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  1. Just to clarify:


    - I paid for extra bubble wrap to ensure that the flowers did not get damaged upon shipment (which is why they were in different packaging)

    -The flowers bouquets were arranged in such a rush (clearly Crystal did these last minute), that the pins to hold the ribbon together were poking out. I put scotch tape over the pins so that Crystal would not poke her fingers when she handled the bouquets

    - I also provided photos of all the flowers in the package to Crystal, so that Crystal was aware of their condition before I sent them back to her, so if they are filthy (not sure how they possibly could be) this is certainly not by my doing.




    Originally Posted by bittersweet View Post
    I just wanted to post an update here since the OP hasn't. She did get a full refund and I did cover the cost of her real flowers. However, when I opened the box of flowers she sent back, the flowers were used. They were filthy, in all different packaging and the handles had scotch tape wrapped around them?!


    This is very upsetting and frustrating since such a big deal was made here and the entire time I insisted on receiving the flowers back first before issuing a refund. This is why. It really sucks that UPS screwed up, but I went above and beyond by paying for real flowers. It also really sucks that I've had an overwhelming number of cancellations due to this post..but at the same time an overwhelming number of bookings.


    From now on, there are no more refunding of deposits as it originally states in the contract anyway. And once the packages are in the hands of the shipping company, it is out of our control. Please if you would like to order flowers, read the contract first. The link is posted on the first page of the floramatique gallery.


    I wish you all the best of happiness and health in your upcoming weddings and new lives with your significant others.


    Thank you for your input and advice, and thank you for your continued support.

  2. Quote:
    Originally Posted by Scott-Pierre View Post
    Hey ladies! Thanks for all of your posts! Well another day has gone by and no response to email and NO flowers. Yesterday I sent another email and told her how unprofessional her company is with their broken promises. No response to that either. It's looking like I won't have the flowers b/c they were obviously not shipped as promised. I am in the process of picking out some backups for when I get to the resort. Thank goodness I am so busy with other last minute stuff that I am really just over this! I hope that I have been able to help other brides avoid this disaster! Happy plannning to you all! :)
    OMG I am SO SORRY that this has happened to you! As you probably know from my posts, that I have been in the same boat with this vendor. I ended up using the resort for my flowers and they were beautiful so don't worry your wedding will be amazing with or without Bittersweet's flowers! I would suggest trying to get a refund ASAP as it took over a month and a half to get mine... She only responded to me once I threatened to sue her, otherwise I would have to deal with the run-around emails, and then soon after, no emails at all... I really am sorry that you're in this situation... I was hoping that she had learnt her lesson after screwing me over... Best of luck to you, and just keeping thinking about the amazing wedding you're going to have next week!! :)
  3. We got married at 3pm and had a 7:30pm reception with a cocktail hour in between. This was perfect for us as guests had time to go back to their rooms and freshen up while we had our pictures taken. We also had a little bit of time to freshen up after the pictures before the reception, which was great because it can be exhausting posing for beach photos in 30 degree weather with heavy humidity :)

  4. Quote:
    Originally Posted by semiya83 View Post
    I am having a hard time choosing where to have my reception location in Paradisus Punta Cana.
    I am looking to have only about 15 guests and would like to have a sit down dinner with dancing. Not sure if I should do one of the restaurants or have it at one of the terraces. Need some help!!
    I had my reception (20 people) on one of the terraces. It was a nice space that was private and enough room for dancing, however there's no A/C and no breeze so if that's important to you, maybe go with a beach reception or one of the restaurants?
  5. I have 29 small white starfish leftover from my wedding. I used them to make my place cards and to decorate the reception and cake table.


    I paid $20 for 50 of them, but I'll sell the leftover 29 for $5 + shipping


    Please post here or PM me if interested.. I can email pics of the starfish as well!



  6. If you go to Welcome to Weather Underground : Weather Underground and click on "history data" in the menu at the top you can find out what the weather has usually been like on your wedding day in the previous years.. So say if your wedding was to be on September 1st, 2010 the site can tell you if there has been any hurricanes/thunderstorms etc on sept 1st, 2009 and earlier... It also gives you the temperature by the hour, which I found helpful as I tried to pick a ceremony time where it wasn't super hot and there was little chance of rain..


    Sorry for rambling! Hope this helps :)

  7. Wow, this guy sounds seriously untrustworthy. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. You do not need this, as wedding planning is stressful enough! Since there's no contract, I don't see how he can enforce this 8 person payment rule... Did you pay the deposit with a credit card? You could call the credit card company and ask them to hold payment... PayPal is also very good at handling these situations in case you used them to pay.. I really hope everything works out! Your wedding only happens once, so trust your gut, if doesn't feel right, walk away. You might be able to take him to small claims court for the $1300 deposit since it was his misleading business tactics that led you to walk out.

  8. Quote:
    Originally Posted by TheFutureMrs.Sears View Post
    I noticed you got married at PPC. May I ask where you had your reception and how many people you had.
    I had my reception at the Convention terrace. It was a nice, quiet area for my 20 guests but it was really too hot, even late in the evening. If I could go back and change it I would have had my reception on the beach (awesome breeze there!) or in an airconditioned area. Mind you, my wedding was in August which I think is much hotter than other months.... Hope this helps :)
  9. I am not the only bride who has not received my flowers from your company. You told me that yourself. On this forum and on the Wedding Bells forum alone there are several complaints about your company. I have never attacked you or your business, I have simply stated what my experience dealing with you has been, and as this is a forum geared toward providing information to other brides, I have done nothing wrong. People on this forum are entitled to know the truth.

  10. Actually, like I have said before, the package HAS been sitting there for almost a week. Anyone who is reading this can go the Canada Post - Mailing, Shipping, Marketing, Shopping, Sharing and type in this tracking number LH974829253CA for personal mail and will see this message: 2009/08/26 11:59 DRAYTON VALLEY Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up.


    Crystal I said that it has been there for ALMOST a week. It is not in your best interest to suggest that I am lying, especially when I can prove that I am not.


    It has not been at the post office for a week.


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