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    What great/life changing thing do you do?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Monique Mrs. Broon, of course it counts as life changing...Giving is the key to life. I had an epiphany five years ago that I wanted my life to have more meaning outside from what materialsitic items I had acquired. So I started volunteering at the local soup kitchen every Sunday for 3 hours helping to feed the homeless and less fortunate. It is so fulfilling! Thanks Monique, I get so much pleasure from working with my clients. A lot of society really look down there noses at them, but some of them are really nice people who have just travelled down the wrong path in life. I like to think I am able to get them back on track.
  2. MrsBroon

    What great/life changing thing do you do?

    Hello, you all do pretty amazing things. I am a Nurse Specialist and work with people addicted to heroin and other substances, and also people who have alcohol problems. I've had some good results so far. Does this count as lifechanging??
  3. MrsBroon

    gran bahia principe - tullum

    Hi, I am getting married on the 20th October at the same place as you. It's looking like a BDW mass wedding !! Hope your planning is going Ok! Best wishes.
  4. MrsBroon

    gran bahia principe - tullum

    Quote: Originally Posted by lynne healey Hi there, im a newbie to all of this, getting married on 21st oct 2008 at gran bahia principe = tullum, been told today of the time today that we get married 2pm, any hints and tips from anyone lynne Teeside, england Hi Lynne I'm getting married at the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum too!! On the 20th October 08 at 2pm!! My name is Lynn too and I live in County Durham not far from you!! How odd is that?? Hope you have a great time. I have found the wedding co-ordinator (Alana Mendez) very helpful and she always answers my e-mails. She has been more help than the travel company! Good luck!
  5. MrsBroon

    Mexico Bride to be

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hartyt509 I don't live far away from you lol We live in Annfield Plain in North Durham. Whereabouts are you?
  6. Hi please add me to roll call. We are getting married at Gran Bahia Principe Coba on 20 October 2008! 6 months to go!
  7. MrsBroon

    What's your first dance song?

    Our first dance will be to 'One Shining Moment' by Diana Ross. The words are so beautiful, and Don (my fiance) loves Diana! This song is very special to us as the words could have been written just for us! Awwwww!
  8. MrsBroon

    October 08 Brides - What's Left to Do

    I am getting married on Oct 20! We still haven't found a caterer for our return party! Keep thinking there is plenty of time but in fact there isn't. That is on my 'to do' list for this week!
  9. Hi there, we are going away to Mexico to get married, just the two of us! We want it to be special and intimate to us. We thought long and hard about having a wedding here at home, but decided that marriage is just about us and how we feel about each other so decided to go it alone. we are having a party when we get back for our family and friends to celebrate with us. Don't feel guilty at all about doing it this way.
  10. MrsBroon


    Hello and welcome to the forum, I am a newbie too, it seems to be a lovely friendly place here. Congratulations on your wedding. I am also making our invitations, i love doing crafty things! Look forward to chatting to you x
  11. MrsBroon

    Mexico Bride to be

    Hi roo66! Thanks for the lovely welcome. Just the two of us are going away. We are second time arounders, and have five kids between us and seven grandkids! We have lived together for ten years and want our wedding to be just about us! we are having a nice party when we get back so that our family and friends can celebrate with us! Yes I have bought my dress, I love it, it is more like a cocktail dress in champagne colour with lots of beading etc. It was an absolute bargain at £99!
  12. MrsBroon

    Mexico Bride to be

    Hello everyone, I've just been activated! I live near Durham in England. I am getting married in Riviera Maya, Mexico on 20 October 2008. Only six months to go! Getting very excited! Look forward to chatting with you all.