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  1. Sorry for the delay girls in getting back to you!!! The furniture was a request that I was not sure the resort could do. They ended up using an outside service to bring in and it was WELL worth it and pretty cheap too!! To rent the IPOD machine and have someone work it I beleive ended up being about $300. Much cheaper than having a DJ and it is really the same thing right!! For the bouquets.. I told Valeria that i really did not want to have to pay double for flowers for both the church and then reception and I asked if I could use the same flowers for the wedding and reception and she said ok. The guests will never know that they are the same flowers!! It really saves to do little things like this. The reception was outdoors and the Health Bar (beautiful location!) Good luck Ladies - I wish you the best of luck!
  2. for our meals we did the following: Rehearsal Dinner - Salad: Mayan Salad with chicken, spinach, orange and grapefruit, chili piquin honey. Appetizer: Grilled lobster and vegetables enchilada with almond mole sauce. ,Main Courses: Pork Fillet marinated in Achiote and bitter Orange, served with Mashed Potatoes and Spinach in Coriander Sauce. Beef Filet Kabobs marinated in cilantro with hibiscus glaze Mango Mousse with creamy mamey ice cream and pistachios (beef kabobs were amazing!!) Cocktail Hour before dinner: Fried shredded Angus beef tacos (MDB001) Chicken quesadillas with salsa cruda (MDB003) Chicken brochettes with Mole sauce (MDB004) Mini crab cakes with Chipotle sauce (MDB005) Jalapeño poppers with Monterrey Jack (MDB006) Chicken and vegetables chimichangas (MDB007) Dinner : First Course: (SA002 -11USD) Ruccola salad with parmesan cheese cracking and lime & olive oil reduction, Second course: (AP003 - 18,00USD) Appetizer Duck terrine with roasted figs, lettuce and smoked apple vinaigrette Third Course:Angus beef tenderloin steak in a lobster sauce, grilled endives & roasted potato mash (MC006 - 26 usd) (16) Grilled Mahi-Mahi with herbed butter, spinach, sautéed mushrooms and potato coins (MC009 -27USD) Food was all really great - there are a couple items that we heard from our guests that wasn't their favorite (rehearsal dinner - the Kabobs blew the tenderloin away) The cocktail hour the chicken quesadillas were a big soggy and for the dinner some guests didn't like the duck - I loved it! The music I put together some playlists - Dinner music, Reception music and then first dance / father daughter dance and longest married dance. I didn't hire the DJ, I asked to have someone just running my Ipod. You could not even tell the difference and I beleive it was only $150. Everyone raved about the music! For decorations I did 5 huge bouquets for the church and then had them moved to our tables for dinner. Dressed up the chairs and then made candles with our guests name on them for seating. Feel free to check out our website for pictures and ideas. Mr. & Mrs. Robert O'Connor the user name is marcyandrobert and password is wedding23. I wish you the best of luck - they will take care of you there!
  3. My personal wedding review - hope this helps out some of you with some questions you have. My husband and I are very picky and did have our fair share of problems with Lomas (from Faith to Monica to Valeria) but in the end the wedding was perfect. The resort is much nicer than pictures show – it really is heavenly and the grounds are immaculate. We stayed in the Casita Section and we were in 2811 – our bartender was Julio and he was THE BEST!! Our personal concierge was Alex and he was horrible he said no to all our requests and set out to make you miserable. If you get Alex I would ask to be switched immediately – everyone else on the resort are the kindest people in the world - and the planners on the resort (which are different that the ones you deal with on a daily basis) are very attentive and made sure each and every item was correct when we got to the resort. Gloria was my head planner (but there were also 2 other ladies that were there helping out the whole time – I feel horrible that I cannot remember their names) and she is amazing!! I would recommend her to everyone – she showed up at my door twice before the wedding to tell me of little things that changed and these are details I probably never would have noticed had she not come to my door! Even though there were several weddings the day of –Gloria was there every time I turned around to check and see if I needed anything. The off site planners you deal with everyday are much different but if you stay on top of them, especially Valeria, and work by sending the pricelist back and forth with every conversation it keeps you both up to date and on the same page. The last 3 weeks before the wedding we had bi weekly conference calls to discuss details. Valeria is great – but you do need to be very specific and don’t feel bad about going over each detail every time you speak. 3 weeks before the wedding we also found out that the spots we had reserved a year ago with Monica and Valeria were never really reserved and therefore unavailable as there were 4 weddings that day. Let me say that this does NOT make a difference. I sat with another bride to be the day of our wedding getting ready and doing manicures and pedicures and it was kind of nice to talk to someone going through the same thing with you . We had our Wedding in the Chapel at 3:00 a cocktail hour from 4:00-6:00 at the Gaviotas and then from 6:30-10:30 our dinner and reception at the health bar. The day was perfect!! If you have any questions on locations or staff at the resort please let me know (I attached a pic from Gaviotas which showed the sand bags). Oh, as far as the photographer – I brought mine from home and just paid for her stay (2 nights) and told Valeria that we were having a guest take pictures. No questions were asked!
  4. My SIL to be created our website for us and she would be happy to design any website - she is the best - so happy she is going to be my SIL. Marcy & Robert 02.23.08
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by BRIDEZILLA My hubby and I did a slideshow at our welcome dinner. Our guests really enjoyed it and I was very happy that we decided to do this! Renting projectors in Cabo is pretty expensive so we opted to buy one instead. The ZoomBox is a combination DVD Player/Audio System/Projector. You burn your slideshow on DVD and plug the projector in and you instantly have a slideshow. This is great because all we needed to bring was an extension cord and the projector! Here are some reviews and product specs: Amazon.com: Zoombox DVD Entertainment Projector: Toys & Games We’ll take $135 + Shipping. Let me know if you have any questions! I am interested! I have been wanting to do a slide show and the resort doesn't offer. I will have to check with the resort first and then get back to you!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by dallas_texas09 Hi Marcy, You shouldn't have a hard time getting a copy of the book (the church gives it to couples for free), but in case you do, let me know and I will mail you mine. I'm pretty positive I still have it sitting at home. Catherine Thanks Catherine - I will ask at mass tonight. I am sure we can find one somewhere in this city!
  7. Thank you both SO much. I wish I would of asked this question before we started this whole madness. You have been a huge help and if we were not so close to the wedding date and already booked with the other planner I would switch over. All other Brides out there planning a catholic wedding - pick Ajua as your planner!!! Thanks for the advice on songs and the book - we did not get the book. I am going to talk with or Priest about this weekend!
  8. I have a ton of pictures of the health bar. I will try and post some up tonight when I am not at work !! We are doing a sit down dinner with 40 guests, lounge furniture and there will be lots of dancing!! I was told this would be perfect. I am not sure of the additional 15 people though (I will let you know the first week in March when we get back from the wedding! I was told that this opens to the beach and there is an area alongside the pool that opens up from the Health bar and we would have all of this space. We will see!!!
  9. We were offered the lounge furniture a while back from a company 'Denmark' now the planner cannot get a hold of them and we have to go with another company - whom I do not love but we want the furniture and some is better than none It is much cheaper than the original (better) choices! Each set for $180 - we are going to get 3 (two of the top photo and one of the bottom) and it will be placed along side the pool by the health bar and we are getting tiki torches and candles around the area (I believe the beach is also along this area (or i was told) so it may even be on the sand.. We will confirm all of this when we get there in a month! Attachment 1397 Lounge Furniture.xls
  10. Ok girls, this is what I have found to be my experience so far.. We sent all of our documents (scanned and emailed original documents) to Valeria a while back and had the priest reserved and everything seemed ok. Well it comes to find out that my fiancé does not have his confirmation and now the Priest that was planning to marry us will not do it and we had to find another Priest in the last week and now we have to change our ceremony time by 2 hours!! Then instead of having to bring original documents with us when we came we had to mail out ‘right away’ or the Priest was going to cancel - I sent the original documents to Valeria so the priest could have to confirm and somehow they all got lost in the mail - these were the originals!! We started working on this a year ago and in the past couple of weeks when I was confirming the ceremony and Priest this all the sudden came up and it has been a mess since. Lesson to learn is to make sure to have ALL documents (listed below) sent and confirmed as soon as possible so you won’t be in this mess! Oh – you cannot talk with the Priest at all either until you are in Mexico before the wedding – no matter what! Whatever the cost - I have asked now to pick our music and readings, Valeria said we cannot do that. I told her it was very important and we will not budge on this and she is asking the Priest now if this would be ok. I will let you know when I hear back. To get married in Mexico with a full Legal Catholic Wedding you BOTH must show the following original documents •Baptism •Communion •Confirmation •Certificates from your Pre Cana classes
  11. That would be awesome if you could get me the name - if she makes things happen than she is my best friend!
  12. We are doing a Catholic Ceremony at EDR in the chapel and it has been tough getting information from our planner. Would anyone be able to help me out with some of my questions? 1. Is this a full ceremony with Readings and Songs? 2. Do we get to choose our Readings and/or Songs? I have not received a straight answer - I know that here we are able to choose the readings and songs of our choice. Thank you!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by brigopens Thanks for the compliments... My wife did look totally amazing, actually all 10 days we were there!!! You only got to see 3 of the days. :-) I know that she didn't do a hair trial. She had an idea of what she wanted and just told the lady. She was very happy with how they did it. I will check on the flowers. I know that she didn't order flowers for her hair. Just the bridal and bridesmaid's bouquets... Really! Please let me know. I looked on Lomos's sight where I booked everything and there was an option for flowers for the hair so I purchased it. I believe it was under $10. If you didn't have to pay for it though I will keep the money
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by brigopens I'd imagine they might do it for you if you talk to Priscilla when you get there. BUT, for something relatively simple, yet important. Why not ask a parent, bridesmaid or someone else to stop by, check on the palce and do it for you? That way you don't need to wonder if they will get it right! That is an excellent idea. I am sure my mother or sisters would be happy to do it! Priscilla - is she someone that helps with the whole resort or does she just manage El Cocotal?
  15. Thank you so much for letting me know! I initially had Tuscanes reserved and I think they screwed up and that was the excuse I was given. However, I haven't been to the resort so I am glad that you think the Health bar will be nice and private!! We are also ordering lounge furniture (I guess there is a pool and area for this - as well close to the beach??) I think it is getting really close and I am freaking out since everything is changing on us last minute. I cannot wait to check out your pictures!! Thank you so much for your help!!
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