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#1912539 Vendor Reviews: Azul Fives Wedding, February 14, 2015

Posted by KBrown on 04 April 2016 - 06:25 PM

Does anyone know who the azul fives photographer is? Is there a website where I can view their work? thanks :)

We hired an outside photographer as we didn't think the ones from the resort were very good. The photographers we hired are actually from Canada and live in Mexico now. Their work is amazing and very well priced.

Jasmin and Matt is the name if u Google it you will see their website and photos. They were featured on the knot.com as well.

Let me know if u have any more questions

#1911116 Azul Fives By Karisma Brides 2016

Posted by KBrown on 20 February 2016 - 12:35 PM

@KBrown We arrived on a Wednesday, onsite coordinator meeting on Thursday and wedding on Saturday. Our meeting was pretty short and sweet. I made a set up document that went through every detail of the set up for every wedding event we had and sent it to the onsite team and my WC in Miami before we left for Mexico. Our meeting we just verified all the info and added a couple of little things. I think our entire meeting was 45 min!
Just a heads up that they will come by the day of the wedding with the weather report and you'll need to make a decision about going ahead with your plans or moving to the back up. They make you sign a waiver and you have to decide usually by 12pm. I thought they only did this if there was a high chance of rain but they come by regardless. I wasn't really prepared for this so thought I would let you know. I wanted my husband to weigh in on the decision so I had to get my bridesmaids to track him down and get him to the spa and look at the other way so he wouldn't see me haha!

@snswedding2016 @TinkerSofi thanks ladies so much. You have been so helpful :) any other tips you think of or anything I should please share :)

#1910730 Azul Fives By Karisma Brides 2016

Posted by KBrown on 10 February 2016 - 02:01 PM

@KBrown yes they have an office in Plaza Fives (near the lobby) where you can take a look at all the excursion options. They have the selection you would expect to find at any company that offers excursions in Mexico. You can also negotiate with them on site. We did the snorkeling with turtles, cenote and Tulum excursion - it was originally 98 US (I think) and we got them down to 88 US/pp with our group size. Some of our other guests did Coba and Chichen itza and most of our group went into Playa del Carmen one day. 

Also a tip for those thinking about getting spa services. The Vassa Spa is amazing for hair and make up but also for massages (we had a couple get massages at the spa) but they are very expensive. My cousins found a couple of places down the beach (technically off Azul Fives property but just right beside) that offered much cheaper massages and they were all really impressed with the service. The massage therapist offered to do a free demo for people to see what it would be like. I think we had 10 guests who ended up going to get massages here. I'll confirm the what the price was and let you all know. 


@snswedding2016 - Ohh thats great! Thanks for the info. I was actually also wondering about the Make-up and If they were good or not, so thats really good to know!! 

#1910303 Azul Fives By Karisma Brides 2016

Posted by KBrown on 30 January 2016 - 03:16 PM



@KBrown looks like set up fee is about $3-$7pp and they do decide once you get there and they see what you have. For me it still made the most economical sense.

You can pick components of the memorable moments packages and just add what you want. Everything they offer can be rented for a cost (most time an enormous cost). I know one bride paid for their table settings (linens, Chargers, napkins) but brought he own centrepieces. Anything is possible there you just have to ask!



Ohh perfect! Good to know!! Im getting soooo excited. 

#1910187 Azul Fives Brides 2015

Posted by KBrown on 28 January 2016 - 07:36 PM

Has anyone had their Hair and make up done at Vassa spa Azul Fives for their wedding? How was it?