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  1. Hi- I actually did a site visit before booking EDR and Rafaela was the on-site WC who took us around. I asked her how many weddings are done a day there and she said the max was 3. The place is really large so I don't think you would really run into another wedding.
  2. Hi Guys- Has any done the sunset cruise at Maroma Beach? We did a site visit a few weeks ago before booking EDR (we looked at Azul, ED Maroma, and EDR) and the on-site wedding coordinator told us that we could do this as our wedding reception. Has anyone looked into doing this or been on the cruise? It consist of having cocktails on a catamaran and then having a lobster/steak dinner on the beach. I am concerned with how the food will taste. It is not catered by EDR but rather by the Marina itself. Anyone eaten there? Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone- We are hoping to get married Jan 2009 at either Dreams Tulum or Azul Beach Hotel. Any suggestions or help would be great! We got overwhelmed with trying to plan a local wedding and want to keep it simple. This site seems to have tons of great info! Overwhelmed
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