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  1. We hired an outside photographer as we didn't think the ones from the resort were very good. The photographers we hired are actually from Canada and live in Mexico now. Their work is amazing and very well priced. Jasmin and Matt is the name if u Google it you will see their website and photos. They were featured on the knot.com as well. Let me know if u have any more questions
  2. @@sassylouxx where are you seeing these videos on facebook? I looked at can't find then
  3. @TinkerSofi, @snswedding2016 Hey Ladies!! Did either of you take note of the timing for walking down the aisle on the sky deck? I know it would depend on how fast you walk but even just a estimate. Thanks
  4. @@snswedding2016 @@TinkerSofi thanks ladies so much. You have been so helpful any other tips you think of or anything I should please share
  5. @@TinkerSofi @@snswedding2016 thanks so much for the info ladies. I spoke to my WC today and she was like ohh I'm in the middle of emailing you back. She Didn't have much to say at all and was just so blah. Everything looks pretty good now with the details so I'm not stressed or anything! I'm so excited though. When did you both meet with the coordinators on the resort? How long did it take?
  6. @@ashhtayy I never saw any of the hate? Why would someone do that? Really some people just need to grow up. I will have to check those brides out as well. Like I said I'm having a bit of trouble navigating the forum lol. The reason I asked about the English was because when I first booked I thought I spoke to my WD and her English was very broken so hard to to understand. Her emails are perfect so I'm wondering if I spoke with someone else. This is why I have been so hesitant to call. My final details due date is on Sunday and I have about three emails with questions I have sent with no reply yet. If I don't hear back Friday I think I will call. Thanks for all of your help through this
  7. @@ashhtayy also wanted to mention love reading your planning thread. So new to this only learning to navigate through this forum now.
  8. @@ashhtayy thanks for the response. I also want to have the bridal party together but like I said I want us all to sit on one side. Since I'm doing the tables from MM that can be really expensive to have three of them....hmmmm lol
  9. For the reception what have some of you done for a head table? Did you have your bridal party all sit together? I saw they have retangular tables and I was thinking of doing that for the head table then round for the guest. I have 10 people in my party including us, bride and groom, and was thinking about doing the Imperial table for 10 people. Now im thinking it probably sits 10 people, but 5 on each side and not everyone on the same side facing the guests. Hope this makes sense and someone can help.
  10. @@snswedding2016 did you get a DJ for the reception? How did you find him if so?
  11. @@snswedding2016 You all look stunning!!! Thanks so much for the picture!!!
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