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    Mount Rundle - Banff, Alberta (PIC HEAVY)

    amazing pics thanx for sharing!
  2. I just got an email from claudia DJ Includes: Full equipment for reception, speakers, microphones, lot of music, lights, balloons for party, find some examples of the play lists he has So I have decided that Im going with the dj!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Hartyt509 Do you know which photographer it is please? I just got an email from claudia she said the photographer is Juan Navarro and his web page is www.juanphotos.com. He seems pretty good!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by PaulaV You many want to find and read SusanK's review, I think she used one of the DJ's that does business with Dreams. I cannot remember the other person that used them. I had the sound system for the ceremony which includes the sound guy. I gave him a CD with the songs to play and what they were for, BM & GMs, Bride, etc. Thanks! Im gonna search for her review now!
  5. Just to let you 2009 brides, I emailed claudia about using carlos and she sent me back Dreams new policy "no outside vendors". So I might go with dreams dj, even the price is a bit crazy. Do you girls know anything about the dj and what he offers? Im still waiting to hear back from claudia.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by SIMBASIM Goodness...I would think that would include everything seeing as it is already priced rather high! Yeah I guess that makes sense, but you never know! Do you know what the dj services include? Im hoping he at least does lighting or dry ice or something for that price!
  7. Great pics you you look awesome!! I didnt even know what a BD was but now after seeing yours I think I might do one too!
  8. The dj prices are pretty high. I was wondering if you get the dj do you still have to pay for the sound system aswell? Cause if the dj price includes the equipment then I dont mind using him. I know most dj's bring their own equipment, but this wasnt specified in the price list.
  9. Thank you for the reassurance, and advice. I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed that everything turns out great!
  10. This might be a silly question but what is a BD book? Im still figuring out the lingo around here
  11. So were planning a wedding at Dreams Cancun, April 10 2009, and I have been reading about alot about you girls using outside vendors such as dj's and photogs. Anyways I emailed Claudia about using an outside dj and she sent me this as an attachment. External Suppliers Policies As per Dreams Cancun polices we do not allow any external supplier to perform on private event functions in areas such as entertainment, music, decoration, lighting, audiovisual, photos, video, flowers, etc. We make it our responsibility to protect our establishment's name and stellar reputation, thus prefer to avoid possible negative incidents that could damage both yours and our company name. Please allow us the opportunity to manage this event for you. Im just wondering if anyone else got something like this Im really confused and a bit upset considering I was ready to book the dj and Claudia Rodriguez for the photography! It just seems really weird.
  12. wow thats an amazing deal!! OK so I guess my whole ipod idea is going out the window! I love this site!!
  13. Katerina

    Dreams Cancun Bride to be!!

    Thanx u guys are great! I love this place, soooo much great info!!
  14. Im not sure about a DJ yet. Im thinking about just using my ipod or making a ton of cd's and having one of our friends being the mc. The djs just seem so overpriced for something we can do ourselves!
  15. Katerina

    Dreams Cancun Bride to be!!

    Hey girls! So i finally have a wedding date!! Getting married april 10 2009. Soooo excited to be getting married and happy to have found this site!