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    Originally Posted by soontobeMrs.L View Post
    Hi Girls,

    Few questions for previous DREAMS Cabo brides;

    *I have head mixed reviews of Suzanne Morel, any suggestions?
    *We have been told that our wedding will have to end at 10:30pm (oceana terrace) did anyone proceed to the "club" after? What is the nightclub like at Dreams?
    *I am not sure about a cake yet, I have been told that it will melt and cakes aren't that popular. Any suggestions?
    *Has anyone used Gilda for their photographer?

    Thank you for all your help!
    I'm using Suzanne Morel and based on my hair and makeup trial, I thought the hair trial was really well done but I honestly felt the makeup used on me was really dark (dark eyes, dark lips) and was a bit too much for me. However, many girls have had great results with both hair and makeup with her.

    When I went on my site visit in December, the club looked more like a bar (but it was still being worked on when I was there). However, since the music has to be off so early, it's a convenient place to continue the party since the club closes at 1am I believe.

    I'm not sure about a cake either, but I'll probably just use the cake that is included with the Dreams wedding package.

    I wanted to use Gilda as my photographer but she was booked for my day. I liked her pictures and have been told she's very good

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    Originally Posted by *Heather* View Post
    80% sounds like a lot! The most I've seen with any of my vendors so far is 50%. See if you can negotiate with them to give 50% instead of 80%?

    On another note, do you happen to have the 2009 price list for Del Cabo Event Design? I can only find the 2008 price list and I want to make sure prices haven't jumped a lot before I contact them. If you have it, can you email it to me?
    Del Cabo sent me their 2008 prices, so I'm guessing they haven't changed for 2009 as my prices are based on that list. If you need the 2008 list let me know!

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    Originally Posted by jojoboone1109 View Post
    Have you talked with your hotel about the decor they have to offer there? I'm doing a very simple wedding at The Riu. They are giving me flowers for the gazebo and some chair ties for the wedding. I did add some arrangements for the reception. They are probably asking for deposit in case you decide to cancel but I'm sure you wil make the right decision and your wedding will be great! You will be getting married at Dreams the weekend before me, are you guys staying any longer after your wedding. We arrive on the 12th of August and leave the 20th!
    Yeah, we're planning to arrive on the 5th of August and leave on the 15th! I probably won't have time to actually have a vacation until after the wedding anyway :)

  4. I'm thinking of using Del Cabo Event Design to rent some decor items for the wedding, but they're asking for 80% of the bill to be paid for now, 6 months before the wedding. I'm not sure if I feel comfortable shelling out thousands of dollars to a company this far in advance... Is this the norm for most wedding vendors in los cabos? Am I being too picky for not wanting to pay so much so far ahead? Did anyone else have to do this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  5. I was deciding between Dreams and Presidente too. The wedding coordinator (Jesus) at Presidente was really nice and responded to my questions quickly. He sent pics of cocktail setups and they looked really nice. However, I decided on Dreams because I fell in love with their gazebo and the resort itself when I went for a site visit. The presidente gazebo is cute, but I didn't love the grounds of the hotel.. Both hotels seemed to provide good service, but I felt that Dreams resort was better suited for weddings, since they seem to have one almost every day. I also think wedding photos would have a better background scenery at Dreams than at Presidente but that's just me.. :) Good luck!

  6. I want to have my hair done by Suzanne Morel but I would like to do my makeup myself, however, Suzanne has told me that she will not come to my hotel to just do one service and that I would have to come to her salon (my bridesmaids are all doing their own hair and makeup so it would just be me getting my hair done..).


    I'm a bit disappointed as I didn't want to have to go to the salon on my wedding day and it sounded like a lot of you had just your hair done by her in your hotel room.. Has this two service minimum always been in effect or am I the first to be told this?

  7. From what I remember from the site visit, the only difference between the junior suite and the honeymoon one, was that the honeymoon suite had a dining table and kitchenette area and a slightly better terrace view, in addition to the lounge area and canopy bed which the junior suite provides

  8. I'm getting married at Dreams this summer and I'm only using the hotel WC, Yarai. She responds really quickly to my emails, and she was really sweet when my fiance and I met her during our site visit. At first I was thinking of hiring a separate WC in addition to the Dreams WC, but so far I haven't needed to.

  9. Quote:
    Originally Posted by boston_012 View Post
    So if you bring a cd... how does that work? Does the hotel (Dreams) just whip out a boombox?
    I believe you need to rent the Dreams stereo system ($200 for the night) and they set it up for you. I'm not sure if Dreams staff actually play the music for you or if you have to find a wedding guest to be charge of it though..

  10. Hey everyone,

    I'm getting married at Dreams Los Cabos, and one of the couples who is coming to the wedding is having their honeymoon at Dreams. I want to make sure they can get the complimentary dreams honeymoon package (see below), but Yarai (dreams wedding coordinator) says that they have to book a honeymoon suite to get the package.. It doesn't say anything about having to book the honeymoon suite on the Dreams website..


    Has anyone had this honeymoon package without booking the honeymoon suite?




    This complimentary package includes:


    Welcome letter

    Plate of tropical fruit

    One bottle of champagne

    Champagne breakfast in bed (Reservations must be made in advance with guest service)

    Special turn down service

    Note: Please request your honeymoon or anniversary package at time of booking. You will be required to present a copy of your wedding invitation or marriage certificate at time of check in.

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