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  1. I forgot to mention that they (AGI) charge per vehicle not per person on some if not all transfers, which is really good if a small group fly in at the same time.....good luck!
  2. Check out AGI Tours ...Cancun Tours - Cancun Airport Transfers - Cancun Ground Transportation
  3. Laura, we saw your wedding the morning we left! How funny... as soon as I saw the parasols I remembered seeing your wedding from our room. We were in the building next to the dive shop. Your dress looked beautiful!
  4. So I've created a few monograms using MS word ,but how do I include it in my signature?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by annieroy Hi ! Just wondering if 15F is in the new section ? Annie, I think the 15F is in the newer section...I believe so...don't quote me on that though
  6. It was a regular room. It was fantastic! Nothing beats being able to walk to the beach, just steps from your room. So convenient! El Patio restaurant is right next to building 16a and 16b and they have a small bar off to the side you can order drinks from...literally steps away from your room. Also, we used room service everyday! Another tip... the bartender at the pool bar makes the BEST mojito I have ever had. We kept ordering mojitos and they ran out of mint leaves. Anyway you'll have a blast.
  7. Hey girls... there seem to be a few of you that are considering or have decided to get married here. I was cleaning today and found our "Welcome" pamphlet in my luggage that I saved. I scanned the map of the DT resort. We stayed in Building 16b. Very nice secluded area. It's the older section though. Dreams Tulum map on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Christine I have downloaded this program, you use it as a printer Free PDF Converter - create high-quality PDF from any printable file type Thanks for the link! Now I have more files to play with
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by lambert13 July 5th eh? I think that Karen and I probably saw the wedding you were at then. I remember watching a couple of them that day. She was married near the Seaside Grill on the far end of the beach. There were a lot of weddings going on. We missed seeing your wedding I think because we went on excursion to Akumal and Yal-ku lagoon on the 4th. The funny thing is, when I read your wedding review I believe the room you had on the day of you wedding was above ours in the same building and right next to my parents. Anyway, small world! We would have been the loud obnoxious bunch on the 1st floor patio. lol
  10. Laura you have a good eye! Yes it was. My sister was married there on July 5th! How was your wedding?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by host if you want to email the doc to me at admin@bestdestinationwedding.com i can convert it and email it back to you Thanks so much! you are the best!
  12. Anyone have experience with converting MS Word to a PDF file? I think if I do this then my formatting won't be messed up when I try to print from a friend's computer. Does this make sense?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by PaulaV Soory, no help here. Used Vistaprint online for STDs, they were great! You know I'm thinking that we may just need to email our "flyer" to our computer savvy friends/family and mail the rest to grandparents, etc that don't have email. We did STD magnets and they shipped today! I'm excited about that...but this flyer thing is going to cost more than the magnets...I don't think it's worth it.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by akh we printed our stuff (other than the STD magnets) on our home printer. do you have one at home? We do but our printer is so frustrating to use...and I don't think the quality will be as good. Maybe I can use a friends...
  15. Let me know when you find out...I'll do the same! I want to say that I read somewhere that you can bring your own paper...
  16. Can you bring your own paper to them? How much do they cost for color printing...I'm doing flyers right now but later I will be doing my invites.... Thanks!
  17. I'm at a loss as to which company I should use to print std's. Kinko's, Staples, Office Max. What did you all do?
  18. I love Gerber daisies! They are so colorful and "springy".
  19. Shelley, I just ordered from VistaPrint yesterday. I used this link to coupons when I was ready to order. If you scroll to the bottom you get 60% off of magnets. I started my order with an email discount they sent me and my total was around $40 for large magnets, but when I used this link it came out to $19.99! Just be careful not to select any other offers! Hope this works...» Vistaprint Coupon Codes & Vistaprint.com Coupons for Vista Print
  20. I love that canopy Sol...I haven't seen a pic of this one before...thanks! Here is the flyer that I made.... Eric and Kacey Wedding Info.doc
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