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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by host thanks carrie...i swear i cant take any of the credit...juan is a miracle worker! He is fabulous, but the pictures ARE of YOU and your hubby! I want a renewal too, Mark will kill me if he finds out he has to do it AGAIN!!! haha : )
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by A10CALGAL Great packing strategy! I feel like I would be to nervous about something happening to the dress to put it in a checked bag though. I was a little nervous, but everything worked out fine, lucky for me! It's still a great way to pack all of your other things. I just leave most of my stuff on hangers and use dry cleaner plastic bags fold it all in half and go. That way when I get to our destination I just pull all of our stuff out of the suitcase and hang it in the closet. Downy wrinkle release is always good too!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by DARCILYNN Hi Girls, I am looking into The Sheraton, Casa Del Sol and Lazy gourmet catering right now. Such a hard decision and I am so busy at work that I don't have time for a site visit right now =( I have 170 on my guest list YIKES!! But am hoping to get about 100. Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks and Happy Friday! Darci The Sheraton is beautiful!!!! We got married at Dreams, my friend stayed at the Sheraton because she got a good deal with work. The all incusive is a nice plus, that's why we chose Dreams
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by andreslove Hi everyone, My name is Lenita. I'm getting married March 3, 2007 in Cancun, Mexico at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. I'm glad I found this forum, as I struggle to find in depth destination wedding information. I look forward to communicating with you all. Thanks, Lenita Welcome to the board!!! We stayed at Cancun Palace (in 1999!!) and loved it! the rooms were nice and the service was great! If you guys get the chance to do any excursions we did this little two seat speed boat/snorkling tour, it was awesome! Except Mark wouldn't let me drive!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by KELLID Thanks. I think I'll look into the fabric store idea. I can't imagine how expensive that would be to rent in Cabo! It would probably be about the same or more to rent, I think? I know that you can get some great deals on Fabric. If you have a Jo Anns, check there, they always have a HUGE variety of $2.oo per yard fabric. The Walmart by my house always has a good selection too. If you don't want to sew, you can always use pinking shears, it would add a decrative touch, and by using them it prevents fraying!!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by soon2bFranco I am woo hoo!!! I go this weekend to look at chapels... Any suggestions out there that are within a reasonable budget? I live in vegas... that being said, there's a million places to get married on a reasonable budget. What are you looking for? Something small or are you looking to get married with a big "to do?" If you want just a chapel wedding I would say the "Little Church of the West" is a great choice. They have been around forever, and it's actually a historical monument! here is the link to their web site http://www.littlechurchlv.com/ It's not a cheesy las vegas chapel. Not that anything's wrong with cheesy chapels, but the Little Church of the West is on the strip and has nice landscape around it. Where as most of the other chapels are downtown with not so nice landscape. You would be able to get some nice pics at the little church of the west. It's also right across from the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign that is shown in movies and tv shows and stuff. (also right across from Mandalay Bay Hotel) If you're looiking for a place to get married and have a reception, let me know and I can fill you in on some great places for that too. If you're going to do that, give me an idea of your budget so I can send you in the right direction. If you have any questions, let me know! I would try and book something pretty quick if you have your mind set on that date cause all the good places will fill up quick! However, most of the chapels do probably 1-3 weddings an hour!!! (aren't you planning on 7-7-07?) Let me know if I can help you with anything!
  7. Tammy I just love your dress! It is beautiful... you look much better in it than the picture!!! : )
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KARLA I loved your pictures! I'm so glad everything turned out so well after the hurricane... You both look so happy :-) We were so relieved and thankful that the storm missed Cabo! It would have caused so much damage. We had such a great time that day! I was really upset right before the ceremony, cause it rained for the hour before and about 10 minutes into the ceremony. Juan put our minds at ease, though. He said that the clouds were perfect for photographing because we didn't have to worry about the sun and shadows and stuff, he was right, they turned out better than I could have ever imagined!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by SPRKLZ224 Carrie- Your pics are absolutely amazing. You looked beautiful and everything turned out soo well. If I had any doubt in mind about wanting Juan Carlos, yours and Tammy's pictures have completely convinced me! Thanks for posting! thanks! Juan is great, I'm so thrilled that I got to meet him! he is a great person/photographer! He captured moments that I didn't even see during the ceremony! I wish I could have hired him for the whole week while we were there!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by AQHARIDER Thanks Jenetta. I just love his work and an soooooo excited for the wedding photos. I booked him for 4 hours for the wedding, and am wishing I could budget more. We had him for an hour and a half for these photos and I really wish I would have done 2 hours or more, it was so much fun and he had so many great ideas- we just ran out of time. Doesn't the time fly when you're taking the pics We felt like we barely had any time and we had him for two hours!!! He's an amazing photographer! I guess we should give credit to all of the couples too, with out us there wouldn't be photos! haha! I can't wait to see your wedding pics!
  11. your pics turned out fabulous!!! Juan does a great job we're all so lucky to have found him! I love that you can see the arch in the distance, they'll all turned out great, you're gonna have a tough time chosing just one for your STD!!!! I think the one with you guys sitting by the date in the sand would be cute!
  12. Welcome Darci!!!! You'll find a ton of info on this site, if you don't find what you're looking for, ask and someone will help you find it! If you're hiring a photographer look into Juan Carlos Tapia. He is awesome and books fast!!!!!
  13. Tammy, so glad that you posted more pics!!!! I love them! Once again, you both look fabulous!
  14. Thanks Tammy!!! We had a great photographer!!!! He definately captures every moment!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by LIZAGEHL Your pictures are so beautiful! How long did you book Juan for? Is he easy to work with? I just put down my deposit today! Thanks! We booked him for 3 hours. He came one hour before our ceremony start time. We were supposed to take some pictures at a golf course prior to our ceremony, but it was raining!!!! If it hadn't rained we would probably taken at least a hundred more!! He is an amazing person to work with! Makes you feel comfortable about what you're doing, he has great vision, you won't be disappointed!
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