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  1. hi there Not sure I follow. What is a symbolic wedding Is it real Or do you get married at home, sign papers and date it the day you are planning to have the ceromony in the DR Hope that makes sense for a reply??
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    New to the site!

    congrats on the engagement and I'm sure you will find a place based on the info gathered from this site, the info here is great
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    Hello! Planning wedding in Mayan Rivieria

    welcome, you definitly came to the right site to get wedding info. Lots of great info on this site
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    welcome Kim:)
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    Hi my name is Jaclyn , and I just joined up. I'm planning on getting married the first or second week of Jan/09. We are thinking of getting married at the EdenH or Majestic, not sure yet. I've been reading through comments and been finding it very helpful