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  1. Loads of you have recommended Las Caletas for several reasons - affordability, privacy, gorgeous location, etc. BUT after viewing the site and looking at many pictures I have yet to see any with people really dancing. What I mean is getting down and crazy, groovin' on the dance floor, funky chicken and all. Also, I don't see many crazy drunk fun photos. Those are always the best...but perhaps you edited them out? ha! So my questions remain: 1) Can people really dance at Las Caletas or is it just there for show? 2) Do people continue the party after the hour boat ride back to land or do they head to bed? I imagine the boat ride is probably a buzz kill no? We're not massive party animals, but we really want a big celebration (my fiance is Australian, so it runs in their blood), and we're all about having a great time and plan on partying till our feet fall off. Open bar, great music, dancing and food are the most important catagories for us. Sugar and spice and everything nice is secondary. Mariama
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne Mariama, I've tried to PM you and this is the message I get: "mariama has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her." We are meeting with Prisar (Hector & Priscilla) on Dec. 17th. I will let you know how that goes. Edna has already met with them I believe and seemed to really like them. Sorry about that. I will look into it and try and fix it. Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea. Mariama
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne Yes, definitely ask one of us for help and we'd be glad to! We are heading to PV for a few days of R&R and will check out a few sites. Can you provide me with Prisar's info? I've never heard of them and interested in checking them out. Also, staying at Playa Fiesta for a free night, heading to Sayulita to check out the sites as well. Did anyone see this month's cover feature "Next Best Beach town?" Pretty cool. mariama
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by cessyboston i do not know if this is what you where meaning but donnie and i use weddingwindow.com and our site is www.ericadonnie.weddingwindow.com hope this helps.... Erica - Probably one of the best site I've seen. Simple, yet beautiful. Nice job! Thanks for sharing. Mariama
  5. Well, seems I'm not alone in receiving this quote. Looks like a few of you have received the same and others that haven't know which company I am referring to. Such a shame. Great business, but charging American prices in a cheaper city like PV is just plain wrong. $158 per head...no alcohol, no dessert...I mean, really?? For that price I might as well host my wedding in LA or NY. Those who suggested Las Calentas, thank you. We will definitely make a point to do so when we are there next month. We are also checking out Dreams and the Mayan. Any other ideas or suggestions? I'd like to have a wedding coordinator to manage everything from the start to finish so if you have suggestions on others, please let me know. Thank you, Mariama
  6. So I received a quote today from a reputable wedding coordinator in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The amount I was quoted in a full excel sheet was...drum roll please...$26,360.00. I nearly fell off my chair. Why you ask? Well, because this price did not include the big ticket items - alcohol, entertainment, villa rental, transportation, etc. I couldn't believe it. So what the heck am I paying for - her services, cake, ceremony, reception, food and a few additional items. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought getting married in PV was suppose to be affordable. Am I wrong? Instead I feel like I might as well get married at the Plaza in New York City, especially when the breakdown included $158 per head, keep in mind this only included one hour of open bar of general alcohol (wine, beer, sangria). WTH?!? I don't want to disclose the name or company, but am I naive in my thinking that its possible to get married in PV for less than $35k? Can someone shed some light? I want a beautiful wedding but not willing to be bamboozeled into paying for extra items, especially since the peso weaker than the dollar. Am I being unreasonable? Mariama
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Lorilou wow, you are good!! Mystery solved! I concur!! Good job! I tried to search on the internet, but nothing came up. Mariama
  8. Mystery Hollywood VIP couple. Ok, if you look in her wedding gallery there is a Hollywood VIP couple under the April 14, 2007 date. All of the pictures are taken from a distance, but you can almost make out who it is. I thought it was Taye Diggs, but does anyone recognize who they are? Just for fun! Mariama
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne Mariama - how exciting, finally someone is planning a wedding as far out as mine! What dates are you going to PV in Dec and where will you be staying? We'll be there from the 16-20 staying at the Westin. It is really sneaking up on us - so far we haven't made any appointments! We head down 12/26 - 12/31 and also staying at the Westin but for two days only. Then we move to Playa Fiesta for a complimentary site visit, then we head to Sayulita to have a look at the beach town there and back to the Westin our last night. Lots of moving around, but we have lots to cover. We haven't made any appts either. Tough time for people as they are all out of town.
  10. i just spoke with her via email and she's not around for the holiday season so i won't be meeting with her afterall.
  11. Thanks for this. I'm considering meeting up with her next month. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks!
  12. JamieLynn - Your dates are very close to mine. We are considering Memorial Day weekend 09 as well, but have just put down April 09 as a starting point. I too will be down in PV for December, so lets keep in touch. Would like to know your thoughts feedback on DD vs Priscilla. I've also sought the help of a friend who use to be the director of tourism in PV and she is sourcing a wedding planner who she said did Sarah Michelle Geller's wedding. mariama
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Lorilou i haven't seen it but one of the brides my wedding planner referred me to had her wedding there and loved it. her is a link to some pictures from her wedding. Puerto Vallarta Wedding Coordinator - The Dazzling Details the pictures look amazing...we considered it but our guest list is too big. Lorilou - Wow. I've never seen this place before. Stunning!! Is it new? I went to the site and it wasn't specific about...how many people they can accomodate for a wedding and if you have to book for a week. Please let me know. My date is very far out, but my fiancee is Aussie and coming over here next month so we are looking to go down and check out a few sites....as he's never been to PV. Mariama
  14. I came across a website called the Dazzling Details and I was quite impressed. Has anyone used her before? Or can you recommend a great wedding planner in PV or Sayulita? Thank you! Mariama