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  1. My sister had a cymbolic ceremony, they got married here a few months before we went down. They had the reception at the italian resturant. When we were there the resort was only at about half capacity, so they only had 2 resturants a night open. This resturant is set up very well for the reception because they put a long table at the front of the resturant, so it is a bit private. Saying that, people were tinging the glasses to have them kiss quite a bit. The food was ok, it was not my favourite resturant, but it was there favourite. My sister and her husband ate her 3 times that week. They do have an outside patio as well that you may be able to reserve. Originally they planned the wedding for 4:30 but when we got there we realised it is way to hot at 4:30 to be standing in formally attire, so they pushed it back until 5. Also with an early wedding it is hard not to squint for the pictures because the sun is literally right on top of you. As for the upgraded room, we all purchased the VIP/Concierge packages. It was worth it for them because my sister did not care for the domincian rum and drank Malibu all week. Which she would not have been able to do otherwise. But the resort was not really full enough to need the VIP pools and all that stuff. The jacuzzi on the balcony was nice, but to be honest we only used it twice. The night of my sisters wedding the guy from the VIP lounge went into my sisters room while we were at the reception and laid flowers all over the room, he spread them on the bed and laid a path of flowers to the outside jacuzzi tub, had the tub full with flowers in it. And left two bottles of champaign and glasses. It was really nice of them to do this because they were not expecting it. And the upgraded rooms are a bit bigger for getting ready in. As for the salon, they do a fantastic job, but the hairdressers do not speak english, only the salon manager does. So if you want a certain hair style make sure you take a picture down with you. They do have books available at the salon, but a few of the styles are outdated. Overall the resort was great, we loved it. Do not believe what you read on trip advisor. Just go and have a wonderful time. We also found if there was a problem they were quick to fix it because you were with the wedding group. In total my sister had 13 guests.
  2. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I have uploaded the pics of the wedding. They are just the pics friends and family took, but the pics that the photographer took are a million times better. kimrobidoux's photos and albums on webshots Enjoy. Let me know if you have any other questions and I will try and answer them
  3. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to send you all a quick responce and let you know that I arrived back from the Edenh real arena resort the other day and attended my sisters wedding there. The whole experience was just awesome. I can not say enough about the WC they have hired. She is just amazing and once you meet her you will forgive her about not replying as quickly as you would like. I know my sister did. She is very busy because she pays attention to every little detail and ensures a fantastic day for her brides. The wedding was beautiful, they had the wedding on the beach and the nice thing about this resort is the wedding spot is down the beach a little so it is not where everyone is sun bathing. So although you do get people coming and watching the ceremony it is not everyone being noisy and drunk. The photographer is amazing, he takes great photos (but he does not speak alot of english), so if you want specific poses, make sure to have copies of these and show the WC at your meeting because he is likely to not understand, however, he does great posing himself and the photos turned out to be more then my sister could ask for. The hair salon is good on site, 3 of us got our hair done there. A little pricey it was $80.00 for each, and the bride got her hair and nails done and it was $140. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I am going to try and post my pics of tripadvisor later today. Aloha
  4. Hi Nicoled, My sister is actually having a symbolic ceremony at the Edenh is less then two weeks. She had a hard time understanding why they need a judge as well. But was explained that they still need someone to officate the ceremony regardless of the legal component. So you will still have someone to officate the ceremony based on who is available. Her confusion now is that she is trying to tie up lose ends ie. flowers requested, meal arrangements, first dance, and photos. And she is just being told not to sweat it and they will have a meeting when they arrive at the resort. My husband and I did a destination wedding 4 years ago and when we did they tried to upsell everything they could. So I think that's why you do not make all the choices before you get down there. Because it leaves them open to sell you what they can, more pictures, better flowers, private reception, ect
  5. Hey Ladies, I leave for Edenh in a little over two weeks and am the maid of honor for my sisters wedding. She is being married on May 13 th. So I will let you all know how it goes and post some pictures upon my return.
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    Hi Everyone, This is such a great site to get info from. My name is Kim and I am the sister and maid of honour of a bride to be. My sister is getting married in Punta Cana on May 13 th, so I came accross this site while trying to gather information on the resort she choose. She is getting married at the Edenh real arena resort.
  7. Thank you so much for all the information on the Edenh Real Arena. My Sister is getting married there on May 13 th so I am trying to get some info for her. I have spoken to Ruth on two seperate occassions but she seems to want to email all the answers to my questions, and because she is so busy her reply times are lengthy.