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What is Best Destination Wedding & why join?

Best Destination Wedding (BDW) was started in 2006 by a bride planning her destination wedding and in search of some answers. Now, BDW has become an amazing resource for all destination brides, particularly those who won’t be visiting their venue prior to the Big Day. BDW takes the guesswork and fear out of planning a wedding from thousands of miles away by enabling brides to get firsthand experience and expert advice from other destination brides who’ve been there. You can share tips, tricks, templates, do’s, don’ts and everything in between. All of the information is presented in a forum where members are encouraged to participate and share. Help us keep the threads going by becoming an active member of BDW. What’s in it for you? Here’s what:



1. Specific, helpful Information.

BDW has a wide selection of forums organized by geographical area, as well as specific resort reviews that can either help you choose a resort and destination, or provide helpful information on the place you’ve already chosen. You can find wedding reviewsplanning threads and information from brides who have been married at the same resort where you’re planning your wedding. Ask a question about the dinner options at your resort, the best time of day for a ceremony, or what it’s like to work with the wedding coordinator. Chances are another bride has some helpful tips for you.




2. Make it your own.

Registered members can opt to subscribe to threads and be notified regularly (you select the frequency!) when new posts are added to those threads. Mix and match the threads that interest you to create a personalized BDW that will help you plan your dream wedding.          



3. It’s tons of fun!

We’re not curing diseases here—we’re planning weddings. And dreamy destination weddings are among the most fun to plan. You can get lost in all of the threads and topics on BDW and have a blast doing it. You may even stumble across ideas for something you never considered and then decide you have to do it. Put your own twist on it, then share it on BDW to inspire future brides.







4. An entire community of brides to interact with.

You know how when you were single and dating you’d talk to your best friend for hours to analyze every single detail of the date, but no one else would tolerate it? Planning a wedding is kind of like that, only sometimes even your bestie can get fed up after too much wedding talk. At BDW, we get it: you’re engaged and you’re planning a destination wedding, and you’re incredibly excited! Since you can’t get away with wedding talk 24/7 around your friends, take your wedding chat to BDW where other brides are always around to discuss how to get your wedding dress on a plane, where to find a local makeup artist, if you should trash your dress, etc. Your loved ones will thank you.




5. Download privileges.

BDW members with 150 posts are permitted to download attachments across the site. Brides upload helpful spreadsheets, timelines, lists, photos, etc. and only active, registered members are able to view this content. So in addition to helping other brides out by providing your input, you’re helping yourself out by getting closer to unlocking more of the site.








6. Bragging rights.

You’re smart, you’re creative and you have great ideas. Why not share them with other brides and get some recognition? Did you complete an amazing DIY project that just has to be shared? Think your wedding dress is to die for? Have some tips on creating the ultimate wedding website? We want to hear about it, and so do other brides! Share your experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly so other brides can learn from YOU, and get some bragging rights in the process when other brides compliment what you’ve done.






7. And last but not least: contests!!

As a BDW member, you have access to contests and giveaways where the prizes include things such as gift cards, spa days, free wedding photography and more. Who doesn’t like free stuff?!






So what are you waiting for? See you on the logged-in side!



Alexis M.  Community Manager



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