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5 Steps to Hire a Wedding Planner or Vendor in Mexico

Yazmin De La Mora



Congrats on your engagement!


I am 42 years old and have been in the wedding business for more than 23 years so I would like to share with you my experience.


I suggest to choose 3 - 5 different wedding planners or vendors and have contact and interviews via skype with them since it is very important to "click" with your vendor.  


If you hire a wedding planner, they have already done this process for you since they will only work with their preferred vendors.  Remember that a wedding planner will be your eyes and ears. They will be an extension of you here in Mexico and will be taking care of your interests and budget so a special "click" is a must before hiring them.


Here are the 5 questions you should ask before hiring a Professional wedding planner or a vendor in Mexico:


1. First of all, the company has to be formally LEGAL here in Mexico.  That means that they have to be able to offer a Legal invoice, in order to have it, they need a special document or seal (RFC) provided by the Mexican government with the name of their business on it. 


2. Ask for their university, career, certificates, diplomas, awards, etc. If they have some academy education, it will be mentioned on their website or they will show it to you.  To love and have a passion for weddings sometimes is not good enough as they need to have at least a few years of experience.  


3. Ask for at least 3 testimonials from other Brides with photos, videos, phone numbers and emails.


4. Make sure that all photos and videos are from them and not from other vendors, wedding planners, or from the internet. 


5. Ask if they belong to some association in Canada, USA or here in Mexico, there is an association of wedding coordinators in the area (ACIBEP) that helps, controls and keeps updated information for all wedding planners and vendors in the area.  Call to their association and ask for referrals too.  


In the surrounding area, we all know each other and we get along pretty well. Feel free to ask different vendors or wedding planners about their experience when working with them.


Also in this forum you can find a lot of reliable wedding coordinators and vendors.


Good Luck!




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