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  1. We just did Hidden Worlds as an excusion. I'm sure your pics are going to turn out amazing!! It was beautiful there!! I can't wait to see them!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by robinbood Great pictures- congratulations! Where in PDC did you get married? We got married at the Catalonia Riviera Maya. It was actually in Puerto Aventuars. A small little community just south of Playa by a couple miles.A great little resort, very nice for the nice we paid... Thanks!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by *Heather* Wow, your pictures are amazing! You looked so beautiful - I love your necklace, where did you get it? It looks like you guys had a blast, and the TTD pics are steamy! Your photog is awesome! Congrats!!! Thanks!!! I loved my necklace so much!! I actually found it at Sam's Club of all places. It just caught my eye as we were walking into the store!! Kinda random!!
  4. Here is our slideshow by JANEL CONLAN!!!! I love it soooo much!! Thanks Janel!!! You're the best!! Chris & Joleen's Wedding
  5. I could ask my bridesmaids if they still want theirs... They would be used, but they rocked as bridesmaid dresses... We had 4 smalls and 1 extra small. And the small fit the "larger boobed" ladies... So I bet they would fit most anyone.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by koolatta Congrats!! I can't wait to hear the details!! Don't you feel that it came really fast...I remember exchanging ideas with you about the Cat wedding and now you are married!! How did you go about booking a photographer...I am still on the hunt.. Take care! Hey!!! I'm working on a review so it should be ready soon =) I know your anxious!! I think you're gonna have a great time at Catalonia!! Remember to not get worked up about anything because it will turn out to be the best day of your life no matter what!!! Anyways, I got lucky enough to win a contest that Janel put on!! I had to pay her way and her assistant's along with their stay, It ended up being with I had budgeted for a photog but I got a high def DVD with all the images. She did an amazing job and was super fun too!! Her email is: janel@focusphotoinc.com and the website is: Focus Photography, Inc. by Janel Conlan| Wedding Photographer| Los Angeles| Orange County| Southern California| New York| Destination Wedding Photographer If you want to see the rest of my images, you can go to clients in her website and go to Chris & Joleen: the password is Singer09 Hope this helps!! Joleen
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by JCrosby Congratulations - you looked absolutely stunning! Would you mind telling me who designed your dress? I absolutely love it! It's hard to believe but I bought it off the rack the first day I went out shopping for only $300!!! I'll have to look at the tag again but I know its really not anyone special. I was so excited to find it because all I had to have altered was the lenght!! I did have the sweetheart neckline added as well. Thanks! I definitely felt like beautiful!!!
  8. Hey!! I just got married there!!! It was an absolute blast!!! It's a perfect place for a wedding!! We had a huge group, 66 people and we got pretty crazy. Our wedding dance was amazing fun (we danced to dirty rap the entire night hahaha) and I thought it was pretty reasonable in terms of price. The disco isnt the best, but with a little tequila you can dance anyplace. I'm pretty sure our guests closed it down every night they were there!! I'm working on a review right now so it should be up in the next week!!! Personal message me with any questions!!! PS Ungrading to the suites is SOOOOO Worth it at this resort. The suites are unbelievable compared to the other rooms. All of our guests thought it was worth the extra money and those who didn't upgrade wished they did!!!
  9. For our moms, I had braclets made with the similar theme as my necklace!!! They both loved them!!! It was perfect!!
  10. I suprised my husband with this for the wedding!!! It was the biggest hit ever... Some of the other guests at the resort knew us as the "crazy wedding party with "that pool game"!! It was soooo much fun!! Worth every penny!! We live in MN and decided we needed a pool in the backyard just for this!! haha jk
  11. I am finally settled after a WONDERFUL wedding at the Catalonia Riviera Maya!! Everything went perfect and really without any gliches!! My photographer was the best and already has teaser pics up on her blog!!! They are even better than I imagined!!!! A complete review to follow!! Enjoy!! Teaser Pics: Focus Photography, Inc. by Janel Conlan
  12. I am getting married there on Feb 14th. My mom is gonna do my hair so I' don't know for sure, but I will try to find out for you while I'm there. As for your gf walking down the aisle, I'll try to check into it as well. Joleen
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