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  1. I know this thread is a little older but its hard to find good B&B's in Kauai..so I wanted to post in case someone is looking in the future One of the best B&B's I have ever stayed out, throughout the world, and we stay at a lot is The Dilly Dally House. We have stayed in the Cottage, which I recommend because its your own private residence but rooms in the house is amazing too. Here is the link: http://www.lolohale.com/ They have one of the most beautiful views I have seen on the island and they go completely out of their way to take care of you. If you are on a budge
  2. Hi beautiful ladies...Tim and I are in a contest and are currently in the top 3. They are giving away a trip to Anguilla, where we honeymooned on our 10 year anniversary of being together!!! You don't have to sign up for anything...just vote AND comment. They are judging on the comments as much as anything. Please if you have one minute, take the time to do this...it will mean the world to us. Thank you so much!!!!!!! http://apps.facebook.com/promotionshq/contests/245880/voteable_entries/53207970?page=2 or if you don't have facebook http://promoshq.wildfi
  3. If anyone ever needs help in Anguilla...please let me know and I will be happy to help
  4. All of our dresses... as we are unforgettable, so should they be.
  5. All of our dresses... as we are unforgettable, so should they be.
  6. All of our dresses... as we are unforgettable, so should they be.
  7. All of our dresses... as we are unforgettable, so should they be.
  8. Mishi

    Mishi- Dominican Dream

    Some pics that I have collected along the way to show what I want or what I am getting for the magical day!
  9. Sunrise offered several other hotels and accommodations in the area that the other guests could stay at. So we had our family/wedding party at Sunrise and then other guests could stay at the local places and come in for the day etc. They even offer a plan where the guests pay a fee for the day and can be included in meals, etc, even though they aren't staying there. We actually booked Castellamonte to begin with and changed only because we liked the separate villas that Sunrise had to offer, verses all being under one roof. It made it feel more private and we were really renting a small villag
  10. I saw a thread where the bride posted her layout for a photo book she was doing online. I worked on mine for the last six months and my computer crashed and I lost it. I can't remmy the website and have looked through a million threads. I went to the link in her post and downloaded the program and did it all on my computer. Any help? It is not snapfish and its not mypublisher... if you know this you will be my hero! Mishi
  11. Your pictures are beautiful! You can see his adoration in the pic where he saw you for the first time! I love that you had the Shamanic spiritual side. I am a Shaman as well and the love during these ceremonies are unforgettable. En La'kesh
  12. Amazing, amazing pics. You were absolutely stunning. And I have to say (which this may have been posted before) but your hubbies looks like Ty Pennington, reoooowwwww! LOL, congrats!
  13. I was flying out to Cancun in the morning for our anniversary... I can't imagine you girls leaving in the immediate future for your weddings, I would be hysterical. We are with US Airways and called thinking we were going to be able to switch our ticket to somewhere else for free but it is only those flying into Mexico City. If you are flying into Cancun, you are screwed. It is 150 per person to change, plus the additional cost of the ticket if the new one is higher. We got a hotel on another island and are waiting it out hoping they are going to add Cancun to the list... but if not ther
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