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  1. I'm sure I would be feeling the same way. Hopefully you can have a good, long, honest talk tonight.


    I would recommend two things:


    1. Don't take about yourself using terms like crazy, psycho, etc. You are not crazy or psycho! I think women do this a lot, I know I do it, but I really think negative self talk over time tends to seep in ("maybe I really am crazy...."). See if you can have any entire conversation without calling yourself names!


    2. It would probably good to start learning how to communicate better when things are bugging you, and not to let things bottle up. It's not fair to you and your feelings, or to your hubby, who may as well think everything is fine until you explode. That's really not healthy for anyone. So I know it's hard, but commit yourself to getting better about this, and you may just stop feeling crazy, psycho..and more healthy and loved! :)

  2. Quote:
    Originally Posted by Gr8ful View Post
    Last time I was in Paris, we stayed here:
    Hotel Valadon Paris - between rue cler market and eiffel tower !
    It was charming, relatively inexpensive, and close to the Rue Cler, which is a cute little shopping street with little bistros, fruit stands, it is close to the Invalides, Eiffel Tower, walking distance to a lot of great stuff. In the 7th Arr. It's not five-star, but it's no-frills and charming.
    Too funny -- we JUST got back from 2 nights at the Hotel Valadon. We loved it! Very small, wonderful owners, lovely area, good value in an expensive city. Would totally stay there again!

    Your honeymoon sounds absolutely amazing!
  3. ooh tough question! I live there so let me know if I can help. I love the capitol, the lincoln memorial (they are on opposite sides of the Mall), the portrait gallery - free, the botantical gardens - free, Eastern Market, Dupont circle....are you up for lots of walking around? Also, the Jefferson Memorial is really nice! (everything I listed is free, now that I think about it)

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