  18. I have starfish necklaces and cufflinks if you are interested for sale
  19. Sorry girls I just noticed i hit the 5 instead of the 3 on my keyboard. Im selling the dress for $1300.00
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by shell19 how much are you selling it for? Selling the dress for $1500.00 and I'm including the hairpiece as well. Its in MINT condition.
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by meldal101010 Hi...i'm new to this forum and i tried sending you a private message asking for the pricing budget....i'm not sure if it worked...lol anyhow, if anyone that recieved the pricing could send it to my email at melbc80@hotmail.com that would be awesome. This is all so confusing....also this may be a silly question but what does TTD stand for?? Thanks everyone!!!! Hi Mel, I just PMd you, I was unable to communicate with anyone on this site. I guess BDW was hit with a virus and they couldnt assist me with my log in so I was unable to come and chat, anyhow, TDD= trash your dress.
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkie Thanks for your review. I appreciate all the pics especially of your reception. I am also planning a similar set up on Carribean beach reception/cocktail hour. Is that where you had yours? I did give up on getting an outside photographer because we wanted a few other things like a lounge set and live music for the ceremony (FI's request not mine). Plus, Cecilia is charging $100 fee for outside photographers and videographers. Thats great, I did do mine at the beach.. I was also going for the lounge furniture but Im glad I didnt just because the DJ literally had all my guests dancing all night, nobody ever sat down until the end so Im glad I didnt spend that extra money on lounge furniture. If you are having something intimate I really dont recommend spending all that money on it... good luck
  23. Quote: Originally Posted by mrsgtobe Hi, if you have any of the starfish necklaces left I'd love to have one! Please PM me if you do. Thanks! I do... I just PMd you..
  24. Quote: Originally Posted by kckimber1982 Do you have a price in mind and a picture? Thanks PMd you... I also think I have ribbon
  25. Quote: Originally Posted by Dalila Syl your pictures are amazing!! You were such a beautiful bride! Everything looked flawless! I'm getting married at Dreams on October 3rd and I can hardly wait. Seeing your pictures just made it more exciting! Would you mind sending me your budget as well so I can see what they are charging me vs what you negotiated so that I can maybe try to get some of my prices negotiated. I'm definitely going to tip Claudia My e-mail address is dalila126@aol.com Also, do you have a link to your pictures on the some kind of website. I'd like to see all of them to get ideas and send my photographer some must take photos! I've taken two from your TTD. They are just amazing!! Dalilia, email me at silmaym at yahoo dot come tomorrow. Im brining the breakdown with me to work and I can reply with exact numbers
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