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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by lucy106 Do you know how much we can or can not change? I was married last Oct at Dreams. I wrote my own ceremony entirely. I emailed it to Claudia a couple weeks prior. I'd bring a few copies though, in case. Just beware, the officiant had a hard time pronouncing some of the words. Not sure if it was the language barrier or if she hadn't read it over before hand. Let me know if you have any more questions Ali
  2. Hi I was married in Cancun in Oct but now am helping a friend plan her Vegas wedding. They are getting married at the Venetian in June however were shocked at how much they were charging to for a reception site ($7500 min). Does anyone have any suggestions of a less expensive place (but nice) on the strip that can hold 50-60 people? Any thoughts would be great! Thanks Alison
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by dmarie17 Hey ladies! I need some photography help. I love the photos posted here done by Claudia Rodriguez and I went on her site and am convinced that I want to use her. I filled out that form on her web-site for 'Contact Us' on Monday and haven't received a reply... not even a confirmation that they received my request. Is it normal for her to take awhile to get back to people or did my computer glitch out and not send my email? Does anyone have a direct email address for her that I can try? Thanks so much! Dawn I contacted her on her website and she got back to me right away as well. She must be not able to access because she was very quick to get back to me with any questions I had. A couple times she did however have computer issues so I'd give her a couple more days. That's probably all it is. She's worth the wait, you'll be very pleased with her work. Alison
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by JODEY Hi there, would you mind telling me what you paid for both the photographer and the videographer?, my email is - jodey.williams@tsubaki.co.uk if you would rather email me, I think this is quite a big issue with alot of brides, not knowing wether to pay the extra and have an outside person, especially when we all hace budgets to stick to, I know mine has gone way out already !! And at the end of the day memories and photos are all we have left, thanks x Golden Package 2,350.00us - 8hr with Citalli; incl album & Hi Res CD Video 1,100.00us - Gerry 5hr; incl DVD set to music and highlight video total 3,450.00us Cancun Wedding Videos | Mayan Riviera Wedding Videographer | Miguel Cantarell - Wedding Videos Alison & Brian #3 under Videos is most of our highlight video Let me know if you have any other questions Alison
  5. We use Citlalli of Claudia R as well as her videographer and were very pleased. She took over 500 pictures (we hired her for 8hrs) and sent us an album of the best shots and then a CD with all the pictures she had taken for us to make our own copies. I'd highly recommend her. As far as the videographer goes, I thought this was an unnecessary cost but my husband insisted. It was one of the best splurges we did. We've watched it so many times i can't count. They did an amazing job Here's a link Kodakgallery.com*Album Not Found
  6. Yes, I wrote the entire ceremony at Dreams, Claudia had no problem with it. I did a lot of internet searching to figure out the best way to right it and for ideas for readings. Also, I think there are some links on this site that can help you see how other girls did it. I don't think they are any words you can't use. I think our ceremony ended up being no more than 20 minutes. The only caution I give you is the woman who facilitated our ceremony at Dreams had trouble with pronouncation on a few of the words. When it came to repeat, I was fine since I had wrote it but my husband had some issues - it was a bit awkward at times during the cermemony!
  7. My dress that I am wearing this Sunday is Winnie Couture Winnie Couture Style 2102 -Elegant silk sheath tank style gown with sweep train.* Hand beaded Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, and silver embroidery create intricate design on matching V-neck and low V-back. Honestly, I am not in love with it 100% in love with it because I think my FI will be disappointed and is expecting something more typical but everytime I put it on I get so many compliments. The picture online doesn't do it justice so if you have a chance to try some on, do so. The part I do love is that it simple and I am not into the big dresses. The back is an open V with tons of swarvoski crystal (elegant but not blingy) and it also has a small train. The weight makes it perfect for a destination wedding, it's a 100% silk. Best part is it only cost $638!
  8. Katherine- The band situation is odd -I originally paid the deposit through them but it was a mess. Now Claudia has them on my invoice to be paid through her. I understood that were were paying them? Who knows? When do you get back from Dreams? PS- we are living in Irving as well!
  9. I am using a live band that Claudia suggested. We are getting married at Dreams end of Oct so I can give you feedback if your interested. This is the link to their website ..:: Kiko & Carlos Band ::.. They quoted us $800 per set of 45 by 15 Minimun 2 hours and told us "If you hire the band for at least 3 hours, we will include a super DJ for free to play before, or to alternate with the band and after the band is done for 2 o 3 more hours"
  10. Hi - We decided to go with a live band vs. a DJ at Dreams. Claudia provided me with Kiko and Carlos Band. They have a website and cover all songs! It's definitely more expensive than a DJ but another option if you are interested. Here are the details they provided as to cost when I contacted them. Our rates are: $800 US per set of 45 by 15. Minimun 2 hours. If you hire the band for at least 3 hours, we will include a super DJ for free to play before, or to alternate with the band and after the band is done for 2 o 3more hours. Our web is: ..:: Kiko & Carlos Band ::..
  11. Hi, I just moved to Dallas and need my dress altered for my Oct 28th. I was hoping someone from Dallas area could recommend a wedding shop or tailor that does good work? I appreciate your help Thanks Alison
  12. Hi We are getting married Oct 28 at Dreams We used the travel agent Tammy suggested, Theresa at Vacation4Less. At first, we were nervous about cost for our guests and concerned people would consider it too expenisve but right now we are up to 60 guests - so it didn't seem to be an issue Fortunately, In April, Dreams had a sale and offered deluxe rooms at $125/night/pp - many of our guests were able to get Air & Hotel & Transfer for 4/3night for $750 from Chicago & Minneapolis. I am guessing they run these specials so they can book fall rooms since it's their low season. Other guests have been booking on Orbitz for around $900/pp If you are considering next June/ July I wouldn't be surprised if they did something like this again this fall. Good Luck planning - let me know if you have other questions
  13. Biff Ulm does great work - he is a photojournalist out of Brainerd but works in the Twin Cities alot. I haven't used himself but was planning a wedding up in Mn before Cancun and was going to to use him. He will travel though. I would email and ask him to see some of his work (he just changed his site so it's not up yet) - he seems very personable and helpful -- Good Luck Vada Photography
  14. For the girls getting married at Dreams - Do any of you know how many people each round table holds? It looks like 8 but I am not sure Thanks! Ali
  15. Hi Dreams Girls, I just wanted to introduce myself - I am getting married Oct 28th at Dreams. I really appreciate your discussions because I have had many of the same questions/issues. Also,thanks for posting your Claudia replies they've been very helpful! Ali