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  1. We just got back. We also did a cruise from the harbor and all our guests were staying at the hilton. They use very big taxis down there. We had 37 people and we just took 4 big taxis. They charged $5 per person from the Hilton which is fairly far. I didn't think it was unreasonable. On the way bag I just found some taxis. They asked $6 per person and I said $5. They quickly accepted. Another time when we went to Cabo we had 8 people in a really big van. He wanted $5 per person. I knew we could squeeze the other 4 in but I said why crowd when we can just get another cab since we are paying per person. The driver quickly dropped the price by another dollar per person.
  2. We are paying corkage fees for our wedding. It solved our problems of the cost of alcohol. Even though the fees sound high ($31 per bottle), this is actually much cheaper than paying for an open bar or consumption. You can bring in a lot of liquor in one bottle, it will make a lot of drinks. This definitely saved us a lot of money. You might think about asking your site if you can bring in your own, and then estimate how many drinks you think people will drink (we estimated that 1 bottle of liquor would make 30 drinks). Also, our hotel is providing mixers - those are included in the corkage fee.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by kchat17 I talked with Jaira and she said there's no way to waive the music ending at 10:30. i was fine with bumping the ceremony up, but I am spending WAY too much money for them to cut short ANY part of the wedding. The reception is already semi short in my opinion at 3 hours. (by the time everyone is there and are given food, that would only leave us with an hour and a half of dancing...) I can just imagine someone saying "yea thats fine, we'll make an exception for you and let the music stay on till 11, and then come July 5th at 10:30 the music goes off and we can do a thing about it.... The situation just sucks because of all the absolute wonderful, positive things that everyone had to say about Marco... my main reason for being so outraged is that this would have never been brought to my attention had Mara not left the Hilton. oh well... who said wedding planning was easy!!!!! thanks for the encouragement/advice guys! hi kchat - i am also getting married at the hilton and we also had the same problems with music ending early. not that it is the same thing, but in order to keep the party going we are having a bonfire on the beach after the reception and the hilton is letting us use smaller ipod speakers for music. they said we could use that until 1:30am.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by miagirl Hi Vinni, $1500 is insane. Granted, you'd definitely get a nice set up with the canopy and all (I HOPE!)...but I am paying a 10th of that to have 30 lanterns hung for me. Unfortunately, I have no clue where they'll be set up yet...but I will send you pics as soon as I get back from my wedding/honeymoon in a few weeks. When's your wedding? Thanks I would love to see the pictures! Our wedding is July 13. Mostly, I am not sure how to set up the lanterns since the receptions is outside. There are a few trees to string them up on, but they are not very close together. I was mostly wondering where I could find pillars to hang the lights between.
  5. Please let us know. We are looking for the same thing. We contacted the Hilton and showed them that exact same picture and they charged $1500. We are doing our wedding at the Hilton on that exact same terrace. Which terrace are you doing the reception on. I think that if there were some poles or trees to work with it would not be that hard to string some paper lanterns up, but getting a post up is hard on that terrace. We are thinking of perhaps using the trees to the side of the terrace to hang a string for the paper lanterns, but that would be off to the side.
  6. Thanks Sodria, SO I guess the company you were working with developed a bad relationship with Sunrider. And the alternative they offer is not with sunrider. I have been speaking with sunrider directly. While the communication is a little slow, the price is right and I think worth the hassle. Overall I read very positive reviews so I am still OK with them. You could consider just contacting them directly. We are paying just over $40 a head.
  7. Hi Sodria, Could you please elaborate on Sunrider. We had worked out all the details with them but now you have me worried. Have they stopped dinner cruises entirely. Or are they using a new boat. Which boat did they use to use and what boat are they using now.
  8. Hello everyone, I am trying to figure how to string up paper lanterns for an outdoor reception at the Hilton. Has anyone used paper lanterns outdoors and have any ideas? The Hilton quoted me $1500 to rent the lanterns and have them arrange the setup, but this sounds high to me. Thanks for the help! -Vinni
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by marip123 We have been wondering what to do regarding open bar vs. wine at the tables and corkage fees. I did get a price for one type of wine, and this wine plus the corkage fee and service fee and tax was comparable to just buying the wine there. It was a little cheaper, but it seems we can argue this, so we might look into the corkage again. Right now we're thinking a three hour open bar with no wine at the table. The jump from 3 to 4 hours is huge in terms of money, so that's why we were thinking of 3 hours of open bar. I was also trying to get our coordinator to do a bar they offered last year of only margaritas, daquiris, pina coladas, beer, wine, juice, soda, and water. That's really all we need, but she wouldn't budge. Maybe if I have my dad call her? With wine it doesn't make much difference. Because with wine you are only getting about 6 glasses to a bottle or you can buy a bottle for $30 or so. So you could pay by the glass or bottle and it will be about the same. The big difference is with liquor. One bottle makes 20-30 drinks. These are drinks that probably cost over $10 each after tax and service charge. So you can pay almost $300 for individual drinks or a $25 corkage fee. Because the corkage fee is the same for wine and liquor, liquor becomes much cheaper to drink. Hopefully our guest will prefer high end hard liquor.
  10. To us it seems like it will be a lot cheaper. Is there something we are miscalculating. We have about 50 guests. Open bar for 4 hours after tax and service fees will be about 90 per person. So that is $4500. We'd estimate that each guest will consume an average of 5 alcoholic drinks and 2 non alcohol. Alcoholic drinks after service run an average of about 10 and about 5 for no alcohol. So that is 50*5*10 + 50*2*5 or a total of $3000. We are figuring if we do corkage to buy about 10 bottles of liquor plus 10 bottles wine. That is a total of about 350 drinks or 100 more then we estimate our need to be. Cost at liquor store will be 30 for each liquor and 15 per wine or $450. Hotel gets $25 a bottle so that is $500. The total is then only $950. We can add beer for about another $300. Downside is our bar will be a little more limited but we can also go as top shelf as we want without too much cost. And with 10 bottles, you should be able to make most drinks. Overall though it seems so much cheaper . I don't understand why nobody else does this. Hotel is giving us free mixers and is also providing soda and water at no charge. We are doing it at the Hilton and reasonable corkage fees was the biggest selling point in the future husband's eyes.
  11. We chose the whalewatching terrace at the Hilton. I am noticing that the Dolphin seems to be more popular. We chose the whalewatching based on the pictures, but have never seen either. Can anybody who is familiar with them describe the differences and offer reccomendations.
  12. We were quoted 2670 for 50 people from Sunrider for a private cruise. I am wondering if there is some room for negotiating based on Amy's price.
  13. I recently also got another menu from Mara. However, I emailed her and made sure that the previous menu, the one I got when I signed the contract, was still applicable. She assured me that it was and said that I could pick off of either one.
  14. Hi everyone, My name is Vinni Prasad. I am getting married on July 13, 2008 in Cabo.
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