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  1. Mine are real hair, I took them with me to my hair stylist yesterday when I went for highlights and she said they were great and showed me how to put them in. When I got home I just played with the ones on the side, when I wear them on the wedding day the stylist will put them in for me, I just wanted to see what they would look like.
  2. I bought my extensions last night and had some fun with them today, here is a before and after picture, I'm really pleased with how they look. I went for my dress fitting and ended up buying a tiara that I had no intention of getting, thought I would wear flowers in my hair but fell in love with the tiara.
  3. You look beautiful, I love your dress, and the colours you had, of course pink is my favourite colour! Did you have a hair inspiration picture that you used?
  4. You looked gorgeous, I love your bouquet and hair, amazing, you made a beautiful bride! I hope to get into your pictures sometime to have a look.
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    Oh, I'm so glad to hear that Whitehouse was much better than Royal Caribbean...I had always dreamed of going to a Sandals property and was so disappointed when I got there. The whole place was in need of renovation and updating, the rooms were in very bad shape. I've been to 2 other properties in Jamaica that were 100% better than SRC!
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    Thanks for posting your pictures, the resort looks beautiful. It's one of the places on my list to visit! I was at Sandals Royal Caribbean in August and did not like anything about it, but I haven't given up on trying another Sandals property!
  7. The ones I saw were also in pieces and matched exactly to my hair colour, I was amazed at how much like my own hair they looked. I think I would use them again afterwards as well, they look like a lot of fun. Cherie, all we have to do is figure out what to do with them!
  8. The ones I saw at Sallys were several sections, not one long section so I think it would be ok width wise.
  9. Hi Cherie, my hairstylist recommended I buy clipless extensions and sew the clips in myself (would be less expensive), yeah right, not going for that option, I'd mess that up for sure, lol. I want to wear my hair half up, half down, and curled, which is the way I wear it most days and it stays pretty well, I'll see if I can post the picture I'm going to use. I too am worried about the salon at the resort being able to put the clips in but I'm hoping it's something they've done before, I know my resort has tons of weddings. My hairstylist did show me how to put them in, but they're in the back and sides of my head, so it would be a bit difficult.
  10. I'm looking to do the same thing Cherie. I was at Sally Beauty Supply last night and for human hair at 14" length it would cost $82.00, this brand had the clips in them, which is what I want and what my hair stylist recommended. Might be worth checking out.
  11. Tami, we are doing the same thing at the resort next door to yours, the Melia Caribe. We were told by the WC that one of the staff of the hotel will preside over the ceremony, there will be a paper to sign (not sure what), so that part will look "real". We don't have to provide our own vows, they take care of that, although we are having a sand ceremony. Were were also worried that the symbolic ceremony would not look real; the WC assured us that it would.
  12. There are several on this site similar to Shelley's original picture. Wedding Jewelry and Bridal Accessories - Lariats I love this one!
  13. I'm getting married at the Melia Caribe on 4 December, 2007. Most things are looked after already, with last minute things to be decided once we get there. The WC has been very quick in responding to e-mails. If anyone has any questions I may be able to help!
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    Vote for your destination!

    We chose Punta Cana on a recommendation from our DW travel agent. We saw pictures of the beautiful wedding gazebo within the property and that was it for us. It's a little scary though as neither of us have been to PC before. We had wanted to go to the Mayan Riviera as that's my favourite resort area but it was pricey for the resort we really wanted and for guests to be able to afford to join us we had to keep looking.
  15. I wasn't sure if I would use a purse, not sure what I would put in it, thanks for the suggestions, it's a good idea to have powder and lip gloss. I have my grandmother's white silk and bead purse, it's small with a silver short chain strap, it would be perfect. Thanks ladies, so many good ideas on here!