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    Originally Posted by sherberry22 View Post
    Hi guys, does Mariana still work as a wedding coordinator at Dreams? Aside from Yessica, is there any other wedding coordinator you guys heard of or know that works for dreams? I have Yessica as my wedding coordinator now and she is very slow in responding messages and emails...I guess my wedding is not till May of next year, but im starting to get worried cuz I just read old threads about dreams and one of them said that Yessica can be a little bit disorganized compared to Mariana...but i guess if Mariana doesn't work there anymore or does she...then I have no choice. Also, is it possible to change wedding coordinators? what do you guys think. thanks
    My WC is Yarai and she's really good. She responds to all my emails within 1 or 2 days even though my wedding is next summer. I've heard that Yesica is a bit slower, but once your wedding date draws near, she responds a LOT faster... Hope that helps :)

  2. Hmm, well if you're in love with Riu palace and you think that it'll be more appropriate for you and your guests then I say go for it and check to see if you can book your date with them. But, (correct me if I'm wrong Riu brides) I think there's a RIU requirement that 80% of the guests invited will have to stay at Riu palace if you have your wedding there.. I knew that I would probably have a few guests staying in their timeshares in cabo, so Riu wasn't an option for me...

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    Originally Posted by Cabo Dreaming View Post
    I was able to get the day pass fee waived. I assured her that my guests were only coming for the wedding ceremony and reception and she said if they are there by 5:30, she would only charge the $56 surcharge!
    Wow that's an awesome deal! I hope Yarai will do the same for me!

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    Originally Posted by Cabo Dreaming View Post
    I spoke with Yesica and I had the same questions. She said the $89 is for a day pass but you also have to pay the $56 per person (it's $28 per person for me).

    Hope this helps.
    Really? Now I'm confused, because I've seen lots of brides post in this forum that their WC told them it was just $89 not $89 plus the reception/ceremony fee..

  5. There's a really great website that shows the weather history for most cities in mexico. You can see how many times it rained/stormed in July during the last few years (to see a trend so you'll know what to expect for your wedding year)... From what I've seen, in Cabo July is pretty dry and so is the first half of August...


    Here's the site: Welcome to The Weather Underground : Weather Underground (click on history and type in the city that you want the weather history for)

  6. I want to have my ceremony and reception at Dreams, but I think the room rates for my guests are pretty expensive compared to the other all inclusives I've had quotes from.


    I'm wondering if it's possible to have everyone stay at a cheaper hotel (eg. El Presidente, where it's almost half the price) but then still have the ceremony/reception at Dreams? Will Dreams let me have my wedding there, even if no one from my party is staying there? Has anyone done this before?

  7. Hi my name is Hayley. My fiance Nick and I are planning our wedding for early August, 2009 in Mexico (hoping there won't be a hurricane!). We're not sure where we're having it yet, but I definitely am leaning towards Dreams los cabos :)

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