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    Private Menu Options @ Riu Palace

    Quote: Originally Posted by mushkilla Thanks for your advice! How long were you allowed to occupy the restaurant terrace for dancing etc?? We do not want to pay for an open bar either - if tipped well, do the waiters take care of you? What time did you have dinner at Mandie?? The terrace is so beautiful that I can't imagine having it at the Steakhouse just for the food!! I won't remember the food 10 years from now, but I can look back at the beautiful photos Thanks again!!! My wedding ceremony was at 6:00 pm and my guests began making their way over to the restaurant at about 6:30. We finally were told "one more song" shortly after 11:00 pm. and were out by 11:30 p.m. Dinner was served around 7:00 pm. My guests and I drank the beer, wine, and champaigne that was served during the reception dinner. We must have went through 20 bottles of champaigne- the waitstaff were filling our glasses constantly! They definitely took care of us. One of the waiters even showed off his incredible break dancing skills on the dance floor. It was all around great. Daniela did warn us in a few emails that the dance floor would only be big enough for our first dance. I think she was trying to discourage us from using it as a dance floor for the entire night because we chose the semi private event. There were 30 of us and at about 15 of us were dancing on the dance floor at one time without a problem. If you have any other questions about it or would like to see any pics, PM me and I would be glad to help out. I went into not really knowing what to expect myself!
  2. mandie308

    Private Menu Options @ Riu Palace

    I had my reception at the Mexican Rest. on the terrace. The view was beautiful and can't be beat! It made for some nice photos with the ocean as a backdrop. We did not pay for a private reception, and we were happy with our decision. The food was fine. I did not hear anyone complain about the food. Some of the choices were fajitas, beef tenderloin, burittos, chicken...etc. There was an appetizer and salad bar. Everything in my opinion was pretty good and we even ate at this same rest. 2 more times after the wedding. As for the "semi-private," we had 30 guests on the terrace and took up most of the space on the terrace. There were maybe 2 or 3 other tables set up on the terrace, but they were all the way on the other side and we did not even notice them. There was an area set up for dancing. There was room for our guests to dance and we did! I hope this helps out on your decisions! I honestly do not even know if they will use food from one restaurant at another location.
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    Receptions at the RIU??

    I have a question... We chose the Mexican Terrace for our wedding reception. We have 30 guests total and we are just going with the semi-private. Our WC, Daniela just emailed me that we would only have a small area for dancing and that it would only be allowed for our first dance and NOT for guest dancing. I really want my guests to be able to dance if they want to! We are having the late 8:15 dinner. Does anyone know anything about this? Can we get away with a little dancing on the terrace without paying the $500 site fee? I thought I remember reading someone's thread who did the semi private Mexican terrace and had dancing... hmmm... maybe I am just losing it!
  4. mandie308

    Private Menu Options @ Riu Palace

    Hi! I am getting married there on June 26th. I attached the private menu options that the wedding coordinator sent to me. I hope this helps! Mandie Speciality_Restaurantes_Menu[1].doc
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    Hello, hello, hello!!!

    Hi Sarah! I am getting married the day before you at the Riu Palace in Cabo! I am sure we'll see you down there! How's the planning going? Have you decided on your ceremony location and dinner? Mandie
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    Riu Palace Cabo Bride to be

    Hello everyone! I am getting married at the Riu Palace in Cabo on June 26, 2008! Our big day is approaching so fast and I am beginning to feel the stress! Any suggestions from any recent Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas brides would be greatly appreciated! Has anyone use Cyrille from Mango Productions as their photographer? I would love to see some pics.