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  1. I bought my TTD at lightinthebox.com. It was absolutely better than expected & it was only $100!
  2. I just wanted to mention that I hired Cancun Wedding Photo for my wedding. After sending them my deposit I stumbled upon this review and completely frieked out. Lucky for me - Cancun Wedding Photography and Cancun Wedding Photo are 2 completely different companies. My TTD pics, wedding pics and video completely exceeded my expectations. Astrid and Martin were easy going and made us feel comfortable. They made the entire experience fun! Their package pricing was reasonable as well. --Liza
  3. 2 things I forgot: --I did receive some money back from her and she also gave me the paypal issues excuse - nevertheless she did reimburse me --Planner 1 Events had decorated the ballroom I used for an event earlier in the day and it was beautiful. I wish I had gone with them - they had been recommended my hotel wedding coordinator.
  4. This is not my full Julieta review but will give you an idea of what went wrong! 1. She pushes for the national flower since it is the absolute cheapest - Remember there are many flower farms in Mexico so flowers that would super expensive in the US are not expensive at all there. I told her no - national flowers, roses or birds of paradise. I wanted orchids and pin cushions for everything and was charged accordingly. ALL of my centerpieces had birds of paradise. 2. My mom and MIL did not have corsages - when called she insisted that she had sent them - but unless there was some type of secret compartment in the cardboard box they definately were not ther. 3. Thank goodness the bouttoneirs were delivered to me - we were missing 3 4. The (6) tall flower arrangements that I wanted for ceremony decor looked NOTHING like the pictures sent. She put a 5 to 6ft piece of bamboo in a short vase with more birds of paradise on the top. Guess what happened...They could not stand without support. We had to remove them from the ceremony site and place them in the ballroom leaning against walls. 5. My hoopa decorations were nothing like the pictures we agreed on. 6. She does charge a facilitating fee - not a problem if she was actually facilitating. She was supposed to arrange for the saxophonist to come to the hotel and meet with my vocalist to practice the song that I was going to walk down the aisle.to. Needless to say - she never showed. The day of the wedding the saxophonist was practicing instead of playing as the guests arrived and then had the nerve to play the song via iPod...I COULD HAVE DONE THAT without paying $400 for his 45minutes of non-playing. The Hilton Cancun management actually met with us the day after the wedding and asked for our personal review on Julieta's services. The Hilton coordinator was already aware of all that went wrong since she was at the vendor meeting earlier in the week. They were actually considering not allowing her to work as a vendor there because they felt that her work might impact their reputation negatively. If you have any questions - I would be happy to answer them.
  5. You shouldn't be scared to post. That is your opinion and it is YOUR wedding. I did not want kids at my wedding either so I put it on my Save The Date. I believe that there are weddings that are kid friendly and that there are weddings that are simply not. Mine was a NOT. I did not get influenced about how people felt - If they were offended they could simply choose not to attend. Either way it is entirely up to you!
  6. Hi Fernanda! Â Thanks for stopping by. Things were so hectic that I only had a quick chance to say hello. Â I was Brenda's (the new Hilton WC) first wedding and I have to say that she was absolutely GREAT! If you are getting married at the Hilton you are in good hands with Brenda. Â I will post a review a little later on - but I must say that the service the Hilton provided for my 2 receptions and Wedding completely exceeded my expectations. Â Thanks for getting this started for me Fernanda! I also wish that I would've stayed with Planner1 Events (as you originally suggested in 2008) - since my decor was the only thing that was not up to par. Â Lots of luck in your new endeavor!
  7. I absolutely have butterflies. We are flying American Airlines and I am willing to upgrade to first class if I have to just to be able to keep the dress with me. Cross your fingers! We have 45 people (possibly 49). We've alreaady had 2 peoplle call and ask if it was OK if they changed their minds (they declined on the RSVP) LOL! and we have 2 couples that asked for an extension and will let us know by the 20th. We are having the Welcome Reception on the pool deck (the area closest to the hotel) We are having the rehearsal dinner on the Cascade Terrace The ceremony is on the Miramar Side - a small terrace right next to the beach (I love heels and could not do flip flops on the sand LOL) The cocktail hour is at the half moon miramar terrace The reception is in the Miramar Ballroom. Luckily - I was told that I was the only wedding that day! YAY. I think I am all set - please stop by and say hi if you are there during that time.
  8. My welcome reception and rehearsal dinner are outdoors. When I went for my tasting I made sure that those areas were shaded at the time we were planning to hold those events. My wedding reception will be in the ballroom - I just did not want to risk being miserably hot. Luckily the ballroom has one large wall of glass that overlooks the ocean so I am not comprimising the view. How do you all plan on traveling with your gowns? Are going to try and bring it with you on the plane?
  9. Hi There! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I am an August bride as well. I'm getting married August 7, 2010 at the Hilton Cancun...I can't believe it is sooo close!
  10. They assigned me Cristina Perez - She is the events manager and so far so good. We are ready. Everything is done...waiting for it to be 3 weeks out so that I can ship all of the beach bags and their contents. Worried about the traveling with the dress. Did you have any issues with yours?
  11. My wedding is August 7th (less than 3 months away) and Fernanda (WC) just informed me that she will be parting ways with the Hilton Cancun as of 5/24. AARRG!
  12. Thanks All4jj2! Happy to have found a thread with Hilton Brides. I will be going Aug 20 to 24 for the tasting. So excited. Please let me know what you menu items you decided on and how everything turned out. --Liza
  13. LOL! She looked like a princess in it. Thanks!
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