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  1. Hey thnx for answering! and I think you have a point, but the way I see it is even if we were staying at the hotel the bar tenders and else would have to cover my wedding because we're paying them to do so, and Im pretty sure they have extra staff for weddings anyway. Also the people we're inviting come from several places arround the world and for some of them Cancun can be a very expensive vacation, I obviously want to get the best deal for them without compromising my perfect wedding; I will definately mention Dreams so they can have the option to stay there if they want to, but the thing is that I can't make them stay there so I can't assure 80% of them will be staying there. I asked Dreams if they could give me a better rate because of the amount of people I'm having and they told me to try and get something through travelocity or expedia wich doesn't assure everyone is gonna get a good deal; while in most of the other hotels do. I do see that paying the day pass is kinda stupid, but all im asking is not having to assure 80% of them will stay there because I don't know. Am I making a big deal out of nothing??
  2. this is probably gonna sound very stupid but what's a TA I need help! LOL thnx girls!
  3. Ok so this is what happened to me I just want to share... I've been talking to Daniella for about two weeks now and i already had the date for my wedding separated and everything, so the next step was to fill the questionnaire so I could get a quote ... and bam!! Daniella tells me that one of the main requirements for me to have my wedding there is to have me and my husband and al least 80% of the wedding guests staying at the hotel!!!! what?! I have 200 people for my wedding! I can't make them stay on that specific hotel, more so if they're paying for it!! is not like we're only 30 people!; as if she wasn't rude enough the three times I talked to her on the phone... Anyway, I'm trying to talk to Claudia now and see if they can change that rule, so my guest can stay at any hotel they choose; because I have already booked 30 rooms on a different All inclusive hotel for them to stay at, at a very reasonable price if I may say. I'm just very dissapointed that no one mentioned this requirement before, so instead of wasting my time talking to a very rude person and waiting ages for her to reply to my questions, I could have just started planning somewhere else. I just read everything you guys have to say about your wedding at Dreams and everything sounds so lovely I wish I could have a nice wedding too, but we'll see how everything goes... wish me luck!
  4. where can i find this .doc?? I NEED to see the pics LOL thnx
  5. Here's a Cancun hotels map, I've found it very helpful. Cancun Map : hotel zone map and downtown map You can get a lot of information, like: All Cancun Hotels Grand Tourism Cancun Hotels 5 Star Cancun Hotels 4 Star Cancun Hotels 3 Star Cancun Hotels Also : Cancun All Inclusive Hotels European Plan Cancun Hotels Beachfront Cancun Hotels Lagoon Hotels in Cancun Cancun Downtown Hotels Hotels near Golf Courses in Cancun A map with the restaurants in Cancun ** Additional Information: Shopping Malls in Cancun Golf Courses in Cancun Cancun-Isla Mujeres ferry schedules Cozumel Map Isla Mujeres Map Isla Holbox map Playacar Map Playa del Carmen Map Riviera Maya Map Merida Map Yucatan Peninsula Map Acapulco Map Los Cabos Map I wanted to make it a Sticky thread but I don't know how!!! HELP
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    Hello!!! finally...

    Hey girls! I finally got access to BDW and Im soooo exited; Im glad there's a place to share the "mixed" feelings I have about my wedding! don't get me wrong, I'm nothing more than happy to get married but I just hate throwing parties LOL; Im glad you guys are here to help me Just some general information: Im mexican and my fiance is canadian; were getting married in Cancun next year and Im going crazy trying to pick the perfect hotel, my top 2 picks right now are Le Meridien and Dreams (of course!) I am just kind of surprised that there's not a lot of info on Le Meridien.. does anyone know anything about weddings there?? Hope to be lots of help for everyone and hear from you soon!!! One queston.. how do I add pictures to my profile